Speak of the Devil

Speak of the Devil

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

We appreciate music in all of its forms and try to use our broad taste in music to influence our writing and playing styles in order to create our very own, very different, style of progressive metal.


Speak of the Devil have come a long way in the past three years both creatively and technically. Since their formation in 2008, Speak of the Devil have undergone two member changes, both of which have helped this band to become stronger and more of a family then ever.

Speak of the Devil have shared the stage with acts; The Fall of Troy, Veil of Maya, After the Burial, and Abandon All Ships, to name a few. They've played and toured the majority of Southern Ontario and have had their music played on Fm radio stations in Toronto, Windsor, Kitchener/Cambridge, Florida, and the UK, a long with several other online radio shows.

2011 holds a lot for Speak of the Devil. A full length album, a number of smaller tours and a ton of awesome happy fun time should be expected through out the year. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for this band as they make they cannonball into the world`s progressive metal scene.

Download their 2010 EP for FREE at www.sotdmusic.com


My Name is Fire

Written By: Speak of the Devil

1. My Name Is Fire
Revenge is a dish best served often, to balance innumerable injustices.
But these indulgences must not be taken lightly, lest my consumptions begin to consume me.
Fragments of clarity drawn like veins of lightning crawling across the blackest of skies,
We mutilate our deepest beliefs beneath the fury of a thunderstorm.
The systematic disarray of seasons lays dormant in homicidal lament,
It takes without giving, or so it would seem.
But false idols reign no more, as even now we make fools of the sun and the moon.
We've unravelled the truth, now we're hanging by its thread.
The shattered dreams of youth lay broken along the roads we've left our losses burning on.
To be in two you need proof that you were at once what could be described as whole.
Isn't it a drag to be alive?
Isn't it a chore to breathe?
I’m waging an attack on this heart, to see if I can stop the beat.
These filthy streets have seen us at our worst,
It's the company we keep as we drink with concrete ghosts.
The cracks in the sidewalk hold discarded mementos of times we'd pay to forget.
That man is a fraud!

Formaldahyde & Seek

Written By: Speak of the Devil

2. Formaldehyde & Seek
Oh! the humanity or lack thereof will persist
To let us draw strength from memories of the lost.
As we walk the streets we count the beats of our hearts that fade
In the smoke of every bridge that we burn.
And in our wake will be the legacy of the evils that we've brought to be.
Within us, without us, the world will end the same.
Here’s where you find what you've lost on the way,
Face wears the mask as the mask wears the face.
It’s like pulling teeth without an aesthetic,
I’m fresh out of bullets and the bitch just won't die.
Like sifting seasons in the sand, infection wandered on the breeze.
No hand of god nor faith of man could span the distance
Between the plague that has taken a name
And the flesh of its host.
It could cost us the blood in our veins to put them out of our misery.
To kill that which is not alive or surrender and join the horde.
Everything burns.
We fall, so slow we fall.
Now the illness is keeping me warm, as the season contrives to betray me,
All her echoes are weaning and worn as the silence begins to consume everything.
As treasonous as she is convoluted, hopeless and desperate like a predator with no prey.
It’s like pulling teeth without an anaesthetic,
I’m fresh out of bullets but the bitch just won't die.
All my friends are strangers.


Speak of the Devil EP (2010)
Set Sail(2008)

Set List

A typical set list consists of 6 or 7 songs (mix of old and new songs, each 3-6 minutes in length), depending on the time alotted.