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One the most energetic and exiting reggae gospel artistes coming out of Jamaica, Lyrics are true to life experiences and at the same time allow for a sense of humour.


"Moving Forward In Righteousness"

Gospel DJ, MR. GODDY GODDY, is committed to doing whatever it takes to win souls for the Kingdom of God. He has realized the power of the DJ ministry and is using Reggae Music to take the message of salvation to the inner-cities across Jamaica. He is committed to the God–given task with more zeal in light of spreading the “wrong message” in his secular days.

Mr. Goddy Goddy was born Howard Reynolds on November 15, 1970 in Kingston Jamaica where he grew up in the Marverly and Orange Grove communities in Kingston. He attended church on Sundays at a local church as this was custom of his family.

At age 14, while attending Papine Secondary School, Howard started his secular music career as “Snake Man”, he recording at age 15 titled “Old People” for the famed recording duo Sly & Robbie.

In 1993, he signed with the Black Scorpio Label where he recorded his first major single ‘Mr. Dynamite’.

In 1997, Howard was enjoying success as a secular DJ but eventually grew uncomfortable with the Dancehall environment and especially with the lewd lyrics that he often chanted. One night while watching a program on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), a great conviction came over him and he found himself asking God for forgiveness on his knees. He made the decision to give up his secular DJ career and started attending a local church and studying the Word of God.

On April 1999 he fully surrendered all to Jesus at the altar of Cavalier New Testament Church and was subsequently water baptized.

In November 2000, Mr. Goddy Goddy, released his debut album ‘Goddy Goddy’, which has been well received. In 2001, Mr. Goddy Goddy was the recipient of the XNEWS “Best Gospel Artiste for 2000” award.

His Ministry has taken him within the Caribbean as well as to the United States and Canada. He was recently featured on the 2003 Kellogg’s Gospel Singoff – Junior Choir Competition series in Washington DC and Detroit MI legs as a result of the stategic marketing efforts of Emerald Entertainment and Sports (

Mr. Goddy Goddy has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with the likes of Papa San, Stichie, Ziggy Soul, Carlene Davis, Chevelle Franklyn, and The Righteous Riders.

In 2004, Mr. Goddy Goddy’s launched his sophomore album entitled “Warfare” that he hopes will be very instrumental in winning many souls for Christ.


Warfare feat. Likkle G

Written By: H. Reynolds

SPOKEN: Well this is minister Goddy Goddy (that’s my name) alongside likkle G (uh). Well we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against princillities and powers. Weh yuh she likkle G? ‘Yes Daddy.’ Rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places, everybody should know seh this is a warfare… ooohhh!/ CHORUS: Well dis ya one ya name warfare/ Weh mi seh di song name: warfare/ Hand inna di air and seh war/ Pass mi spiritual spear/ Cause God pickney dem always prepare.

VERSE 1: Satan a send him demons fi attack mi but/ I ain’t fraid a no ghost/ Demons a come inna di form a Jezebel fi attract mi but/ I ain’t fraid a no ghost/ Nuff a dem lie, dem a spy, bout dem want counteract mi/ I ain’t fraid a no ghost/ Nuff a dem a pose without clothes bout dem wah contact mi/ I ain’t fraid a no ghost

Principality inna di air/ Rulers of darkness and yuh know seh wi nuh scare/ When demon come wi always prepare/ When dem draw near wi go so: / Yilleh-ma-shanda -shama-shama get out a here!/ CHORUS: VERSE 1:

Well God is here, He’s there omnipresent every where/ Demons haffi tremble when di Holy Ghost appear/ Mi nuh fear, mi nuh scare, demon mi domineer/ My name is Mr. Goddy Goddy principalities beware/ CHORUS:

Well true mi have a spirit of boldness that’s why mi nuh fraid/
Inna di blood a Jesus every morning mi bathe/ Man a soldier, any demon camp mi raid/ Scripture man a fling just like hand
grenade/ If Satan rush mi Goddy Goddy nah run/ Mi draw fi di bible di spiritual gun/ Go down pon mi knees and speak inna tongues/ And log on pon Jesus CHORUS:

Warfare, warfare, warfare / I ain’t fraid a no ghost

Sure feat. Prodigy

Written By: H. Reynolds

Goddy: Jah know mi nuh too wah da likkle bredda yah fi see mi yuh nuh. Prodigy: Yow breddin! How yuh seh you a Christian and yuh a pick 3? Come outta di lotto line man! Goddy: Cho, yuh can gwaan chat off your mout; yow yuh can stay deh a warm bench up a church. Unnu a talk bout walk by faith, dats why mi haffi gi myself a chance fi step up inna life!

CHORUS: Suppose God come now and him wrath him start pour/ Tink yuh woulda escape?/ My yute mi nuh sure/ Suppose di rapture come fi tek di church pon a tour/ Tink yuh woulda mek it in?/ Big man mi nuh sure/ Suppose Jesus come and seh enter through di door/ Tink yuh woulda mek it through?/ My yute mi nuh sure/ You a Christian but still yuh nuh sure/ Yow stick bruck inna yuh ears! Mi seh mi nuh sure/ Talk yuh talk

Prodigy: Some Christian a live dem life like a yo yo/ Gone a club gone sit down a watch go go/ And when Sunday come dem look slick/ Inna church a mek noise who dem tink dem a trick?/ Goddy: My yute, mi seh mi nah watch nuh face/ Mi nuh unda no law man a live by grace/ Me know my Bible man yuh tek man fi bait/ Move from yah so and go read Romans 8/ Prodigy: So unnu tek God’s grace fi do foolishness/ Goddy: Naw/ Prodigy: Big man who yuh tink you a trick?/ Di bible seh no sin go unpunished/ Hold on deh likkle bit, so yuh tink mi finish?/CHORUS:

Prodigy: Some Christian a live some life weh nuh right/ Anyting inna di darkness must come a light/ Yuh cyaa fool God a yuhself yuh a spite/ Repent right now inna Fadda God sight/ Goddy: Fadda yuh know mi really do sometings weh nuh right/ Buy lotto, pick 3, thief wata and bridge light/ Yuh seh mi fi walk by faith and not by sight/ Mi wah yuh wash mi inna yuh red blood till mi tun white/ Marriage before sex is a hard one/ Prodigy: Di bible seh fi put yuh body under subjection/ Goddy: Ofcourse me put my body under subtraction/ But all me get inna di end is multiplication/ CHORUS:

Prodigy: God a go judge Christians first/ Dat is a sure ting/ A nuh wolf deh ya inna sheep clothing/ Goddy: Mi yute, mi doh inna no long talking/ A di blood a Jesus wash weh all a mi sin/ Prodigy: Some people sin is well presumptuous/ Before dem go do it dem go plan it out fus/ Goddy: Hold on deh likkle boss/ So mi nuh haffi plan fi di future and forget bout di past?/ Prodigy: But Jesus died on di cross/ And if yuh nuh obey God word yuh soul it going lost/ Goddy: Yuh know a true ting you a talk boss/ You see as from right now a righteousness mi a endorse/ CHORUS:

Traditional Medley

Written By: H. Reynolds

SPOKEN: Right now it gives me great pleasure to bring to you a mighty man of God who has been winning souls for Christ right around the world: Minister…

HOOK: And everybody sing/ Go Goddy goddy, Goddy goddy goddy go/ Go Goddy goddy, Goddy goddy goddy go/ Go Goddy goddy, Goddy goddy goddy go/ Gotta go gotta go a gotta go

A likkle more oil in my lamp a keep it burning/ A likkle more oil in my lamp I pray/ A likkle more oil in my lamp a keep it burning/ Keep it burning till the break of day/ ...Cause I feel good good good/ I feel good wonderful good/ Every time I talk about Jesus I feel good good good/...Well I feel like running running/ Skipping skipping/ Praise the Lord!/ For what he has done for me/ He has set my spirit free/ Well I feel like running running, Skipping skipping/ Praise the Lord!/ For what he has done for me/ HOOK:

I’m gonna lay down my burden/ Down by the river side (x 3)/ I’m gonna lay down my burden/ Down by the river side/ I’m gonna study war no more/ I aint gonna study war no more (x 6)/ ...Cau dere is someting in my heart/ like a stream running down/ It makes me feel so happy/ As happy as can be/ When I think of Jesus and what he has done for me/ There is something in my heart like a stream running down/ ...And I went to di enemy’s camp and I/Took back what he stole from me (x 3)/ And I went to di enemy’s camp and I/Took back what he stole from me/He’s unda my feet, unda my feet/ Satan is unda my feet/ HOOK:

Hands up and tell me if you love my Jesus/ Hands up ad tell me if you love my lord/ I want to know if you love my Jesus/ I want o know if you love my lord/ ...Coming back again/ He’s coming back again/ He went away not to stay he’s coming back again/ Coming back again/ He’s coming back again/ Glory hallelkuia/ He’s coming back again/ ...I am going home on di morning train (x 2)/ Because a evening train may be too late/ Dats why mi sing I am going home on di morning train/ HOOK:

SPOKEN: And everybody jus get someting and wave it for Jesus. God bless you all


Goddy Goddy (Released 2000)
Warfare (Released 2004)

Set List

Set Length is between 45mins - 1hr 30 mins

1. Warfare
2. Obeah Man Poppy Show
3. Spiritual Kitchen
4. Sure
5. Traditional Medley
6. Sure
7. Hurry Up
8. Billy
9. Sinless
10. Give Thanks Fi Mama