Special Patrol

Special Patrol


Special Patrol's sound has been described as "moods of light and dark rock & roll." They will have you hooked with their clever songwriting and brilliant quirky production and ideas.


The last couple of years have seen some great moments for Special Patrol. They played at the Big Day Out, 2005 & 2008 Falls Festival (Main stage) and toured Australia constantly. They have travelled the country and played support for International bands like Ben Kweller (USA), The Bees (UK), Turin Brakes (UK), Idlewild (UK), The Mountain Goats (USA), Donovan Frankenreiter (USA), Paul Weller (USA) and Evermore (NZ) as well as many great Australian bands like Youthgroup, The Whitlams, Paul Kelly, Pete Murray, 78 Saab, The Church, The Vasco Era, TZU, Love Outside Andromeda, Andy Clockwise, Little Birdy, The Custom Kings, Old Man River to name a few.
Triple J, FBI, Nova, Triple M, 3RRR, 4ZZZ and many others have added songs from current album to high rotation on their play lists. Feature download and Live at Wirless on JJJ. The new album was a feature on JJJ Home & Hosed. The new album is being played by radio all over Australia as well as some UK stations.
They were MTV Winners of Kick Start competition in 2007 in SA.
Special Patrol will have a new album out early 2009 and will hit the road again to tour it.
web site www.specialpatrol.com.au
Contact: Myles Mayo: Ph: +61 (0)419 807 451 or mylesmayo1@hotmail.com


Changing Emily

Written By: Myles Mayo

Changing Emily

They’ve been asking, what you’ve been doing lately, where have you been?

So you were standing all alone on the corner in your coat,
I only ever took you with some salt,
The jacket keeps you warm but you’re so cold,
And I know there’s no point in changing Emily.

I finally found you washed up in you’re boat,
With streams of tears and bruises round your throat,
No longer self assured and over board,
The blinkers never fitted wide eyed Emily.

They’ve been asking, what you’ve been doing lately, where have you been?

I know you think you’ve seen everything they sent us here to see,
I hate to see you loose hope for meaning,
There’s a line to tread without getting to deep,
There’s a lot of water to tread in the open sea, you’ll find,

We loose our way so we can find it back,
When we return we return to a clearer path,
The lessons in the soil that’s on the track,
And you know that we’d always love to have you back.

They’ve been asking, what you’ve been doing lately, where have you been,
Where are you hiding?

So come with me,
And always try to keep your head held high,
And treat the ones you love like you might die,
Like it might be the last day your alive,
Cause there are no second chances round here and you’ll see,

The skeleton in the closet where they hang,
The ghosts that walk your hall ways in their gangs,
The clowns that laughed at you when you first sang,
No longer hold no relevance around here.

They’ve been asking, what you’ve been doing lately, where have you been,
Where are you hiding?
So much promise, thrown upon us, this year, I need you here, Emily

Ordinary Life

Written By: Myles Mayo

An Ordinary Life

We drink our way into the city, she’s so pretty, she gets stuck in my head.
I change my mind every time, every hour, and then I change it again.
You say you’re searching for the only God who can really relate.
And every time you start-a-talking, when you’re talking like that, I drift away.

Mamma I never got goodbye,
And you never warned me it’s such an ordinary life.

She’s just another beauty queen, a queen of hearts, with a heart made of stone.
He’s just another little boy she got a hold on, another one that she not sold on.
And all the drinks go straight to your head.
And all the little girls in around this town are jumping straight into bed.

Straight guys and college girls - so tight.
Line up a truck of drugs and let’s get high.
Mamma I never got goodbye,
And you never warned me it’s such an ordinary life.

The Continuing Story of George Duffield and his Plight

Written By: Myles Mayo

You were working on your space craft,
You said they never understood,
Your plight to take on Hollywood.

But I'm aware,
I know exactly what you're doing there,
It fits you like a rubber glove,
And you think you'll find some kind of love.

Georgie why can't we go back to the way we used to be?

You won't be needing your heart,
Now its all over the front page,
& you poor it out all over the stage.

& they'll love you while they chase,
But you won't know your ass from your face

The Secret Chord ( David)

Written By: Myles Mayo

David played his chord to me before he died from poising,
He sold the rights and told the lord that it was just a minor chord.
So they rolled the carpet out for me and I walked alone 'til I met the king,
He asked me to be joining him to play the chord that David did.

Some people they play with their heads,
Some people play with their hearts,
Others, they learn how to steel,
But David was born with the feel.

So I told the king I'd wear his tights and play the chord that David might,
But it did not mean that I'd get it right, Cause David played his chord so tight.
And the women flocked instinctively, to feed me grapes and service me,
I became celebrity, used David's chord so carelessly.

Some people play with their heads,
Some people play with their hearts,
Me, I just learn how to steal,
But David was born with the feel.

So I took the cheques for years to come and went and bought myself a gun,
I put it to the mirror hung I hate the man that I'd become.
But the one true thing that saved my life,
Was the hand of my true love my wife,
She stood by me and made me see,
That I was so caught up in me.

Love will take you by the hand,
Love will tell you where to stand,
You can't take the life from a lovers smile,
Love is so true she don't lie.
So me, I gave back what I stole,
I gave back the silver and the gold,
I never felt quite right playing that role,
And the good lord gave me back my soul.


Special Patrol self titled - EP 2003.
The Golden Mean - Album 2004
Handy Hints from the Undertaker - 2007

All these releases recieved airplay Australia wide and have been added to many different commersial and non commersial radio stations. As well as being played on Televison internationally.

Set List

We can play up to 2 and a half hours of origianal material. Our normal set goes for between 1 & 1 & half hours depending on the show.