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Speakers of the House

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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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Speakers finished their first album at Clear Lake Audio in North Hollywood. The disc contains 14 tracks that flow together in one cohesive stream-of-consciousness story with a super-hip soundtrack. Released Oct. 18th 2005, Think Tank Television will be the band’s full-length debut. The group also just completed a music video for the new single “Shaved” which is getting rave reviews. The video is set in a 1920’s vaudeville theatre and the theme is “Freak Show” - burlesque dancers, ballerinas, knife throwers, live farm animals, body builders and more. Check out www.speakersofthehouse.tv to see it.
Material for the second album is already on the way. Catch their songs on L.A.’s Indie 103.1, MTV, VH1, Spike TV, and LTN.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Speakers of the House were born out of a massive multiple car crash, a 13 vehicle pile up on the 60 freeway in L.A., summer of 2003. Sounds like a joke, right?

In desperate need of a cell phone, a bleeding Stewart O'dell would ask a man stepping away from questioning officers if he could use his cell phone. Stewart's 1988 Oldsmobile (actually his friend's car, borrowed by Stewart visiting L.A. in hopes of returning to stay) was all but totaled. The man, who called himself Lucius, flipped Stewart the phone. After calling his pal and owner of the car, Jeff Dickens, a disoriented Stewart pocketed the phone and wandered the breakdown lane for first aid. Stewart would only realize later that night, after leaving the hospital, that he'd accidentally kept the stranger's phone. Lucius would call his own phone around 10pm for what he said was "maybe the 27th time" and finally reached Stew. The two met the next day, exchanged the phone, stories about the accident, and what they were doing in L.A.. Both involved music. Both involved the desire to start a band.

Stewart played bass, Lucius played guitar and sang. Within one month they added drums (Mikey) and although Lucius wanted to add keys, they booked their first gig. 3 weeks from the gig they found two keyboard players. They liked both but went with one, their gut, Jay. After 3 weeks of grueling rehearsal, they played their first gig, 14 Below in Santa Monica. The crowd was hooked. They were immediately scheduled for two more shows. By September they filled Whisky-A-GoGo and again, follow-up shows were booked. From there they rocked the Knitting Factory, Viper Room, Lava Lounge, and many more without stopping.

The Speakers’ quartet combine Rock, Funk, Groove, Psychedelic, HipHopish beats laid over drums, bass, keys, guitar, and strange samples to form a sound that stands alone. They balance the new and the old, Rock and Hip Hop like no other. So many try this combo but Speakers actually get it right. Catch their songs on L.A.’s Indie 103.1, MTV, VH1, and Spike TV. Speakers have an eye for the abstract. Like their forefathers - Frank Zappa, P-Funk, and The Beatles, they can be overly strange and most can still groove to them. Other influences include Beck, Doors, Violent Femmes, Beastie Boys, and A Tribe Called Quest. They have quirky tendencies, but smart lyrics. A catchy Speakers’ song may be just that, but if you listen close, you’ll hear a deeper message. They speak on all levels.