San Francisco, California, USA

Bay Area Booze Rock. Groovin', Rockin' easy to listen to. bob your head, fun type music. Folky/Blusey Acoustic Guitar and vocals, Rockin' Electric guitar, Jazzy electric bass and an all hand percussion drum kit makes for a very interesting sound. party music


Jim Scott (acoustic guitar and vocals) hails from tennesse originally but been in oakland most his life. Studied music in high school been a song writer for over a decade

Brett Cavanaugh (percussion) From La but has been in SF for 4 years to study classical percussion at SF state. His roots are in African drum ensembles

Brian Burgess (electric guitar) also from LA. He started playing guitar in a church group as a teen. got into rock and metal soon after and hasnt stoped playing it since.

Zach Parkes (Bass) Hails from the Bay area. Studied Jazz bass at SF State. Been playing professionally for some time


You Gotta Lotta Nerve (2009)