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The sound of worn out brake pads, the robot dance in need of a good oiling, and square metal pegs trying to burrow into round metal holes. A thunderously crunchy stomper that’s not quite breaks – you can’t imagine Just Hiss taking tight racing bends too easily - but a skip-happy number of ball bearing-busting BPMs as John-Paul Denton introduces Rogue Industries as the label for all your programmable dance move needs. Heavy on the treble as it chows down on steel girders, it’s a funky monster of a machine doing its best not to leave a trail of destruction, which by rights it’s entitled to such are the ungainly pivots it performs.

The metal gets twisted tighter on Madonna Freak, a turbo-rusted crunch with a pop slashing p-funk ambition (that would be the freaky bit) and a fetish for crash and burn situations. Denton looks up to the Freestylers’ Push Up, only mangling, crushing and cubing it: funk as performed by crash test dummies. Backed by rock star guitar solos getting off on the smoke coming out of the amps, the hair-sprayed falsetto vocals are possibly the result of stray shrapnel finishing in the groin.

Denton’s funkiness can’t be rebuffed, despite the previous two tracks sounding like Transformers getting jammed in mid-conversion. Near the Mark begins to smooth out the EPs creases with slap bass that’s very Jacques LuCont, and hence ideal for Spector’s robot troupe to fully extend into star jumps and doing the splits. Ultimately, it’s what you always suspected Spector was aiming for. Scorching techno synths don’t take away from the feelgood bob and weave, helped out by party rap snippets. It’s open to question whether Spector can maintain a manifesto that’s so the opposite of being light on its feet it hurts, but look no further for some rattling gyration. - Reviewed by: MATTY O (DATA TRANSMISSION)


Spector - Infrasound E.P. - (Rouge Industries) 18th Feb 2010

'Rouge Industries' debut release - Spector's "Infrasound EP" - is getting some love from the specialist shows on Radio 1, in particular his track "Near The Mark", which got played not once but TWICE last week!

Breakbeat legend Rennie Pilgrem included the track as part of his guest mix for Annie Nightingale, and Kissy Sellout played the track mid-show and massively bigged it up!

Here are snippets of the shows...

Kissy Sell Out : http://www.alibivinyl.co.uk/jp/spectornew/NeartheMarkon-RADIO1-kissy.mp3

Annie Nightingale : http://www.alibivinyl.co.uk/jp/spectornew/NeartheMarkon-RADIO1.mp3

Massive thanks go out to Kissy and Rennie for supporting Spector's music!

Spectors - Infrasound EP is out on digital download from 18th February, featuring the tracks "Just Hiss", "Madonna Freak" and "Near The Mark". Check out our Myspace player to hear the tracks.

[Spector - Infrasound EP [ROGUEDL001]]




Spector the band have been around for a while now in one shape or another, in its original conception it comprised of John-Paul Denton and John Elliott but it is now just John-Paul who writes under this name.

In its early conception the pair worked on various tracks and remixes for the likes of Steve Lawler and Dave Seaman, and appeared on compilations by Nick Warren and John Digweed.

They have appeared on Playstaion, PC and Wii games and written for big TV ad campaigns. In the last 2 years John-Paul has been working on various genres of music under the Spector guise and recently began to complete his new pop tinged project of electronic fuelled dance music, with collaborations on each track from various singers, including John Elliott.


John-Paul joined Global Underground when he was 18 and they had just released their first ‘Tony De Vit’ album (1997). He worked as a typical tea boy for a few years then started to get more involved with the company. Over a 7 year period he went through various working roles, merchandising, marketing, sales, accounts to eventual end up as there tour manager. While he was there tour manager he travelled with DJ’s such as Steve Lawler, Deep Dish, Sasha& Digweed, and Satoshi Tommie etc on varying album tours all around the world.
When he left Global he went to work for Steve Lawler briefly as his personal tour manager in 2003-4
Since then he has been concentrating on making music and developing his skills as a producer. John-Paul worked on a lots of TV advert campaings in the past years along with bands and singers on various styles of music from rock to Hip Hop.

Record History

There first release was on a label called Sog in Switzerland; they signed a tune called ‘Drift away’ (2002) which they would follow up with a tune called ‘The Haze’ later in 2004.

They then appeared on Nick Warren’s Reykjavik GU24 album (2003) with a track called 'Avatar' - 'Dub In Time'

Following this they did a few remixes for Dave Seaman’s label ‘Audio Therapy’ (2004).
(there remix of Dave Seaman’s ‘Own worst enemy’ appeared on a Ministry of Sound album alongside Cold Play, Gomez etc.)

They then signed a track called 'Marshal Lore' 'Its Good To Talk' to Steve Lawler’s imprint ‘Harlem’ (2004)

They then signed ‘Elektrify’ to Forensic (2005)

Following this they released a couple of tracks on ‘Apache records’ called Lawless (2005) and another on Nascent called ‘Narcotic fuel’ (2006)

They were asked to do a remix for Trafik’s ‘Club Trafikana’ album released on Global Underground (2007)

After this John-Paul released a few things on his own imprint ‘Alibi Vinyl’ and from this he managed to get a track on a Channel 4 ad campaign (2007) and inclusion on John Digweed’s Transistions 4 CD (2008)