Speaker Junkies

Speaker Junkies

 Anaheim, California, USA

Substitute guitars with keyboards & synthesizers, add hard hitting electro dance beats & vocals and you have Speaker Junkies. One dose of this Electro/Techno band & your perceptions of Dance music will be taken to a whole new level.


Speaker Junkies are a live electronic band, armed with keyboards, synthesizers, drum machines and no turntables. Their addictive music will awaken your inner dance child and their amazing LIVE performance will leave you craving for more. Wild stage antics draw you in to a rush that's like pure ecstasy consuming your body. And once the sounds of the Speaker Junkies hit the floor, you will have no choice but to release your inhibitions and dance.

Speaker Junkies' contagious groove infected Europe all last summer, being featured on MTV:GRIND in Romania. They have opened up for names such as Snoop Dogg, DJ Dan, Christopher Lawrence, Infected Mushroom, Hyper Crush, Junkie XL, Darude, Tommy Lee...just to name a few. Speaker Junkies were even featured at the Winter Music Conference New Artist Showcase, and at numerous venues in the U.S. and overseas. Additionally, their debut single "Drifting" was showcased in an ESPN commercial and their name has graced television screens across America on Apples IPOD commercial.

Speaker Junkies' latest single "Now Is The Time" has currently been on rotation with world renown DJ's and various radio stations across the U.S. Now with their latest EP "Sex Drug" and upcoming releases, Speaker Junkies are definately a premiere electronic act.


Leap of Faith

Written By: Speaker Junkies

Do you ever feel that life is only a test?
And it’s so surreal like a never ending quest
On the darkest road desperate for a light
Taught to see the world in shades of black and white
But there is hope away from this
On an open road
It’s right before you eyes

Come and hold my hand and take a walk with me
I’ll show you a land where we’ll all be free
A place where everything is pure
Where you won’t shed a single tear

When the darkness falls and the day turns into night
The angels call on the ones who cry
So go pack your bags
Let’s try not to be late
Trust in what I say and take a leap of faith
Don’t be afraid
Don’t deny your soul
Trust in what I say
And let yourself go

(c) 2004 Tom Vota


Drifting (single) - featuring DJ Thee-0 / DJ Daniel
Un-Human (single) - featuring Beetlejuice
Interlustion (single) - featuring DJ Johnny Goa
Party in My Pants (featured on Power 106 w/ Richard Humpty Vission on Power Tools)
Decibel Therapy (LP) - 2003 release
Tekno Punk (LP) - 2006 release
Now Is The Time (single) - 2008
Sex Drug (EP) - 2009

Set List

Speaker Junkies typical sets ranges from 45 minutes to 1 hour with an average of 10-12 songs.

The Real World
Blow Yo Mind
The Metro (cover)
Give it To Me Hard