Spawn of Sumara

Spawn of Sumara


We are a progressive deathcore band, we mix all styles of metal together with heavy break-downs, odd-time sections, and the occasional jazz or drum&bass part. Job for a Cowboy meets The Mars Volta


Spawn Of Sumara is a deathcore band straight out of the small suburban town of Natick, Massachusetts. While it may be a town nobody's ever heard of, the band is here to make a big name for themselves in the local music scene. Mixing bone crushing breakdowns and odd-timed riffs with genre defying arrangements, this band offers something new in a sea of straightforward power chords and 4/4 time signatures. After being together for only a few months, the band has already managed to share the stage with such national acts in the likes of The Demonstration (Mediaskare Records) and Once Nothing (Tooth and Nail Records), so you can tell the band is on their way to bigger and better things.

All five current members of Spawn Of Sumara hail from other bands that were once prevalent on the scene, and now they are working on something near-unheard of. With a home recorded 4 track demo up for listening on the myspace, and many more songs already written, the band is ready to hit the studio hard for what will be their debut, and still untitled CD release.

Spawn Of Sumara plans to segway into a constant touring schedule so they can do what they came together to do, play music, and meet new people and friends along the way. Make sure to keep your head up when you hear the name Spawn Of Sumara, and come out to any shows in your area. These boys put on an overly energetic and lively show that you won't want to miss.

We have had the chance to play with these amazing bands

The Demonstration (Mediaskare Records)
Once Nothing (Solid State Records)
The World We Knew (Seventh Dagger Records)
Dr. Acula (Uprising Records)


We currently have a 4 song Demo up on our myspace but will be going into the studio sometime in early 2009 to record a 8 track ep.

Set List

We have 8 songs written so far, they range from 2:30 to about 4:00 in length. each one with its own distinct personality.