Speak Onion

Speak Onion


Speak Onion is glitch-metal, grind'n'bass, breakcore. Breakbeats and deep basses sit underneath a mass of chopped guitars, synths and grating noise. Then, of course, everything is shredded in a blender.


Speak Onion began in Summer ‘05 in Dan Abatemarco’s basement apartment in NYC. Having grown up on Digital Hardcore and Wax Trax, Dan had always worked under different names on various forms of noisy electronic music, but when a friend who worked in a soda plant started to bring home case after case of experimental soda (serioiusly), Dan’s sugar/caffeine/carbonation binges produced ever more intense beats and basses. Speak Onion was the name for the strange and often threatening tracks that resulted. A bedroom setup consisting of equipment that would be more at home in a circa 1995 hip hop studio than the lair of a seething breakcore fiend is the epicenter of all the madness. Drum machines and samplers ultimately send their output to a laptop running unique audio processing software written in MATLAB (something for engineering nerds that no one in their right mind would use for music), adding another layer of chaos. Speak Onion’s goal now is to leave no eardum unmolested, branching tentacles into breakcore, illbient, grind, industrial, doom, and whatever else is applicable. Live shows around NYC have caused heads to turn, middle ears to clamp down, and blood to curdle. Having shared the stage with Edgey, Enduser, Blaerg, Haxan, Hallowed Butchery of The Son, Electrocutionerdz and more, Speak Onion is notorious for using a popcorn popper in his setup as a live sound source. What is more rhythmically chaotic than popcorn popping? Speak Onion is hellbent on answering that question.



Written By: Dan Abatemarco

Photo-tendrils searching and borders are forming
Visual prevention of shocks and disruptions
Treason window open and focus is waning
I maintain the structure with no space eruptions

Deity of microscopic
super-known and overdetermined
prisoners are blasphemic
buried alive and claustrophillic!


s/t- Self-titled, self-released full length.
"Trust Me, It Will Put You Off Your Lunch" saw some local and internet radio play.

Unrelated Sisters- split single with Anomalies on Tempo Blaster Records

Set List

Venemous Enemies, Trust Me It Will Put You Off Your Lunch, Integrated Serpent Engineering, Swinging For The Fences (remix of Take This City By Nightfall), Cutface (remix of neurolytic collapse), There's No Such Thing As Punk, Claustrophillic (Glitch Version)

Those songs in various orders with improvised transitions and cuts. The set could be anywhere from 25 to 45 minutes.