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a new sound to hip hop with his pungent lirycs and stunning stage presence spazz is gaurnted to make you do a double take more of a artist but a entinty spazz him self is very marketable and is everbodys favorite qurky guy from next door......


coming up in south jersey i spazz have ben on the local scene for years now refine my craft and abiltys starting with a laptop and a dreeam i am a self taught producer/enginer as well as a artist working with the lateset in studio standerd equipment and programs i have more thean proved my self as a asset and key player on the local and underground scene have had done calabos with some indie label artist such as aimhigh enterprises sonic wave intl and osdm not to mention ive done shows from coast to coast im am the areas favorite bad guy im more thean an artist i am the whole marketable package my shows will leave the fans beging for more and more. more thean hip hop i blend the like of rock and rap working with the band cyw of sonic wave international any show u want we can doo make the right choice or ivestment book me and ill show you results actions speak louder thean words!!!


tearing at the seams will rap 4 food and raw and uncut spazz has also calobed with

Set List

any where from 1-4 songs more if time allows all basic radio worthy times 3-4 mins in length we can do family friendly radio edited or as mature as were allowed we do not do covers no no covers!!!!!!