Speccy Ginger

Speccy Ginger


Upbeat, up tempo instrumental rock, a touch of rock, a hint of math with a nod to prog, the occasional wave of surf, and always an eye on the fun.


Described as a bunch of thirteen year olds who formed a tribute band to queens of the stone age but only play nursery rhymes, maybe true, definitely funny, we've not really found a better way to put it, any ideas?



Our debut mini LP was recorded and mixed in ten hours, it's real, there are no edits, no pitch correction and no overdubs. We are genuinely honest about what we play and how we play it.

All the tunes are available on a non commercial creative commons license and can be downloaded from the myspace site.

Set List

We like to play for half an hour, it's a good amount of time to see a band, long enough to get a true flavour of what they can do while being short enough not to bore you. We also like to play all our songs though, so every time we write a new song we speed all the others up just a little bit and can therefore still play all the songs in the half hour.

We anticipate this may become an issue eventually!