BandAmericanaAdult Contemporary

A mixture of country american jazz classic rock blues.


Influenced by all music ranging from country americana jazz classic rock and modern .New album contains well thought out ,danceable lyrics and music .Experienced in keyboard and guitar backup work as well as front=line original&covers


Keep Swingin

Written By: Bill Schultz

You been out at the woodpile
workin that axe
And the stack is gettin bigger
The more you do thwe less you know and the boss man says
Go figure
Keep your head up an your hammer down
Rome wasn't built in a day
And don't you ever ever quit
Keep Swingin
Stay lined up with the hole
And your shot will be straiter
The K.O. punch doesn't come in the
First round often much later
Ask Tiger and Rocky too
How do you keep your game
They.ll tell you skillfully
Keep Swingin
Nothin can take the place of
You been out at the woodpile
Workin that axe and the stack is
Gettin bigger
The more you do the less you
Know and the bosslady says
Go figure
Ask Parker and Basie to how do you
Keep on playin they'll tell scatily
Keep swingin