Karlstad, Värmland, SWE

Sparzanza fourth studioalbum "In Voodoo Veritas" peaked at #6 at the scandinavian Hardrock album charts. Sparzanza Fanclubs called "Black Cults" grows continiously all over the world- even though at this point they never played outside Europe. Heavysongs with hitpotential sung with power vocals!


In 2006, Ralf Gyllenhammar, the singer of the Swedish grammy winners Mustasch, did an
appearance on the Sparzanza album ”Banisher Of The Light. In 2008 Mustasch needed a new guitar player and of course they had their eyes on one of Swedens’ best bands.
Exit David Johannesson.
Enter chaos. A form of chaos that at the same time was ignition to Sparzanza. In Voodoo Veritas came to be the overwhelming transformation that Sparzanza had been waiting for, a creative and welcome peak. An opportunity to re-do and do it right from the start. From now on Sparzanza does not hit from below, they crush from above.
The cooperation with producer Rikard Löfgren has come to the third album and Sparzanza sounds
better than ever. - The songs are harder and has more hit potential, alot better, says singer Fred Weileby.
In Voodoo Veritas is more metal than we have ever been and if you like Banisher of the light.
We take it from soft to rock hard and we show a diversity we have never been able to do before, says bassplayer Johan Carlsson. And the vocals fits like a glove!
Methadream, Robota, Self Medication och My world of sin are some of the titles on In Voodo Veritas
You can also check out the video for that song. With the albums Angels of vengeance, Into the sewers och Banisher of the light, Sparzanza has
been touring Germany, France, Belgium, Finland, Norway and Sweden, and are now releasing
he album on new label Kabuki Records. From chaos comes creativity, from disorder comes order! From voodoo comes the new Sparzanza album.


2009: In Voodoo Veritas (CD) Kabuki / Universal
2007: Banisher Of The Light (CD) Black Cult Records
2003: Into The Sewers (CD) Longfellow Deed Records
2001: Angels Of Vengeance (CD)Water Dragon Records / Longfellow Deeds Records

Set List

----Intro---- (about 2 minutes)
1. Crone of Bell
2. Before my blackened eyes
3. Going Down

4. Follow me
5. Robota
6. Gone
7. Alone with a Loaded Gun
8. The Fallen Onces (new track!)

9. Read Dead Revolver
10. The Blind will Lead the Blind
11. My World of Sin

set approx 45-60 min