Good. Catchy. Melodic. Some say Billy Corgan. Others say Unlike anything they've ever heard before. Others Say things about my clothing. Are they Deaf? Are they Blind? Are you? Listen. What do you say? I say, you're beautiful.. Think for yourself.


spaseboy music comes from divine connections to speak to the hearts of the listener on a higher vibration. Revolutionary and a little Before it's Time.. Inspiring and Poetic, This is the music from the catalystic medium for the coming revolution.


Spaseboy *Diary of a Streetkid
Spaseboy *Eleventeenth
Spaseboy *3 Thirty 3
Spaseboy *Wishbone
Spaseboy *Sperm-bank Garage
(all above self-released)
i sing and play guitar and wrote all the songs on the lp as well as arrangement.. and this album was distributed nationally thru Oarfin Records in Minneapolis,MN.

Set List

I can do any and all of this as well as improvisation for as little or as long as need be with both covers and original or all original and usually cover anything from Oldies like 'Sitting on the Dock of the Bay' 'Hang on Sloopy' to old Radiohead, old Bon Jovi and old Def Leppard songs or Pat Benatar if the Audience is Horrible.. but the range varies.. and all covers are transformed into my way of playing their song for lack of better words and just because. Wink.