Special Costello

Special Costello


well. we've been living together for the past many years and at this point there is almost no furniture in our house,
but there are organs with spinnig parts that provide near constant drones.
we play every chance we get and we can set up our own gear and mix a stage and play your party.


Jeremy and I have been living like siblings and playing music for many years in Halifax and Dartmouth. we play house shows for beer and barbershops to release our tapes and in Montreal to stay up all night; steeped in the folklore of haligonian rock and roll music and rural new brunswick and southern alberta.

we will perform until all of the paint has melted with sweat off our faces.
we tour light. we help out. we sing all the time and laugh more than most.

here is some unsolicited documentation:

what else?
music players with spinning parts and analogue signals.

our music is for friends and family and big or small communities. our music is our adventure. our music is sleazy and proud and your next door neighbour. our music happens at night or in the morning in your house and ours. our music is always changing.
we may be inexhaustible.

our instruments are our close friends and our close friends are our audience. young and impressionable, we still weep along with great records.

journeymen friends share songs of lived memories.

when i googled our band to see if someone posted a cool picture i could put up here, I found this on twitter and it was really surprising. thanks, ryan!

Special Costello. Remember that name. The next HUGE band from the east coast of Canada. I'm in love. #finallyfreshmusic


featured on elsethings compilation
scorpheus, a new dawn (2013)

That Mean Old Sun (2012)


Music and Image (2012)