Speak No More

Speak No More



Tragedy. Heartbreak. Destiny. Fate. It was more than just the power of music that drew together this five-piece ensemble that had been lost in the depths of the foothills.

Speak No More originated in 2007 with Dave Oatis, a man inspired to write innovative melodies and captivating lyrics that echoed past experiences in life. His music expresses the emotions of his past and captures life meanings that listeners take to heart.

After recording multiple tracks in his home, Dave realized this music is more than just his passion; it needs to become his reality. Shortly after he came in contact with Matt Vander Dussen "Drummer" who shares the same visions and goals as Dave. Having endured months of unsuccessful attempts to find members Dave and Matt went in to the studio to record their first single, 'Silhouette', recorded by producer Colby Wedgeworth of North Hollywood Studios, located in Sacramento, CA. Following the success of their first single, Dave found Jesse Williams "Lead-Guitar", Joe Abela "Synth and Keys" and Jake Cook "Bass" all aspiring to take their musical carriers to the next level. Now a full band, Speak No More is ready to stamp their mark on the music industry, leaving music corporates stunned and their fans speechless.


Single: Silhouette

Upcoming EP (release date: January 1st) titled: "From the product of our fears"

Set List

3.Everlasting Love
4.One more chance at happiness
5.From the product of our fears

30 minute set