Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Spectralux takes a fresh, stylish approach to rock music with atmospheric textures and futuristic imagery.


Spectralux was formed by Henry Watts and Peter Roets in Atlanta, 1999. Influenced by David Bowie, Pixies and Wire, the band took the stage with a handful of songs and homemade props from malfunctioning television sets to dismembered mannequins. The band recorded two independent releases and underwent a series of line-up changes including the addition of guitarist Jeff Cobb in 2002. Their 3rd studio album was recorded in East Atlanta and was widely received by college radio. A successful Southeast tour followed.

The sound of Spectralux was further expanded in the summer of 2005 with the addition of keyboardist Jonathan Whiteside. Without a permanent drummer, they rehearsed new songs accompanied by analog drum machines which broadened their musical influences to include The Flaming Lips, Can, Catherine Wheel and Depeche Mode. The band completed its 4th studio album in November 2005 under the direction of producer/engineer Kris Sampson, and with Mike London on drums. The self-titled album takes a fresh, stylish approach to rock music with atmospheres and futuristic imagery that are uniquely Spectralux. 2006 brought the release of the album and the addition of veteran drummer Patrick Boggs. The band is currently rehearsing for live performances showcasing songs from the new album and those written since its release. This is the fourth album.


Spectralux I (2007)
Spectralux II (2008)
Black Sparrow EP (2010)

Set List

Black Sparrow
Cubic Zurconium
Coming up for air
Pussy whipped
Eye Shadow
Landing Gear
Extacy Cake