Austin, Texas, USA


Born of the energy and optimism of Austin, SpeakEasy brings together diverse musical backgrounds (Post-punk guitar, Classical Bass, and late 70s Drums) to form an energetic musical style that is held together by a passion for the live performance. The Indie Rock language of SpeakEasy does not carry the pomposity or insularity of most indie bands performing today. Their goal is good music, not oneupmanship by out of place virtuosity or unnecessary density. An Austin producer has described some of SpeakEasy's music as being a combination of The Ramones and Chuck Berry with John Bonham on drums. Folk and Classic Rock influences also weigh heavily on the style of the band. The band's influences are not shadows to escape but conversation partners in the grand enterprise of musical creativity.

SpeakEasy makes music that exhibits the personalities of its members in the creative freedom of a trio. The disease of more is avoided in favor of an intentionality of ensemble which gives the band a powerful dynamic range. When they are big they mean to be big. When they are small they have something to say that doesn't need to be screamed.


Speakeasy EP