Spectre Savant

Spectre Savant


Put in two cups of pop One in a half cups of Rock A dash of punk And a quarter cup of sugar Place in pre heated 300 degree oven and bake for 4 years and enjoy the delicous pastry of SPECTRE SAVANT.


Formed 4 years ago in Indpls with founding members Brian and Shane. After 2 years as a guitar/drums duo we added bass player Josh into the mix. We wrote and performed for a year at such venues as The Melody Inn, Zanies too, and The Emerson. Bass player left band in late 04' where the remaining two members then went into the studio and cut an album with producer/engineer Ryan Adkins. It went # 1 on the Bilboard charts (not really). Soon we added new bass/guitar virtuoso Rick. We are now preparing to record again and hopefully start playing more shows around Indiana.


1st: LP Falling Blue 2003

2nd: Self-Titled Spectre Savant LP 2005
13 tracks recorded at Azmyth studio.

Set List

We play all the songs on our
album with a little bit of
jamming so roughly between
45 minutes to an hour.