Special Ed And The Musically Challenged
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Special Ed And The Musically Challenged


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"Special Ed and The Musically Challenged"

Special Ed and The Musically Challenged
rock, alternative
A funky fun jammy band from Toronto. Not prejudiced towards any style of music, incorporates all their love, passion and knowledge of music into one big melting pot of insanity. Somehow the tunes shine through. Always entertaining.
- Clever Joe's Music Industry Resources

"Cd Review"

When I first popped this disc into the player, I was somewhat worried. The lead off track, "Pawnshop Ghettoblaster," starts right in with that dreaded white-man-trying-to-sound-funky bass that we haven't been able to escape since the Chili Peppers. But as the disc unfolds, I was happy to find that Special Ed and the boys aren't as musically challenged as I thought. They manage to keep things interesting with their smooth mixture of rock, funk and reggae without descending into the usual hyperactive spazz outs; they let the music flow rather than try to run you over. And, best of all, any band that can write songs about the environment and nature without sounding like a bunch of tree-hugging pussies is all right by me. The Mouth


- http://www.chartattack.com/damn/2003/03/1801.cfm

"Get Ed-ucated By Noel Michaels"

Special Ed is special. He’s one of those guys with a creative glow around him like Zappa or Les Claypool — unpredictably zany and in your face quirky, except with a fun for the kids G–rated appeal. His band, the Musically Challenged, are similarly musical freaks, all too good at their instruments to be content with a career of studio and sideman anonymity as mercenary riffers. The four of these guys make their living as professionals elsewhere in the music industry, yet are more than happy to regress to amateur status for this unique project. They have just put out a detailed and diverse cd, been signed to a like–minded label, and are now beginning to try to turn the music–listening public to the refreshingly original school of Special Ed.On their brand new cd, Are You Okay?, Special Ed and the Musically Challenged, armed with two bass players and an abundance of skill, touch on nearly every genre that could possibly be referenced over the 10 multi–sectional songs. If there is a funky space between the Rheostatics and Zappa, the Musically Challenged are it. Ed Roman, the band’s mouthpiece, wordsmith, and lead bassist has found himself in a group of peers with careers heading towards similar points. “I really feel like I trust these guys,” Ed relates in a phone interview. “Mike and Rich and Dave and I have all been in positions where we’ve gotten the rough end of the stick in bands we’ve been in. I think we all just realized we felt the same way about the sincerity of feeling like we were on the same page together and going in the same direction.” - Echo Mag

"Special Ed And The Musically Challenged"

Special Ed & the Musically Challenged
Special Ed and the Musically Challenged is not for the listening impaired. In fact, if you intend to truly appreciate the originality of this group led by 'Special' Ed Roman, prepare yourself for a complete sensory experience.

Turning heads as they fuse together the swampy sounds of dueling electric bass, dueling electric guitars, quirky lyrics and twitching harmonies, SEMC mixes up one serious musical stew.

With unrelenting grooves that recall the vibe of Zappa meets Primus, Ed truly believes himself and his band members to be "conduits for some higher gods of funk and groove..."
- C'est What


Special Ed And The Musically Challenged 2000
Special Ed Are You Ok? 2003 Bobby Dazzler Outside music.
You can here songs for the album Are You Ok? at CBC radio 3 online.



Special Ed And The Musically Challenged is a dynamic and eclectic group out of Toronto, Canada. Combining musical styles ranging from rock and jazz to funk and folk, S.E.M.C. makes it all come together in an organic fun and jammy atmosphere. The word “musical” best describes this band—they are as capable of loud and raucous as they are of soft and macabre or lilting and melodic, depending on the mood called for in the moment. The band is comprised of Ed Roman on bass and lead vocals, Dave Patel on drums, and Mike Freedman on guitars and vocals. Though the group formed in the late 90’s, the three musicians have been close friends since their early high school and college days. In the years that have transpired since, they have amassed a wealth of life and musical experience, which is evident in the depth and originality of the music.

Since the band’s formation, S.E.M.C. has recorded two full-length discs. The first self-titled disc combined Ed’s basement tapes with some band performances lending to a very organic feel, reminiscent of the values of the band’s members. Their second release, Are You Okay, received considerable airplay on CBC radio and positive press reviews, as the song State Of The World became a favourite among local and regional college radio stations. Each of the songs features Ed’s very distinct lyrical and musical style fused with Dave’s strong backbeat and Mike’s dynamic and textural guitar sounds. The messages within the songs are relevant and powerful and speak to current and personal issues and the members’ true desire to make an impact on peoples lives and the world, through their music

S.E.M.C. has been active, playing gigs in the Southern Ontario area, and has become well known for their live and energetic performances. The trio transition between styles and moods with ease capitalizing on their strong creative energy and keep the music and live performances engaging and captivating with the use of odd off-time jams and improvisational prowess.

In addition to having played numerous shows at clubs in the downtown area, they have also played the Toronto City Roots Festival at The Distillery District and the Come Together Festival in Durham, Ontario. All of their music has been recorded in the comfort of Ed’s farmhouse studio, Area52, and released independently. The disc Are You Okay was distributed nationally by Outside Music on the Bobby Dazzler record label. S.E.M.C. will be releasing their third disc, Uncle Ed’s Farm in the spring of 2007.