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Spawn Of Hate is ready to get out there and rock the fuckin stage.

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Hate You

Written By: Juan

Die Forever I Hate U!!!!!!!!!

Go ahead, tell them again, You say you care, but your lies are all spent, I really hate who you are, I really hate what you start, please give me a reason to let it out, Encourage the anger to get rid of you now,

pre chorus:
I really hate where it starts, I just want to rip it apart!!!!!

I Hate who you are, what you start, your eyes,your lies,your life,please die!! Patience gone, rage turned on, Now to get rid of who the fuck you are!! I hate,I hate,I hate,I hate who u are, I hate,I hate,I hate,I hate what u start!! Your eyes,your eyes,your lies,your lies,your life, please DIE!!!!!! Patience gone raged turned on, now to get rid of who the fuck you are!

Let everyone .... know They all want a ... show You care about yourself,and let me down, Then you smile and I am left with a frown Tears roll down for anger and guilt, Guilt made and you helped built,

Pre chorus:, Chorus:
Let me know I'm shivering with impatience, Everyone dies, but yours has me in anticapation, Yap Yap now and Ha Ha Later, I hate you now, I Hate you forever


Written By: Juan

My Thoughts (My Mind) My Truth (My Lies) Everything seems to be a Hallow Life Why (Oh my) Who (Can try) to satisfy the feelins of just to cry Fuck (My life) I hate (the times) for just to feel alone and have A desire to Die 2x's

pre chorus:
What do I have - to lie What do I have - to try 3x's

What do I have to deny - That it comes for the end of time 2x's

The lies (so wide) My Mind (denies) Beliefs that I will suceed in life Cure-rious (at times) Cure-ious (for life) Curious to know if it is my time Tired (of life) Tired (to cry) Tired to talk and just let the end Come inside 3x's

Pre chorus: Chorus:


Working on title for album

Set List

1.)Hate You
2.)The Axe
6.)What' Hidden
7.)For the Pit
8.)In this Quiet Place