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High energy music crossing vast genres between hip hop, reggae, dance and pop. SPECIAL has worked with such artists as Cassidy and Wu Tang Clan to develop an unforgettable show and sound. Compared with Usher & Sean Kingston as "airwave future music", this Brooklyn native will light stages up alive.


Keenan "SPECIAL" Bristol was born in Brooklyn and always interested in the art of dance and entertainment. His ambition, high energy performances and catalog of music proves his passion for the art, working with such artists as Cassidy and the Wu Tang Clan, he recently released his debut single "Superman 123 Away", a dance floor anthem mixing his reggae influences with mainstream hip hop instrumentals. The single has already received critical acclaim and can be heard inside Foot Locker stores nationwide. His anticipated debut LP "Never Be Afraid To Fly" is planned for release this fall. Also debuting this july is SPECIAL's own dance instructional video podcast "The Chronicles of Superman 123 Away" which takes an inside look into his hit single and the artist himself. His music represents the hopes and ambitions of any artist that puts effort with talk and are "never afraid to fly".


Superman 123 Away EP: Released 2008

"Superman 123 Away"
"Lollipop Girls"
"Hooray Beach Tennis USA!"

Never Be Afraid To Fly LP: Coming Fall 2009

Set List

Set List : 20 minutes, 5 songs.

1. Dance Intro
2. Superman 123 Away
3. Lollipop Girls
4. Hooray Beach Tennis USA!
5. Brooklyn Goes Hard - Jay-Z Cover