Speaking Volumes

Speaking Volumes

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Conceiving an idea in 2007, craig and chadroc got together in chadroc's garage studio (studiOstreet) to create sample/live instrument/MPC-driven music. The result of 2 years work in 2009 produced 13 songs, released as “Speaking Volumes”. The production included guitar and keyboard work from friends Steve Skrilla & Yazmani Velasquez, two respectfully gifted south florida musicians. After completion, craig, chadroc, and Skrilla began to play locally, adding DJ Dyrekt to literally direct the live show sequence and add his skilled abilities as a scratch DJ. In 09' Speaking Volumes got a slot on Dub Fest 2009, and followed up in 2010 with a Sunfest performance playing to thousands of listeners. After 2 years of playing locally, the line-up was revamped after the departure of DJ Dyrekt, with bassist Boz and drummer Rudy! added to the line-up. After spending over a year fine-tuning a newer "stripped down but dressed up" version of their music, SV has begun playing live again in 2013, while looking to hit as many venues as possible. EP expected in Summer 2013.


Speaking Volumes
Self Titled LP
Released 2009
studiOstreet records, el dub FL