Specyal T

Specyal T

 Mississauga, Ontario, CAN
SoloHip HopR&B

A unique blend of Hip Hop and RNB matched with an undeniable distinctive voice and an infectious personality, there's no surprise why they call her Specyal!


The artist known as Specyal T is an exceptionally talented, multi-instrumentalist, composer, songwriter, producer, vocalist, actor, writer & poet; who's on a mission to expand the urban market with her unique brand of sound. A pianist from as early as two years of age, with training that began 25 + years ago from six to nineteen through the Royal Conservatory Of Music, this Toronto native has developed a number of impressive skills. Having music in her DNA is an understatement when it comes to this recording artist.

Partnering with Universal Music and Soul Kiss Entertainment brought Specyal T her first taste of what was to come. With the release of her "Ice Cream Cone" single & video featuring iconic Canadian rapper Michie Mee, and the rotation & charting of her second single "Sweat It Up!" and EP which also garnered attention from various music directors including CHUM FM, her Dose Of Distinction LP followed shortly thereafter debuting at #11 on the UK / R&B album charts - an achievement that stands as a testament to Specyal T's incredible talent and work ethic. Having performed a staggering 300+ shows in her career, Specyal T is not an artist to sit back and wait for success to come to her.

With her naturally distinctive voice she is often compared to a young Lauryn Hill with a unique individual style as like hip hop superstar Missy Elliot!

Her follow up LP Dose Of Distinction 2, didn't disappoint with continued strong support from the UK and overseas in Europe. This album showed considerable growth from her debut effort. "Dose Of Distinction 2 comes from a really personal place. I've managed to take my artistry to a level I hadn't dreamed of going in the past." Neufutur Magazine stated: "The 12 tracks on the title showcase a wide array of different styles, genres, and overall approaches taken by this stellar performer." 

The evolution of Specyal T continued with the release of her EP C.A.K.E. “Hypnotizing beats combined with lyrics dripped in swag, an LA Music company stated after her latest effort won Best EP - Rap / Electronica in 2015, Specyal T is on a mission to impress by sidestepping prosaic expectations of the genre to imaginatively squelch all who dare to oppose.” they also proclaim further solidifying Specyal T’s musical brilliance!

Her musical creativity pushed forward into 2016 with her live band Chasing Sunday which showcases her award winning material with smooth blends and chill vibes. With the release of her newest EP Tionne, an upcoming ground-breaking concept album, T’s undeniable musical mind will shed light on a topic that the industry has yet to see; same vision, sharper focus!

Come experience her Vibe!


Get Me Thru

Written By: Trish Specyal T Hylton

I can't take it you get me thru
When there's no one to help me you know what to do
Cause when I can't take it you get me thru
When there's no one to help me you know what to do

Baby you get me thru
You get me thru

Verse 1
Up in this world be a crazy place
And yo sometimes all I wanna see is your face
But I got obligations gotta be at our stations
To take care of business no matter what occasions (come up)

I know it's straining you jus like it do to me
If we stay focused on the bigger picture than we'll be successful
I know you prolly heard this all before
What I know is this be something we shouldn't ignore

Mix of fuel that keeps me going comes from different sources
Combination helps me to strive at a pace that only horses (could achieve)
Never greed I'm jus so driven and focused
It's part of my being I'm so blessed and I hope this

Will keep me going on those days that I'm beat
When life has you in a choke hold wishin you'd tap in defeat
What's left? All I got is the thought of you
And the energy you bring will get me thru

Verse 2
Ya I'm sorry bout lunch push it back
Dinner's more our scene anyway you know that
I ain't tryna be extra but you fully acting rude
Hold up a next call please enough wit attitude

You in my ear wanting answers and you think I won't give 'em
I'm surprised as much as you that's the business I'm in hun
What we doing this ain't rite and it really should end
Let me do what I do then I'll come home don't pretend

All the pressures of the world never touch me at all
I'm as exposed as the next tryin hard not to fall
It be your call how you react but don't try and step to me
Like I have no understanding of how this came to be

Regardless of the differences you know we be a team
Even if they try to separate us and mess wit our dream
I got you in my heart I carry a picture of you too
Every time I look at it you always get me thru!


Written By: Trish Specyal T Hylton

Verse 1
Contagious and outrageous is
How some can live life their stages are
Defined but not what others do
They jus remain true (to themselves)

Not sheltered from what others' spun
Into their world they'll never come
At anyone attackingly
They'll jus let you be (who you are)

In patience they can seem as though
Nothing ever phases them and so
Untouchable they may come off
So others jus scoff (and walk away)

Not giving them a chance to show
And prove that they too can also grow
Not knowing all the answers there
Unlike what you think jus regular

I want ya to
I need ya to
I want ya to
Shine shine (2x)
I jus want ya to shine! (2x)

Verse 2
Who be the ones I'm talking bout
You're wondering now hear me out
This ain't nuttin special although I am
Referring to positivity (and)

It's as simple does jus how simple was
They way of life now that's because
We weren't all caught up in a captured state
Now them happy thoughts jus evaporate

If you live your life in a happenstance
You're most likely to bypass your chance
To see the world how you'd want it to be
A life that's rid of negativity

Although it's gonna lurk around
Still feel it's presence and it won't sound
Now I'm asking you just this one time
Step to the light I want ya to shine!

Sit back erase the pain let it go
Move to the beat go with the flow
Jus gotta release your mind
You're feeling my energy jus let it shine


Written By: Trish Specyal T Hylton

What we got on the menu today
A lil head bashing eye gouge whateva comes her way (2x)

Verse 1
Welcome to the life of a girl so terminally young
Although that's about to change the story's only jus begun
I'mma take you there get you really into her world
Help you understand than maybe we can save her

Unfurled on her body are the months of torment like a painting
A pleathera of colours head to toe but she's abstaining
To tell another even her mother has not figured it out
That her daughter's days are numbered if this continues out

There be no siblings around really never had a father
So she's never known the meaning of daddy's only daughter
Mother works double shifts so she's barely at home
Which leaves young Suzy most times all alone

What's apparent is her shyness seems very hard to reach
Social skills aren't up to standard at the school that tries to teach
Her what is right from wrong good from bad she should be protected
Not the fearful anxious out of sorts where she's only rejected

What we got on the menu today
A lil head bashing eye gouge whateva comes her way
It's safe to say they gonna get her good, and she knows it
She neva sheds a tear too terrified that she shows it

Consequences be her mantra she tells herself everyday
That they'll pay for what they do and maybe then go away
Her reality ain't like the other kids jokes and goof
While their rain of hurt invades her she than acts waterproof!

Verse 2
The first time she can still taste it but it happened months ago
It was in the dead of winter but had barely any snow
She remembers all their faces as they walked there down the street
Extra happy they all seemed wit each new person they'd greet

Acting clueless was an understatement she jus trusted strong
As they entered into the school all of them knew what was going on
Initiations in air quotes had zero tolerance we know
But what the teachers never see cannot be punished ever though

Fixing her hair and unaware she was then smashed over the head
As another locked the door one muffled the sounds that she said
They were relentless with their abuse letting her know that she was trash
And they only ever befriended her for all her mother's cash

Just like clockwork these events went on almost everyday
Sometimes she'd get a day off if one of them was then away
They'd always do enough to make her feel extremely sore
What will be the end result when she can't take it anymore?!

Push Play

Written By: Trish Specyal T Hylton

Verse 1
It's neva been hard for me to say
Command attention here my way
Ain't no need for a delay
Scratch your head I ain't stutter

Cause I tell ya like it is
Whether single or wit kids
Oh you got jokes and you got fibs?
Naw b I ain't your mother

I ain't that which you call lame
Step to me straight I'll do the same
Miss Sunshine's my middle name
Disrespect I'll make you shutter

I know you acting like you tough
Push my buttons and you'll see fluff
I ain't about no petty stuff
Na mean? Keep it 100!

Verse 2
I see the shock there in your eyes
Out your mouth there's no replies
Standing under clear blue skies
Say word I got ya trippin

You know my sound is so on point
You wanna cop this brand new joint
The best of '10 I will appoint
Why you ask? Cause I'm hittin

And of course you gon deny it
Tell your girls I'm some defiant
Unlike your man who's all reliant
This one battle I ain't pickin

Already proven one the war
See what's next got more in store
Really what you waiting for
On his knees that boy be smitten!

Listen to my vibe
Respect what I say
Turn up the bass in the headphones and jus
Push play!

Verse 3
So what if I'm about speaking my mind
Most these cats ain't far behind
But most of them be fully blind
To what I'm fully doing

Then these few caught up in lies
With they bellies full of sighs
I ain't got time to hear they cries
Straight up please get a clue when

How this fully going down
Missed your spot because you clown
Now on your face some ugly frown
Pre-warned that's how you knew when

All the others called your bluff
You was out doing silly stuff
Now things dun changed and times be rough
What's left? You ain't no shoe in

Verse 4
As my sound slowly transforms
Finds its place and then reforms
Recognizably ain't the norm
One day it will jus sit in

With the rest we've come to know
As acceptable as the snow
Out in Vancouver you dun know
Jus know we gots to sit in

See what the current fuss about
I'm bringing the future wit my clout
Unlike Pinocchio wit his snout
My word no one will quit in

Through these phases come and go
I'll try to make sure that mines don't show
Any weak points so that my foes
Don't have no place to ishh in

Some like it short, some like it long
It is what it is, vibe to my song

Sweat It Up!

Written By: Trish Specyal T Hylton

Sweat it up in the mornin sweat it up in the eve
Sweat it out through your finger tips an down through your knees
Sweat it up how you wanna you ain't eva get enough
It don't matter where you come from you jus need to sweat it up!

Verse 1
This weather be enticing me to think outside the lines you see
We're winter free it's time to be invaded by the shine
Time to dust off all this aftershock take a break there from this grind
Be that season so there's reason to have that pleasin frame of mind

Then you'll find that those residuals of a visual nature come to life
That flurry with the worry melt right off of you like candy stripe
You jus might feel different than more fitter than you thought you would
Enjoying one more chance to start and/or take part in something good

This won't be overruled I'm in the mood switch up and change
Back to the basics guy give it a try let's re-arrange
You know it never strange to take the old recycled into new
We always borrowing from the past jus something that we all jus do

Uh huh it's true we overdue I got the remedy for this
Tryna act like you a hater there be the door you've been dismissed
Wanna keep it simple drama's pimple ain't creep on me tonite
Poppin bottles wit top models wit that laid back swagger that we like!

Hear the sirens sounding cause you know it be a crime
We got this groove on lock that jus be our bottom line
We ain't leavin 'till you make us you know what's up
All we really wanna do is sweat it up!

Verse 2
A random g names lucy reaches through covered in Gucci
Tryna get my vibing on she's in the kitchen eaten sushi
So aloof she doesn't realize bougie ways be lost wit this
Mini skirt stiletto heels this was definitely a miss

I kiss my teeth cause underneath all of this tension jus be tight
High maintenance g's are seriously craving everybody's sight
Lack of attention without mention is fully what you'll get from me
Cause living under your spotlight ain't ever necessary (see)

Why would you ever wanna add on all this stress
Jus fall back into the beat than your feet will do the rest
Wearing that dress will make it harder if you wanna hit the zone
So turn your ringer off leave the negativity at home (only)

Simple solutions no one here will waste your time
We ain't got no V.I.P. but you'll never have to wait in line
Look at your now you feelin vibrate cause you fully at your best
If you single or you not ain't nobody here to test

Verse 3
Look around take in the sound that invades your body head to toe
You loose control you stuck on go as you blend into this rhythm's flow
No attitudes adjusted rude despite what others think they've seen
We bring the heat loud or discreet cause our movement here is jus extreme (x2)

We never blame it on the alcohol we standing tall let's go
Always movin it to the centre there's something new we gotta show
Yo what you workin wit I smirk cause it be hotter than hell
Don't try reversing it cause you jus got served wit it well

It be the smell of perspiration mixed with fainted cologne
Reminds me of the reason why my peeps and I ain't chillin at home
Boom boom clack repeat react you know what time it is son?
We the definition ain't no switching cause we've already begun!

Stay With Me

Written By: Trish Specyal T Hylton

Stay with me
You got a swagger that I’m feeling boy, you know when you say to me
Stay with me
It ain’t nothing like I’ve felt before, this is why it has to be
Stay with me
One and only got me speechless wow, you can’t make another we
Stay with me
Got me caught up need to hear it, that’s right boy stay with me

Verse 1
Smooth lips, boss whips, keep blowing up my phone
All surrounded by no lie but they ain’t stimulate my dome
Sit upon my throne you gotta earn now I’m talking grown
Conversatin respecting that I’m known

To be more into word play that’s the foreplay that I like
You bringing it that swagger cloak and dagger than I might
Turn things cold I’m talking frozen jus learn to keep things tight
No more worry what you’re doing for the night (you know I’m right)

Verse 2
First base, no trace, be hitting grand slams
Understanding every angle oh my mind be making plans
Feeling creative all inventive places I’ve neva been
Adult juice only adding to the sin

Replacing certain memories and thoughts no longer linger
With dem hands got more skills up in dem fingers
The way you bring it now got me caught up, ya you had me
When you turned to me and said your baby daddy? (gladly)


Side Effects

Written By: Trish Specyal T Hylton

These side effects are blurring me
Why can’t nobody see (that)
These side effects are serving me
You won’t bother to be (there) x2

Verse 1
What’s with all this hype?
Hyperemesis Gravidarum is now my type
That’s my current situation
It chose me again to my degradation

Need to afford to stay strong
The payment is steep and it has to prolong
The pain and isolation too
Them side effects dayum ain’t nobody knew

This be a different kind of hell
Ain’t no one talking bout it, nobody can tell
What we truly going thru
Imma be that voice today, learn how we do

On a daily, we talking mainly
Every minute, every hour this ain’t vaguely
Sometimes gravely hear the truth
All actions effecting unborn youth! (poof)

Verse 2
At 3am is when it starts for me
Extreme nausea and a vomit spree
Couple hours later oh yes there’s more
While I watch the sun rise as I cling to the floor!

Haunted by food everyday
I fight every bite to make it stay
Jus tryna eat to survive
Gotta make sure she stays alive!

Drinking’s no beta wit it’s limitations
Everybody gotta comment from their observations
Jus do this, do that and the third
Like it’s all sumtin we haven’t already heard!

Diclectin, Zofran have been presented to be
The saviours for HG pregnancies
May work for some but not for all
You still gonna have dem side effects big or small!

Bridge / Breakdown
These side effects are serving stress
A feast my body can’t digest! x2

Nausea, vomit, dehydration
Blackouts, lethargy a lethal combination x2

Verse 3
Brown and yellow than came red
For a whole two weeks that hue I dread
I thought it was the end that moment was raw
It was staring back at me the only thing I saw

To my surprise jus like the first
Only I was effected she had her burst
Of strength only God can explain
I had nuttin left in me, every rite to complain

We jus prayed on
I question everything, inside I have to stay strong
That was only the start
I’ll fight with everything so we don’t have to part

Simple daily tasks are a chore to do
No one really understands this, but it’s true
Acute morning what? Move from me, disrespect!
This be a serious condition wit many side effects!

Outro Chorus
Infection worry everyday
Ptyalism jus won’t go away
Scars to remind you, neva forget
A shell of a body you can neva regret! x4



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