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Denver, Colorado, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Denver, Colorado, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Punk




"It has been said that an ant can carry up to 100 times its own body weight. Be the Ant shows this entomological strength through the music on their latest album, Breathe Deeply Stomata."

By Dusty Ray

It has been said that an ant can carry up to 100 times its own body weight. Be the Ant shows this entomological strength through the music on their latest album, Breathe Deeply Stomata.

Trying to pinpoint the sound of Be the Ant can be tough. At the Drive In, Coheed and Cambria, and even a little Bryan Scary peek through the cracks of this dense and technical release. The instrumentation is terse and impressive – varying rhythmic changes, harmonic bass, and complex guitar lines reveal the talent of the band. Emo-esque vocals add contrast to the progressive song composition (and can become unbearably annoying at points), but somehow this does not detract from the unexpected catchiness of the album.

“This Brotherhood is a Union” best exemplifies Be the Ant’s sound. Subtle genre-jumps from ‘70s bro-rock to scaling Spanish guitar ballads occur underneath the vocals without causing a distraction. Be the Ant works with a musical contrast and drive that sounds like the best of the Mars Volta.

“Remember This” is a turning point on the cut – a mellow mood bleeds into the final tracks “Too Humans” and “Perigee.” Again, Be the Ant reveals its technical prowess and keen songwriting ability, showing the listener that they are musicians not to be messed with.

Post-Hardcore would be the best way to describe Be the Ant, and if you enjoy any of the previously mentioned bands, you will love Breathe Deeply Stomata. The quirkiness and originality of Be the Ant cannot be denied; they are certainly a powerhouse that you will most likely hear more of in the near future.

- Scene Magazine

"BE THE ANT – Too Humans"

The music of Denver’s Be the Ant is cosmic. It’s on another level that most musicians strive for; that level of organic song composition that flows, transitions, and gyrates while sounding seamless. It’s on the kind of level that the musicians of Be the Ant can’t explain. It’s impossible to categorize the half-hearted sentiment and fanatical anxiety… the music of Denver’s Be the Ant is a feeling; an expression, which makes it damn near a movement. It’s your favorite color, in it’s brightest and boldest form. It makes their music something to be a part of, something to audibly witness.

That’s what makes them stand out. Their music is a living, breathing monster that lives up in the mountains and grows its own pot. Their music doesn’t know how to turn itself down (it goes to 11). Their music is Vampire Bill. Their music owes you a beer. Their music is praiseworthy because it is what it is, and is unapologetic and proud of whatever it is… whatever you think it is.

Technically, they’ve got some radical instrumentation going on. It’s a lot to ask of listeners, and quite intimidating. Whaling vocals, shout outs to family, double bass solo, transitional melodies and key changes; it’s got a lot going on that can be ostracizing or abstract for listeners who want to bind them down to a genre in his/her iTunes. But, Be the Ant won’t be held down like that. The music is going to be their definition of beautiful, and you as a listener will come to understand it. They have a gift and a vision to share with you. They have something to offer, which can’t be said for the majority of bands. It’s a perception, a filter, a lens to see & hear the world as they’ve experienced it, which makes my description of it kind of meta, or overly confident… it’s not. It’s earnest and true. And the beauty of their music, the way it’s been shown to me, is that they have given me something that they love, and now I have a piece of that love to share with you (from them to me to you).

And let’s be honest, the song has some pretty sweet one-liners: “So they called you an enabler / I consider my substance abuse a favor”. I mean, damn. Get down or lay down. - No Strings Music Group - by Joe Chuck Norris


"Singles" (2012 EP)
1. Car Sex
2. Veinte Diez

"Breathe Deeply Stomata" (2011 EP)
1. Marmaduke
2. This Brotherhood Is A Union
3. Primate City Limits
4. Remember This
5. Too Humans
6. Perigee

"Two Human" (2010 EP)
1. Too Humans
2. We And My Friends



In art and music the use of an alter-ego has been used by many artists to broaden their imaginations and creative repertoires. Creating music as a band of brothers and cousins from Denver, Colorado; we embrace these behaviors to the fullest. Our quartet is concept based in a fashion similar to that of Robert Louis Stevenson's, "The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde". From polar-opposite perspectives, we write as an alter ego band performing under two different monikers.     "Speakeasy" is the Mr. Hyde of two personas and is heavy and aggressive in nature. "Speakeasy" has a lot of elements of thrash, punk, jazz, swing, and even a bit of metal.  In a live setting we wear masks to represent our "Speakeasy" alter egos on stage. With each of our personas and costumes we are known for our strange yet visceral live performance. Under the command of our spellbinding musical display, we demand the undivided attention of every listener in the room on any given night. When it comes down to it, we love to transform ourselves into these characters and truly deliver a theatrical production rather than a typical live set.  Stay tuned for the debut Speakeasy EP set to release in early 2016.      On the opposite end of the spectrum lies the other persona, "Hellgrammites". This moniker is similar to that of Dr. Jekyll and in a calculated and scientific approach we perform as "ourselves". Being that we are all family in this band, we decided to go by the name "Hellgrammites" based off of an old family nickname. From the "Hellgrammites" perspective, we portray musical stories both factual and fiction about life and our experiences here on Earth.  The Hellgrammites material has a bit of an ambience, funk, and rock sound, but ultimately has no boundaries of style.  As genre gymnasts, we view diversity in musical style as an asset in providing an opportunity to create something truly unique. The debut Hellgrammites EP and a music video for the song Airtopioca, are merely the beginning of our creative vision with both bands. While we work on our next record and music video, we look forward to sharing many visions with the world through this artistic vessel.  

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