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What exactly, you may ask, is a SPASTIC PANTHER? Well, apparently they are "Rock And Roll Beasts" according to the title of their new EP - and I ain't gonna disagree with that statement! Somehow they've managed to pack eight songs into a rockin' 45 rpm 7", and not a dud among them! Although as much as I'm all about more bang for our buck and getting your money's worth, this could have topped out at six songs and still been a killer EP in my opinion. But I digress... the music is fast, ferocious hardcore punk rock a la the CIRCLE JERKS, BLACK FLAG, SNFU, and plenty of other iconic '80s bands. If this had come out twenty or so years ago, I'm sure that you would have seen SPASTIC PANTHERS in plenty of skateboard videos, etc. as they've nailed this genre of hardcore punk to perfection! (ML) - Issue #318

"Equalizing Distort"

"When the MOTHERFUCKERS aren’t fuckin’ shit up, Handsome Dan is fronting the SPASTIC PANTHERS. I guess when SHEGLANK’D SHOULDERS let up that freed up a couple of hours in Dan’s week and he just couldn’t focus on his label, he had to get in another band. Dan convinced members of ANTI-SOCIAL CLUB to play with him, which resulted in the SPASTIC PANTHERS and that was just a couple of months ago. They already have an ep out. There are eight fuckin songs on it. The sound is amped up SOA meets the FREEZE. Eight songs played at a breakneck pace that are completely reminiscent of the glory days of hardcore. DIY released on splatter coloured candy cane vinyl. Best to avoid looking at after you had a few. It doesn’t get better than a band just starting out with something to prove." - Volume 9 Issue 05

"Razorcake Magazine"

This 7” is eight songs of blitzing, straight ahead punk. These guys play tight in the pocket with some great stand alone bass interludes, ala “Spastic Panther Anthem” and “The Ballad of Joey Ramone”. It reminds me of 7 Seconds, especially with Spastic Panthers’ peep song lyrics in their song “Stand Strong”. (N.L. Dewart) - Issue #53


"Rock n' Roll Beasts" 7" EP - Released August 2009

Spastic Panthers / Throwaways Split 7" EP - Coming in May 2010



Formed from the ashes of local skaterock legends Sheglank'd Shoulders and the criminally underrated Antisocial Club, the Spastic Panthers have been terrorizing the Calgary music scene for the past year with their high energy, frantic and to-the-point brand of punk rock. In their short time together they have already earned a loyal following, highlighted by their debut 7” Rock N’ Roll Beasts topping the CJSW charts in 2009. Drawing influence from early 80’s punk rock and hardcore, the Panthers look to carry on the tradition of such legendary Canadian bands as SNFU, Subhumans and No Means No, while not taking themselves too seriously at the same time. Their claim to fame is their entertaining and chaotic live shows, often featuring 15 songs in roughly 20 minutes, with occasionally some witty banter thrown in should they need to fill time.