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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2005 | INDIE | AFM

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE | AFM
Established on Jan, 2005
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"Ones to Watch 2020: Canada's very own Specyal T talks new music"

Canada has brought us Drake, Justin Bieber, The Weekend and many more. There must be something in the water and the artist known as Specyal T is an exceptionally talented, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter, composer, producer, actor, writer & poet; who’s on a mission to expand the urban market with her unique brand of sound. A pianist from as early as two years of age, she began playing, with her foster parents encouragement, as much as possible on the family piano. She was adopted shortly thereafter at the age of three and moved north of the city to a predominantly Caucasian area. At six, Specyal T officially began her piano training through the Royal Conservatory Of Music up until the end of her high school career where she not only graduated with honours, she was also the first black valedictorian in her school’s 100+ year history. She was voted in unanimously by her peers and the teaching faculty. She was first discovered on NewRockStars .

Specyal T partnered with Universal Music and Soul Kiss Entertainment and released her first single & video “Ice Cream Cone” commercially featuring iconic Canadian rapper Michie Mee. The rotation & charting of her second single “Sweat It Up!” and EP garnered attention from various music directors including CHUM FM, and her Dose Of Distinction LP followed shortly thereafter debuting at #11 on the UK / R&B album charts – an achievement that stands as a testament to Specyal T’s incredible talent and work ethic. Having performed a staggering 500+ shows in her career, Specyal T is not an artist to sit back and wait for success to come to her.

Her new single Box Food has massive swagger and Specyal T’s vocals strike a fiery contrast with the strong hook. Her technique never sounds overwrought; instead, it embodies her songwriting in a dramatic way.

It’s refreshing to hear the production of Box Food, there is certainly no restriction on her ability to invest these tracks with a top flight, professional sheen. The rhythm section, in particular, sounds like a bulldozer capable of knocking down a wall. - Urban Music Awards

"Multi-Talented Artist Specyal T Releases an Independent Album ‘A Specyal Remedy’"

Here we have an album from multi-talented artist called ‘Specyal T’. No stranger to the grind of the music business, she has released quite an impressive array of material over a number of years. Counting the titles of singer, rapper, composer, producer, actor, writer and poet to her resume, she truly embodies what it is to be a modern, creative, independent artist.

Playing piano since the age of two, and later going on to study at the Royal Conservatory of Music, she grew up to become a recording artist in her own right.

The first thing you notice is her very distinct vocal style, which is unique to say the least. It really stands out and she both sings and raps in quite a low musical register – almost the antithesis of what the traditional idea of what a female artist should sound like, which may be a good thing in terms of attracting attention, in an industry that like to constantly put out clones of what’s already popular.

She’s performed over 500+ live shows in her career thus far, and is well-known for her ferocious work ethic (No mean feat when you consider she herself, is a mother, as well as being a performer).

Since her freshman LP, entitled ‘Dose of Distinction’(the first of a trilogy which reached #11 on the UK R&B Charts), she has continued to grow as an artist and both absorb and reflect the many experiences she’s observed from the world around her, within her music.

Her latest release is called ‘A Specyal Remedy’ (third in the ‘Dose of Distinction’ Trilogy), encompasses 10 tracks containing a plethora of different styles of music, which is quite refreshing. Everything from songs with gentle piano chords, through to Latin flavours, then to left-field clitchy-style beats and no-nonsense R&B, it’s all in there. The production is very complimentary of Specyal T’s voice, and overall, just very, very ‘clever’ in a number of places and certainly got my attention.

As a solo rapper, she performs under the stage name of ‘Specyal T’, but when doubling up as a pianist, she goes by the name of ‘Specyal Keys’, so watch out for one of her many shows, coming to a town near you, sometime in the near future. - Urban Dubz

"Experience Unique R&B Through Specyal T’s Dynamic Album 'A Specyal Remedy'"

Toronto’s own Specyal T returns to the stage with her long-awaited album, ten years in the making 'A Specyal Remedy.' After years of experience in the industry and adding doses of projects to her “Dose of Distinction” trilogy, Specyal T has carefully placed the final touches on the layered trilogy. Having 500+ shows under her belt and a variety of radio airplay across the world, her music has never failed to speak whole-hearted messages. Specyal T unfortunately, experienced the loss of her daughter three years back; with this life-altering event, she uses her music to overcome obstacles and pay tribute to her late daughter with heartfelt lyricism.

Specyal T’s album 'A Specyal Remedy' opens with the groovy R&B intro track “Box Food.” As the hi-fi kick opens on its own, Specyal T’s vocals open full of breath and passion sang in an intriguing low octave. Also, incorporating a jazz approach through melodic piano and warm bass lines, “Box Food,” is a groove we can get down to every day. Moving into a more mid-tempo approach to jazz/blues with “Yorkshire Pudding,” Specyal T exudes sexuality on this song, pulling in a sensual and vibe through her detailed lyrics of fantasies and getting lost in thought over someone. The underlying jazz beat perfectly lets Specyal T’s vocals stand clear on their own.

Opening with serene electric guitar, the next song “Three” brings a mellow atmosphere from the beginning with a soft down-tempo beat. Specyal T’s layered vocals serve us harmonic melodies that are the highlight of the album so far. With an incredibly unique style emphasized on “Three,” she takes another beautiful love song to an authentic level. Keeping the melodic electric guitar moving with the next track, “Even Tho,” Specyal T finds another way to appreciate someone by letting them know she could never spend too much time with them. With mesmerizing low octave notes again, Specyal T vocalizes similar to Missy Elliot, with power and poise.

Bringing the modern R&B vibes back up with “Your Place” Specyal T emphasizes how she feels her best when around her significant other, and how they bring out the best in her. This track radiates ambiance with a mix of modern R&B and a light touch of vibrant deep house. We love her dynamic transitions between songs, with Specyal T’s next track, “I’m Good,” she takes another sultry approach and brings a heated and sensual atmosphere. She sings, “If you wanna kick it for the night, I’m good,” overtop down-tempo keys and peaceful R&B production.

Emphasizing her low and airy vocals at the beginning of “Last Supper,” Specyal T brings a deep and dark mix of electronic, R&B, and even alternative through blistering synths, h-fi crashes, and hard-hitting kicks. She sings lyrics that channel imagery from the last supper and brings forward messages of overcoming struggle and adversity—moving forward to the bright vibe with “Peanut Butta Jealous feat. Jayde Wilson”, the keyboards open the song with melodic and warm chords bringing in a light atmosphere. While Jayde Wilson and Specyal T go back and forth with lyrics of staying true to yourself, they bring forward a message we can easily takeaway.

The next track, “Remind Me,” opens with an upbeat vibe through keyboards similar to Drake’s “Hotline Bling.” While making it entirely her own, Specyal T speeds up the beat and adds layers of intriguing R&B production. She raps lyrics of her significant other, and how she effortlessly comes alive when they’re around. Ending off her album with the celestial vibe set on the outro track “Already Done (Part 2)”, Specyal T brings a conceptual piece of running out of time and speaking your truth before it’s too late. With unique R&B/new beat production and added violin strings, “Already Done (Part 2)”, serves a deeply captivating piece. The entire album 'A Specyal Remedy' was a captivating piece. From Specyal T’s unique vocal delivery to her array of atmospheres, the album is not one to miss. - BuzzMusic

"Specyal T - A Specyal Remedy"

Toronto, Ontario’s singer-songwriter, hip-hop artist and producer, Specyal T (a.k.a., Trish Hylton) was attending The Royal Conservatory of Music by age 6. By age eight, she was already performing for crowds.

“A sophisticated blend of love, heartbreak, and home truths for the grown and sexy.”
A valedictorian, artist, and mother, Hylton already has a literal anthology of music dating back eleven years which includes: 2009’s Sweat It Up!, 2010’s Dose Of Distinction, 2015’s C.A.K.E., 2017’S Tionne, 2019’s Girl Friday, and much more.

Recorded in her home studio, T’s latest album, the spirited and soulful, A Specyal Remedy, is a satin-smooth collection of slow-drip, jazz-bluesy R&B meets hip-hop.


Opening with, Box Food, the track’s subtle and smooth groove and production are immediately apparent. While that bass-line beckons the head-bob, T breaks down a low-key Friday night with a deep timbre reminiscent of Toni Braxton’s lower octaves…

“Yuh wit me
No more company
I’m fully in that mood

Just a lil sumtin
No stress or nuttin
Coolin out wit our box food…”

OUR FAVORITE TRACK… Lyrically, the sexy and risqué, Yorkshire Pudding, holds no punches in this ode to man. The lighthearted jazzy-cha-cha composition makes the whole thing a lot of fun.

Three’s super-dope and minimalist groove takes a slow-rock approach with the sparkle of keys and a touch of electric guitar. The message is simple, just three little words can change everything. Can you guess what they are?

Just try and sit still. With perhaps the album’s best production, the Du Tonc-esque groove in, Your Place, has that textbook after-work vibe…

“I wanna kick it at your place tonight
Netflix and chill, connect, do it right
No hesitation, enjoyment yuh might
Regret it if yuh dis-invite
It’s your place tonight…”

Warm golden honey might be the perfect descriptor for the album’s running production and compositional theme. This is no less true in, I’m Good, an honest piece about knowing when it’s just skins, and being okay with it…

“I’m good, if yuh wanna kick it for the night
I’m good, if yuh choose dat rudeness, non-polite
I’m good, no distractions knock on wood
Either way no pressure, cus baby, I’m good…”

Specyal T’s low-key flow makes this music so much fun, and this is never more true than, Peanut Butta Jealous (feat. Jayde Wisdom), wheres she makes a tale of sibling rivalry feel like something light and airy. It’s our second favorite track on the album.

The choruses in, Remind Me, are some of my favorite moments on the album. Great hook.

Ri-dic-u-lous production! Slow-drip, oozing, buttery-smooth grooves—like fresh maple syrup on a warm stack of glazed doughnuts. Specyal T’s latest full-length album, A Specyal Remedy, sports ten tracks of near-flawless musical compositions. Sick bass-lines galore. Guitar hooks that catch. Keys that wake up. From front to back, these melodies are highly impressive and wildly effective. Trish Hylton’s subtle, low-octave casual style has moments of brilliance sprinkled throughout, and urges listeners to relax and have F U N. Check out A Specyal Remedy below.

Tony Braxton meets Foxy Brown…

BELOW: Listen to Specyal T’s album, A Specyal Remedy, and connect with her website and social media platforms. Please support Specyal T by visiting her online, and playing, downloading, and/or purchasing her music, or attending a live show! And, as always, thank you for supporting real music! - The Ark Of Music

"Specyal T - A Specyal Remedy"

Box Food begins Specyal T’s new LP, A Specyal Remedy. The track is able to effortlessly straddle the line between R&B and funk, blending thick bassy lines with ever so cool jazz keys. This initial track expands upon the tradition of performers like Angie Stone and Sade while sounding fresh and current. Yorkshire Pudding is a sultry and sexy effort that succeeds due to Specyal T’s vox and a bit of bossa nova-styled backing drop that plays in the track’s background. The production of A Specyal Remedy allows for both the vocals and the instrumentation to shine brightly as solitary efforts as well as a collaborative entity.

Even Tho slows things down and inserts a seriously infectious groove. The single’s chorus will bury itself deep into listeners’ minds , offset ever so nicely through a laid back guitar riff.

I’m Good has a bit of the torch song / early blues singer style in its opening. The piano that starts the track gradually opens up into big, thick bass lines and quite a bit of raw passion coming from Specyal T’s voice.

Peanut Butta Jealous is a track that could easily garner rotation on R&B rotation. Hitting up the titular phrase at all the right times, Specyal T ensures that the song will be on listeners’ minds long after the song ceases to play. Remind Me is the concluding statement on A Specyal Remedy; the track is able to keep things fresh and fun with the adoption of a bit of Weeknd-style production and even hints of EDM in the single’s sweeping synths and vocal samples. Taken together, the efforts on A Specyal Remedy cover a considerable amount of ground. Specyal T has the skilled hand to ensure that the songs coalesce into something cohesive.

Top Tracks: Yorkshire Pudding, Peanut Butta Jealous (featuring Jayde Wisdom)

Rating: 8.5/10 - NeuFutur Magazine

"Specyal T - Girl Friday"

Take a listen to “Girl Friday” by Specyal T on Juss Russ Radio. Specyal T is an emerging Hip-Hop artist that has been doing her thing and making waves online for quite some time now. Up to this point, she has relied heavily on the use of free streaming platforms such as SoundCloud to serve as the bridge connecting her sound to the world. She recently released a new EP entitled, “Girl Friday” and has been receiving a lot of love via social media since then. This new EP is a perfect snapshot of where Specyal T is in regards to her life and career right now. She uses this short body of work to fill in her fans on some of her blessings, shortcomings, tragedies, and triumphs all in one concise package. She is a rather versatile artist who always finds ways to step outside of her comfort zone and provide her fans with a fresh vibe or perspective to take in. It has been her mystique and songwriting that have ultimately allowed her to garner such mass attention early on, and if she stays consistent…who knows how far she could go. Do yourself the favor and tap in to her new project and be sure to stream some of her other tunes on SoundCloud. Simply give her a follow to do so! Listen to “Girl Friday” by Specyal T on Juss Russ Radio. - Juss Russ Radio

"Specyal T - Sunday Siesta"

Sunday Siesta is a song about relaxing, enjoying and appreciating the company of your partner after a long work week. It’s a blend of hip-hop and r&b, and the lead single off of Specyal T’s latest surprise EP Girl Friday. Her 6th solo studio EP. - Noise Beast

"Specyal T - Sunday Siesta"

Sunday Siesta is a song about relaxing, enjoying and appreciating the company of your partner after a long work week. It’s a blend of hip-hop and r&b, and the lead single off of Specyal T’s latest surprise EP Girl Friday. Her 6th solo studio EP. - Industry Reviewz

"Specyal T - Tionne EP"

The last time that we covered Ontario’s own Specyal T, it was 2015. Over the course of the next two years, Specyal T has made considerably strides forward in the evolution of her own music. The Tionne EP has tremendous emotional content to it, and the EP’s first single, Side Effects, immediately catches long-time listeners up. The echoing, booming sound of the chorus will ensure that listeners are firmly on the edges of their seats. The blending of performers like Danny Brown and Tyler The Creator makes for an interesting introduction to this EP. The electronic sound of the EP’s second track, Superwoman Tendencies, both continues with some of the trends first heard during Side Effects while spinning the composition out in a bold new way.

I feel that this track adopts more of the synth-pop from the 1980s while having a bit of a martial drum line to provide a constant that continues through to the mid-point of the Tionne EP, 2 AM. 2 AM is a hard-hitting effort. The drums match well with Specyal T’s flow, boosting the momentum considerably and keeping fans focused in to the final few tracks of the release.

Forever And A Day and Scar Tissue close up shop on the Tionne EP, representing two distinctly different sides of Specyal T. The more traditional rap flow of Forever And A Day seems to be more focused in reality, while there is more atmospheric and haunting sound that is presented during Scar Tissue. Taken together, these five efforts are integral to understanding the overall influences and biography for Specyal T. The Tionne EP is available from DSPs like iTunes; visit Specyal T’s SoundCloud for samples of the songs from this extended play.

Top Tracks: Side Effects, Forever And A Day

Rating: 8.8/10

Specyal T – Tionne EP / 2017 Self Released / 5 Tracks / https://soundcloud.com/specyal-t-productions / http://SPECYALTPRODUCTIONS.com - NeuFutur Magazine

"Specyal T Sings"

How have you found hope and healing from HG? As part of our Hope & Healing for HG Through the Arts series, Specyal T shares how music helped her during and after HG.

Music has always been a part of my life. I’ve been playing music since two years of age and have been working professionally as a musician for the past 20 years. When I was diagnosed with HG in my first pregnancy back in (2012/2013), it was fully natural for me to turn to music to help me cope. I would sing through the pain, when I was able to speak, and when I couldn’t, I would sing in my head and just hum. I also would play instruments either already established songs of others along with my own, or I would create little tunes that would make me laugh and bring a little comfort, at least for a moment.

With my second pregnancy (2016/2017), things were more severe, and I was in the hospital more often than the first pregnancy. I decided to write a song or two as a musical diary, a form of therapeutic relief, which I had also done previously but wanted to reach more people through my music this time.

Through my musical gifts, I hoped others in the HG community would find some comfort and a voice as many can’t put into words what they’re honestly feeling and experiencing. I ended up writing an EP entitled “Tionne” in honour of my late daughter and “Side Effects” became the lead single. I also created a video to show visually what we truly go through. Although it was very painful to relive the experience while performing the song, especially with her passing, I’ve been so blessed to have met so many amazing women through this journey who have in turn seen the video and have been brave enough to share their stories with me.

I’m honoured to be a part to the #TeamHER Family! - HER Foundation

"Specyal T has mastered one of the most entertaining and nuanced styles of rap / electronica entertainment we've come across in recent years, and her new single ‘Just A Thot’ shows why you'll be hearing a lot more of her."

With a tight lyrical flow and fine-tuned production served straight up, Specyal T is an artist that any rap / electronica music enthusiast will thoroughly enjoy. The success of her latest awarding-winning work has not gone unnoticed by the critics, with one recently writing: ‘Hypnotizing beats combined with lyrics dripping in swag, Specyal T is on a mission to impress by going out of the zone of expectations and taking down all those who dare to oppose.’ Yet there’s something special about Specyal T (no pun intended) that sets her apart from other rap / electronica acts. In a musical generation characterized by manufactured pop acts, Specyal T's originality and swag do more than stand out. They reveal qualities that cannot be engineered in the studio. There’s also an unpretentious realness to this artist out of Toronto and judging by her growing fan base, she may be precisely what the new generation didn't know it was missing. Independent reporter Blake Wright recently caught up with Specyal T to get an inside look at this exciting new artist and to learn what she has in store for fans this year. - Marquix TV

"Specyal T C.A.K.E. EP Review"

Toronto’s Specyal T has just released her C.A.K.E. EP, a five-track effort that will provide listeners with a full array of styles, influences, and sounds upon which to familiarize themselves with this inimitable performer. The EP begins with Stay With Me, an effort that is a down and dirty club track. The deep and sultry sounds issuing forth here are matched well with intelligent wordplay.

Just A Thot is a blend of R&B and dance, with Specyal T’s vocals utilizing a hard-hitting and rapid-fire flow that does as much to the overall sound of the track as the dense and bushy instrumentation. The cut reaches its climax with a hook that will bury itself deeply into the minds and hearts of listeners. Set off from the rest of the track, this chorus deserve ample airplay on radio stations.

Madame Jane has a haunting backing beat that provides the intensity to Specyal T’s lyrics; hints of Missy Elliott and Eve can be discerned here as Specyal T continues building up the momentum that started chugging along during Stay With Me; this goodwill continues with Later Tonite. This penultimate track on the C.A.K.E. EP has instrumental and vocal elements working at the same high level. At a point where the lyrical side of things is given so much focus over the backing beat, this move is fairly revolutionary. Specyal T ends her latest EP with When You Knew. This cooler track bursts into flame as Specyal T moves into the chorus. The inclusion of this laid-back jazz-infused sound showcases that this performer can continue to grow and change even at the final strains of a release.

Top Tracks: Stay With Me, Just A Thot

Rating: 8.2/10 - Neufutur Magazine

"Specyal T Dose of Distinction 2 LP CD Review"

Dose of Distinction 2 is the latest work from Specyal T, and it shows considerable progression from Specyal T’s debut release. The 12 tracks on the title showcase a wide array of different styles, genres, and overall approaches taken by this stellar performer. End of An Error features Tyse and hammers home strong percussion with an upfront and in your face set of vocals; twinkling synths play in the background to make for one of the most dense and fulfilling compositions that we have heard this year. A number of listens will be required to hear everything that has been placed into this effort, further increasing the replay value of the song.

Batteries Ain’t Included is a track that links together rap and R&B into a sultry approach, with hints of Beyonce and Missy Elliott. The production keeps the energy of the track high while making for a track that will work equally well in clubs and on radio rotation. The track dovetails nicely with Paper Cuts in that it provides a diametrically different set of sounds for fans to eagerly devour.

No Such Thing bundles Specyal T with Jayde Wisdom, to create an effort that is slinky, soulful, and with just enough edge to keep the cut fresh in listeners’ minds long after Dose of Distinction 2 has finished. Make sure to purchase a copy of Dose of Distinction 2 on iTunes and Qobuz. Keep an eye on Specyal T’s Facebook and Twitter for the latest in information about her, subsequent singes, and any sort of live dates which she may be playing.

Top Tracks: Batteries Ain’t Included (feat. Catherine Marie), No Such Thing (feat. Jayde Wisdom)

Rating: 8.5/10 - NeuFutur Magazine

"Hip-hop and R&B artist Specyal T announces the release of her new album ‘Dose of Distinction 2’"

Hip-hop and R&B artist Specyal T has announced the release of her new album ‘Dose of Distinction 2’. Released via Blackstream Records, ‘Dose of Distinction 2’ combines modern R&B with edgy urban beats and is a collection of deeply personal songs, finely wrought and smoothly delivered, which communicate subject matters close to Specyal T’s heart. This includes growing up black in a predominantly caucasian community and her journey of motherhood. Specyal T commented, “Dose Of Distinction 2 comes from a really personal place. I’ve managed to take my artistry to a level I hadn’t dreamed of going in the past.”

The album follows on from the success of Specyal T’s first album ‘Dose of Distinction’ (2010), which debuted at #11 on the UK / R&B album charts – an achievement that stands as a testament to Specyal T’s incredible talent and work ethic.

Based in Canada, Trish Hylton, popularly known as Specyal T, is an urban recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, songwriter, producer, vocalist, mentor, writer and poet, and has performed over 250 shows throughout her musical career. With her naturally distinctive voice she is often compared to a young Lauryn Hill with a unique individual style similar to hip-hop superstar Missy Elliot. She also cites her other musical influences as TLC, Salt N Pepa, Boyz II Men, Timbaland, Musiq and Neptunes.

Recently, Specyal T was named as Ambassador and inducted into the “National Wall of Role Models” by BlackCanadians.com. “The last couple of years have been exciting for Canadian hip-hop and I’m proud to be a part of an emerging scene that’s gaining a lot of international recognition.”

There is no question Specyal T is a musical force to be reckoned with as she continues to push boundaries on her own personal musical journey.

‘Dose of Distinction 2’ is available now to download from iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/dose-of-distinction-2/id910955639.

Dose of Distinction 2 – Track listing:

1. Her Inception 2. Almost Lover 3. Batteries Ain’t Included (feat. Catherine Marie) 4. Paper Cuts 5. End of an Error (feat. Tyse) 6. Don’t Matter Me 7. Already Done 8. No Such Thing (feat. Jayde Wisdom) 9. Through Window Pain 10. Tuxedo Delicious 11. Lyrical Courage 12. Just Between Us Website: http://specyaltproductions.com/st/

For more information on Specyal T, visit:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iamspecyal

Twitter: https://twitter.com/specyalt

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/specyaltvevo - Urban Dubz Music PR

"Hip-Hop and R&B Vocalist Specyal T's "Almost Lover" Heading Straight to the Top"

Canadian hip hop and R&B artist Specyal T takes her award-winning vocals to new heights with her single, “Almost Lover,” off her upcoming LP, Dose of Distinction 2. The track will be featured on an upcoming indie artists compilation entitled Indie Anthems Vol. 4 presented by WiFi PR Group.

Specyal T is the stage name for Toronto-based solo artist Trish Hylton. Hylton is both a vocalist (singing and rapping) and a multi-instrumentalist with piano and trombone as her main instruments. She’s played the piano since the age of 2, and from ages 6 to 19, she developed her musical training at the Royal Conservatory of Music, as encouraged by her adoptive parents. Hylton has performed in 250+ shows as a solo instrumentalist, accompanist, ensemblist and vocalist throughout her musical career. Music is not only her livelihood—it is part of her DNA, solidifying the sentiments of her birth mother, who insisted Hylton has had music in her blood since the womb.

Later in her music career, Hylton became more taken with singing and hip hop vocals, and so came her vocal personality Specyal T. Her voice is distinctly smooth and breathy, and she’s often compared to two of her biggest musical influences, Missy Elliott and Lauryn Hill. She lists her other musical influences as TLC, Salt N Peppa, Boyz II Men, Timbaland, Musiq and Neptunes.

Her latest single, “Almost Lover,” depicts her high school experiences, which includes tackling matters of the heart on top of typical trials and tribulations, and uses true stories from her past as her muse. It is the first single off of her upcoming album, Dose of Distinction 2, and it will also be featured on WiFi PR’s Indie Anthems Vol. 4, to be released in March at SXSW 2014.

Dose of Distinction 2, set to release in early 2014, will be Specyal T’s crowning achievement in her long, illustrious music career. In this album, she pours out her heart and soul, dealing with subject matters from growing up Black in a predominantly Caucasian community to her journey to become a mother.

This album follows up her debut digital release as a vocalist, Dose of Distinction (2010), which did more than just make a name for Specyal T in Toronto’s hip hop scene. The first Dose of Distinction also garnered her international fame when the album reached No. 11 on the UK Hip-Hop/R&B charts just two days after its initial release—without any marketing or promotion. The music carried her to her early successes and continues to propel her forward with her latest efforts.

Specyal T’s time and talents have brought her special opportunities, such as a nomination by BlackCanadians.com as a role model and ambassador plus an exclusive interview with them. In the interview, she talked about her background and career while also supporting the Black community in Toronto and encouraging growth, particularly in the music industry. She was also recently nominated by BlackCanadians..com as a top nominee for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist.

Specyal T has released videos for four of her singles, including “Ice Cream Cone,” “Paralyzed,” “Get Me Thru” and “Airtight,” all of which first appeared on her debut album, Dose of Distinction. Each video adds color to the song and brings her lyrics to life with smart casting and memorable storylines. You can expect more videos to come along with singles from Dose of Distinction 2.

In addition to her own musical endeavors, Specyal T runs her own business and indie label, SPECYAL T PRODUCTIONS, which currently represents herself and up-and-coming pop singer Catherine Marie.

You can purchase Specyal T’s music on iTunes, HMV, Amazon, eMusic and CD Universe. Dose of Distinction 2 will be available for sale in early 2014.

About Specyal T Music

“Ice Cream Cone” (2009)
“Sweat It Up” (2009)
Sweat It Up! EP (2009)
Dose of Distinction (2010)
“Almost Lover” (2013)
Dose of Distinction 2 (2014)

Website: http://specyaltproductions.com/st/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iamspecyal
Twitter: https://twitter.com/specyalt
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/specyaltvevo

Media Contact:
Alisa St. Rock
WiFi PR Group
800.614.6473 Ext.1
www.wifiprgroup.com - Wifi PR Group

"Specyal T Performing At MSS Where She Used To Go To School"

MSS Students will be treated to a unique Christmas assembly on Friday when a former student returns to showcase her skills.

Since she graduated from MSS in 2002, Trish Hylton has steadily climbed the music industry ladder, expanding her brand in all aspects of the industry. This week, she'll be returning to Midland to perform for the first time since she graduated high school and went to York University to study music composition. She'll be performing with Catherine Marie, the first musician Hylton has signed for her production company.

"It'll be high energy," she said of the upcoming performance. "They'll get our vibe, who we are."

Hylton, who goes by Specyal T, has found success in the years since leaving Midland. She's signed with Universal Music, released her debut studio album, and started her own production company, Specyal T Productions.

"Having a major distributor is what everyone wants," she said. She released Dose of Distinction in October through Universal, which had long been a goal for Hylton.

Born in Toronto, she was adopted and moved to Midland when she was three. At six her dad put her in piano lessons, where her love of music flourished. There was never a question growing up that she would end up in the music industry, but until her later years in high school she always assumed she would work as a pianist. In Grade 11 at MSS she took her first composition class, which expanded her passion beyond the piano.

As a pianist, Hylton fell in love with the classical music of Beethoven and Bach, among others. But she also always had a love for urban music, R & B and jazz. She remembers listening to Tag Team, TLC and Boyz II Men in the early-90s.

Creating her own music, Hylton uses everything she's listened to and learned in order to create her own sound. Her talents have been turning heads for over five years. One of her biggest highlights of her young career occurred in 2005 when she was asked to work with the Samba Squad, a Toronto-based group that combines a number of music styles.

The group, with Hylton in tow, opened for Sarah McLachlan at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. The chance to open for McLachlan at the ACC was big enough for Hylton, who had originally been placed toward the back of the squad. Right before they went on, though, she was moved to the front of the group, and went out to face the biggest crowd she's ever performed in front of, front and centre. As she prepared to go out on stage the butterflies quickly appeared in her stomach, but disappeared just as quickly when she started performing.

Hylton said that her family was always very supportive of her desires, although after spending so many years on the piano her parents are still "trying to wrap their heads around the vocal aspect."

Her dad tells friends that she plays the piano, forgetting that her musical talents extend beyond the ivory keys. But now that she's found success with her vocals, and is currently working on her second album, Dose of Distinction 2, she expects him to embrace her singing. - Midland Free Press


Foresight LP (2023)

Double Take Single (2022)

Lowkey Single (2022)

Slight Detour EP (2021)

Midnight Shade Single (2021)

A Specyal Remedy LP (2020)

Box Food Single (2020)

Bedroom Bully Single (2019)

Girl Friday EP (2019)

Sunday Siesta Single (2019)

Lady Shame Single (2018)

Tionne EP (2017)

Side Effects Single (2017)

C.A.K.E. EP (2015)

Just A Thot Single (2015)

Dose Of Distinction 2 LP - Blackstream Records (2014)

Almost Lover Single - Blackstream Records (2014)

Dose Of Distinction LP [Digital Release] - Interscope Digital (2012)

Airtight (Remix) Single - Interscope Digital (2012)

She Said! Mixtape EP (2011)

Dose Of Distinction LP - Universal (2010)

Sweat It Up! EP - Universal (2009)

Sweat It Up! Single - Universal (2009)

Ice Cream Cone Single - Universal (2009)

Ontario In Your Stereo Mixtape EP (2008)



Specyal T is a Caribbean-Canadian Pro Musician, Singer-Songwriter, Composer, Actor and Exec. Producer from Toronto. Her award-winning music has been featured on popular TV channels, and has steadily rotated / charted on commercial, college and internet radio across North America and Europe.

 “A versatile artist who always finds ways to step outside of her comfort zone and provide her fans with a fresh vibe or perspective to take in. It’s her mystique and songwriting that have ultimately allowed her to garner such mass attention early on.” 

Her latest two singles (released 2022) 'Lowkey' & 'Double Take' off her upcoming 4th studio album, have been rotating on CBC Radio 1 and featured on 'The Eh List.' 'Double Take' is also featured in the new movie 'Alarmed' (2023) on Tubi TV (Fox). 

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