Spastic Panthers

Spastic Panthers


Formed from the ashes of the Sheglank'd Shoulders and the Anti-Social Club, the Spastic Panthers have been terrorizing the Calgary club scene for the past year, and have already earned a loyal following. The band's debut EP, "Rock n' Roll Beasts" reached #1 chart position on CJSW radio in 2009.


Formed from the ashes of local skaterock legends Sheglank'd Shoulders and the criminally underrated Antisocial Club, the Spastic Panthers have been terrorizing the Calgary music scene for the past year with their high energy, frantic and to-the-point brand of punk rock. In their short time together they have already earned a loyal following, highlighted by their debut 7ā€ Rock Nā€™ Roll Beasts topping the CJSW charts in 2009. Drawing influence from early 80ā€™s punk rock and hardcore, the Panthers look to carry on the tradition of such legendary Canadian bands as SNFU, Subhumans and No Means No, while not taking themselves too seriously at the same time. Their claim to fame is their entertaining and chaotic live shows, often featuring 15 songs in roughly 20 minutes, with occasionally some witty banter thrown in should they need to fill time.


"Rock n' Roll Beasts" 7" EP - Released August 2009

Spastic Panthers / Throwaways Split 7" EP - Coming in May 2010

Set List

25 minutes of non-stop hardcore mayhem:

- Spastic Panther Anthem
- (I'm Gonna) Punch You in the Dink
- The Ballad of Joey Ramone
- Volatile
- No Escape
- A Night I'd Rather Forget
- We Love the Cops
- Outta Control
- Wasteland
- Victim
- Pool Coping Amputee
- Body Count (cover)
- Political Song for Dan Izzo to sing