Speak Low

Speak Low


Speak Low are a funk combo based in Madrid. The sound of the mighty Hammond organ, the powerful brass section, the stomping rhythm section and the super funky guitars makes for an unstoppable funk machine. Unstoppable on stage, and also in the studio.


Six years ago the Speak Low boys decided to get together to put together a set based on jazz, funk and soul classics, and what started as a fun way to spend a couple of free hours grew to be one of the best funk bands of the old continent. Their first album was released by the mythical Acid Jazz label, to much critical acclaim, while in Japan the record sold a more than considerable amount after being released by Ultra Vybe. On top of that, a couple of singles were released on luxurious black vinyl by Funkorama and Lovemonk – collector’s items which are included on this new piece of work and have been praised by such soul and funk connoisseurs as Mr. Scruff, who said, when Lovemonk sent him the 7”: “Yes, I love it, I just bought it the other day.”

And now, after a couple of European tours and loads of anecdotes that include tapes, lost hard-discs and CDs that never reach their destination, they've arrived with "Hands Up!", their new full-length album.


"I'm Gonna Groove ya" LP
    "Trouble Maker" 45
    "Take Your Time" 45
    "Unusual Tatami" 45
    "Hands Up" LP
    "Soul is What You Got" 45
    "Where's my Money"  45

Set List

We usually play one set that lasts for an hour and half approximately.

"I'm Movin' On"      Cover
"Where's my Money"     Original
"Black Used Shoes"      Original
"You're Smoking too Much"    Original
"Turtle Walk"     Cover
"Africa"          Original
"Take your Time"   Original
"To my Friend Georgie"   Original
"I'd Rather go Blind"    Cover
"Uba-Yuba"    Original
"Trouble Maker"    Original
"This Letter"     Original
"Soul is What You Got"    Original
"I Don't Need No What?"    Original
"Thriller"     Cover
"I'm Gonna Groove Ya"      Original