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Speck Nasty

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN
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I am a true to self artist. Potent lyrics combined with full bodied instrumentals to create a Canadian hip hop experience. Like the mighty mullet... I try to balance business {The message} and party {the presentation}. at the risk of sounding cliche... I am hip hop... my music is life.


Toronto born emcee Speck stormed out of the womb and has been hustling ever since. Uprooted several times under the age of ten, he settled in Thorncliffe Park, (a small urban utopia in the Don Mills & Eglinton region of the city). His experiences there would come to shape the mind that makes the music.

Growing up, Speck was constantly tormented by the ever-blurring line between what was right and what was real. Raised by a hard-working father, and a church going mother, as well as a not-so-by-the-book surrogate family of the streets, Speck is able to address the world from an impartial perspective, while also forming some very staunch opinions on life, society, government and relationships.

While true to his short-comings, he maintains an almost obscene air of conceit. This "My faults are perfect" mentality makes his music and persona both desirable, and relatable. His confidence is enigmatic, his style is unique, his hustle is real, and his name is Speck Nasty.

In 2001, Speck teamed up with J. Steidman of Synaptic Gap Productions to release the "Rebirth" EP under the alias J-Spitz. The effort garnered moderate success, and the first single "Mantis Love" received praise from critics. After the release of "Rebirth" Speck went into recluse to somewhat reinvent himself. This hiatus would come to be known as the birth of Speck Nasty. In 2004 Speck re-emerged to collaborate with Chuckles D. Glutton of House of Blooze, to headline the Rhyme and Punishment tour.

Speck was a 2007 nominee for Best Hip Hop Act at the Toronto Independent Music Awards. 2008 marked the release of his promotional EP “Burden of Proof”. He also Executive Produced the Stazz Inc. compilation “Red Carpet Effect” in the same year; which is available on iTunes and other music retail sites. Speck is currently working on his first full length release entitled “Lab Rat”.


Yes, yes

Written By: Jason D. McNeill

Yes, yes
Yes, yes… That was me rolling through the city/
Going chop-chop looking hot pocket full of gwap/
Yes, yes. Yes, yes!
Yes, yes… Yes, yes!
Yes, yes… That was me, chilling with a dime/
Walking in the club while you catch feelings in the line/
Yes, yes. Yes, yes!
Yes, yes… Yes, yes!
Yes, yes I’m a Don, Yes, let’s get it on/
Yes, yes I’m the best cuz I press better songs/
Yes, yes give me stress gotta plan so I’m calm/
A grand in my palm cuz I handle the farm/
Yes, yes… I’m from the T-dot to the-O/
And clowns want to know how I got to the dough/
So yes, I could tell ‘em, but yes, I can smell ‘em/
And yes, yes… I got some freshness I could sell ‘em/
I’m a bona fide hustler and yes I’m a felon/
Yes, I know snitches and yes, they be telling/
The reason why… I don’t know, I guess they be jelling/
Or maybe they just like to have it placed to they melon/
Yes, yes… it’s a problem, but yes I’m the answer/
Best of the best, to the rest I’m a cancer/
Yes I’m obsessed, and yes imam try/
To be high ‘til I die, yes, yes, cuz I’m fly/
Yes, yes I’ve been broke, yes yes I’ve been ballin’/
Yes, yes I’ve been to the top and I’ve fallen/
Yes, I was down, frien-emies stopped callin’/
You know what? Its cool though, Fuck-you to all them/
And yes, yes its true imam do what I do/
If you knew what I knew you would do what I do to/
Cuz yes, yes I’ll be fresh to the death/
Riding shotgun with a dime just to my left/
You’re trying to rap for me? Save the rest of your breath/
I’m not an A&R plus I’m less than impressed/
By anybody known from the west to the west/
Or the east or the south so unless you invest/
I suggest you move quick, I’m posed to request/
You slide to the side while I pose for the press/
Yes, yes… with a flick and a flash/
Get a picture of cash, click-click then I dash/
--Hook x 2

Imma Imma

Written By: Jason D. McNeill

Imma Imma
Imma imma do what I do cuz I’m like that/
Imma imma say what I want full stop/
Imma imma act like I act cuz I’m bout that/
Imma imma fly ‘til the cascket drops/
X 2
I crook my hat to the left they say that I act black/
And they don’t like the tone in my voice when I chat back/
Well…My pants sag too much, I brag too much/
I’m from the hood. I never had too much/
I got weed in a Philly, O.E. in a paper bag/
I used to wave a c-note like a sacred flag/
I pledge allegiance to the dollar/
Hate it or love it its true… Holler/
But keep the beef, cuz I don’t need it/
Let yall get me heated, no, I’m far too conceited/
For that, I just roll and, count my dough up/
Call chris Copeland, bounce my flow up/
I take the stairways straight to the airwaves/
Best way to get to the green? Skip the fairway/
I bend rules, bend women, bend… Never/
Speck Nast get cash Hot whenever/
Mirrors, mirrors everywhere/
They, call me vane but I don’t care/
I got a spot for their lips on my derriere/
I think it funny how they stop and stare, same as me/
But I’m the one they perceive as cocky
Because they choose to sit back and watch me watch/
Far from sloppy, far from stocky…/
Won’t stop ‘til I got more ice than hockey/
I been around the block and I know where the fellas at/
Not one of those O.G. park dwellers that/
Got to the attic and forgot where the cellars at/
Speck Nast known in the hood for the stellar rap/
Won’t change for change, I might for paper/
Got a hood rat a places I would like to take her/
She’s real fine, and I would like to date her/
‘Til we hit… that’s my spiteful nature, imma imma, What?/
Imma imma live like imma imma die soon/
Imma imma stack ‘til imma imma tycoon/
Imma imma sit back imma crack a six pack/
Imma imma take a-take a break like a Kit-Kat/
Imma imma get rich or imma imma die trying/
Imma imma stay high, imma die flying/
Was an amateur imma imma pro now/
Imma imma a busy man imma imma go now/

Work It

Written By: Jason D. McNeill

Each and every time I, see you in my mind I/
See tha way you grind I, Wanna wanna work it/
If you ever need that, I'd be quick to breed that/
Baby girl believe that, we could, we could work it/
If it's in the morning I could get you moaning/
If it's in the evening I could have you screaming/
You don't even know me, but I'm trying to show you/
We could uh-unh, we could, we could uh, we could we could/

(we could) Do it front page, we could do it on the low/
We could do it real fast, we could do it real slow/
If you need it like that? I could do it for sho'/
All those other no-shows? forget them, let it go/
We could dip-dive, we could slide to my car/
You could git live, you could ride with a star/
You see what you need, you could have what you want/
Baby just don't front... I'll teach you how to stunt/
I will hit it, hit it hard, make it scream my name/
Show you new levels of what we call "game"/
I hit it all night, I git it all right, and then/
you just fall like, when the leaves all change/
But... don't get attached baby girl just know/
Yes, I'm a player, that don't make you a ho/
You just need a man that could work like a pro/
And you're hooked now, cuz I push it by the uh-uh-uh-OH/


{Verse 2}

It's like this, let me show you what it is/
We could meet up at the club, and slide to the crib/
I'll curl those toes, I could flip that lid/
Baby girl don't know? you should holler at the kid/
I'm a bonafide hustler, can't stay long/
Certified pro, so, ya man stay strong/
Energizer bunny, It's really quite stunning/
Put the batteries in backwards... have you cumming and cumming/
Wait though, cuz you don't know how to say no/
Now you wanna follow Jay, everywhere that Jay goes/
You want to hit it in the elevator at work/
Then you call me "that jerk" when I make ya back work/
Cuz I dip, but you want me to stay a while/
Want me to fake a smile, but it ain't my style/
So I bounce like a song from the dirty south/
But I'll be back to turn it out cuz.../

{Hook} x2

I'm Ballin'

Written By: Jason D. McNeill

I’m balling, yes, I’m balling
I’m balling, yes, I’m balling
Phone’s off but they keep calling
Cuz, cuz, cuz, cuz…
I’m balling, yes, I’m balling
I’m balling, yes, I’m balling
Phone’s off but they keep calling
Cuz, cuz… I’m balling

Used to have little, now I have lots
People mad cuz I’m supposed to be a “have not”
Bad seed, bad apple, off a bad block
Bad attitude, watch full of bad rocks
My game is crazy, the ladies?
I got them shivering…
They used to hate me, but lately
They’re reconsidering…
They see me glimmering glittering
Think it could have been
But time is money and honey ain’t want to put it in
Now I sit back, chill with a chick that
Don’t act like all of these other chicks act
She can get that, same way I get that
Chip that, flip that, HA! Are you with that?


Sick of the gold where the platinum at
Brand new hit, where’s the platinum plaque
Brand new kicks with a matching hat
My 2 cents gets fire like matches black
I’m action packed, when I’m rapping
I be like royalty…
I plan to lamp and kick back and
Live off my royalties…
It’s nothing, in this world,
More important than loyalty
And see the richer I get,
The more people spoil me
So, Imma buy that just cuz it shines bright
Rolex, Breitling, get the time right
Get your mind right, please, get your mind right
Why are you green, when I’m in the limelight?


Lungs full of weed smoke, fists full of dollars
Whole damn fridge full of Crys… I’m a baler
I roll through and pop my collar
Candy paint on the drop Impala
I’m uncontrollably, balling…
How it’s supposed to be
I’m popping bottles while models
Try to get close to me
I’m spending cash internationally,
And locally
Even my Doo-doo is fresh
It smell like pot-pouri
From the bottom to the top I’m the pinnacle
Most cynical, five star general
Subliminal, keep hate minimal
Balling like this, ought to be criminal

Non Stop

Written By: Jason D. McNeill

We move non stop
Stazz, Stazz make a, make a bomb drop
GBA put the party pan lock
What you tell a hater
Tell em gwan talk
We on top movin, movin non stop
Stazz, Stazz blow up like a bomb drop
GBA keep the party pan lock
What you tell a hater
Tell em gwan talk
We nah business man

Verse 1-
I been a hustler since I was a little kid
I never had a lot look at what a little did
I’m the true word out the home of the blue bird
Guilty by Association, you heard!
Restless so I rest less
And I express myself yes, yes
I’m a beast from east, east to west, west
And of you need a answer I’m the best guess
Speck Nitty get gritty
Birth to death I rep dot city
Y’all got flow but y’all not witty
So y’all miss the mark like dude that shot fity
Snap rap bringing it back
I got kids lining up like I’m slinging em crack
It’s like that when I sing and I rap
Cause I’m a bizzzzzzzy bee stinging the track
Non stop how we do tryin’ to show y’all
GBA, Stazz Inc. what you thought
Keep rhyming, keep flowin’, keep movin’, keep going
Keep provin’, keep showin’, so y’all should keep knowing
When it’s dark I be out in the street glowing
I’m a dick, the one the industry’s blowing
I sound cris kid, on beats Chris did
If y’all still got it twisted


Verse 2-
You know Stazz gon make that beat fire
We don’t stop, we don’t pause, we don’t retire
We just get to the top and we reach higher
We gon have everything that we desire
GBA that’s what’s gwanin’
And we gon rock the jam through morning
Y’all could see the new day dawning
Yess it a go so come Fabuloso

Stazz Production in conjuction press your luck
We got a hook the bloody verse got you shook
We on top not a not abajo ariba like speedy Gonzales we smoking that chiba
It go so, it go so,it go so ,it with king fabuloso
With spectacular and chris in collabo
From Brooklyn to tdot to trini to costa rica and Jamaica
We pon toper top villa hill mentally saturate music non stop
Reggae reggaeton and the hip rap yardie the spanglish and the yankee
Wah gwan que paso what up
Fabuloso jamaquino black latino
Mi lengua es como candela huegas te quema el fuego
Si las miradas mataran ya yo estubiera cho
Non stop stazz ztazz bomb drop



Rebirth Ep (2001)
Rhyme and Punishment Mixtape (2005)
East Meets West Mixtape (2006)
Coast to Coast Mixtape hosted by DJ Khaled (2007)
Toronto Independent Music Awards Compilation (2007)
Against All Odds Mixtape (2008)
Transform A Dream (2008)
Toronto Independent Music Awards Compilation (2008)
The Red Carpet Effect (2008)
Burden Of Proof Ep(2008)
The Feature Presentation (2009)

Set List

4-5 songs about 15 - 20 minutes.
Usually done with pre-recorded backing tracks.