Sparkwood & Twenty-One

Sparkwood & Twenty-One


Guitars, amps, and drums. Call it alt or indie - but call it rock’n’roll. We're driven not only by a pop sensibility, but also structure and purpose. We're about writing cool original songs - to us, the song is everything.


After too many years of only putting pen to paper, Gavin and Matt finally put rubber to the road and started writing and practicing material. Not too long afterwards, Jeff was added to the mix and they built themselves a solid set of guitar-driven, hook-wielding rock’n’roll songs. Momentum gained can also be momentum lost, and despite a slow and circuitous path, the band’s patience and undying determination to create and play original music has brought them to the present, mature band mates who appreciate the opportunity to do what they love and play music.

Their recent 6-song offering, the aptly named ‘Security Six EP’, has been the result of that determination, and the band is proud to be getting the word out and playing shows. While their style certainly carries with it the assorted influences of their past – alt and indie rock of various genres – the band views their music as unique and unquestionably rock’n’roll.


Security Six EP: (all tracks streaming on website)
1. Rage At Dawn (3:57) - received radio airplay
2. Jupiter (It's 8:06) (4:14)
3. Blue Healer (4:02)
4. Kerosene (2:38)
5. Idiot's Delight (3:36)
6. Not Quite There (4:16)

Set List

1. Rage At Dawn (3:57)
2. Jupiter (It's 8:06) (4:14)
3. Maul of America (5:20)
4. Blue Healer (4:02)
5. Not Quite There (4:16)
6. Kerosene (2:38)
7. Idiot's Delight (3:36)
8. Removed (6:53)