Windham, Connecticut, USA

We started playing music together in 2010 with the goals to combine our favorite types of music, the blues and indie. We strive to keep a raw garage sound while presenting a melodic clean performance. We've been said to sound as if The Hives and The Black Keys had a baby.


:Born on Christmas 2010, Speakeasy of Windham, CT is a three-piece ensemble consisting of Max Loignon (Vocals, Guitar), Matt Samiotes (Vocals, Bass) and Alex Smith (Vocals, Percussion). Their music draws elements from both the blues and folk genres while an organic, lo-fi garage aesthetic transmutes this combination into a rawly unique sound. Affectionatly self-proclaimed as the fictitious genre “Garage Glam,” all members of Speakeasy contribute equally to the writing process. Max comes to practice with a catchy riff, dripping with soul and blues and the song evolves over a sassy beat from Alex and then again under Matt’s sultry bassline. As a result, Speakeasy’s sets are seamless in that it is difficult to tell which of them “wrote the song.” The music fully reflects their collaborative nature and emulates what they stand for as both musicians and loyal friends.


The Shafer Sessions- May 2011
Speakeasy Live @The Space- Oct 13.2011

We have tracks streaming on our Facebook, Bandcamp, and Myspace page.