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".....Instrumental music, whether it be prog, metal, jazz, or fusion...working as a unit (the bands), need to replace missing vocals with something that will bring the listener back time and time again. There have been many bands who successfully made this happen over the years- Return to Forever, Weather Report, Brand X, The Mahavishnu Orchestra, The Dixie Dregs, Planet X, just to name a few, have made their mark by creating memorable music that combined melody as well as chops. Now we can add Speechless to that list of names.

While these guys obviously have the chops, and do drop in some inspiring solo moments, it's all about ensemble playing and creating moods and textures that stay in your brain for hours. Each (piece on the debut cd) features plenty of complex time signatures, ripping guitar and keyboard work, yet also moments of tender restraint amidst the bombast." - Pete Pardo

"Speechless plays hard-edged progressive music with a bit of fusion influence, a bit of symphonic rock, a bit of Yes, a bit of Kansas, a bit of Dixie Dregs, a bit of Return to Forever ... and a lot of heart, and no vocals. The thing that stands out most about Speechless is that no single instrument stands out any more than the others. They share the limelight in equal measure in the compositions, in the mix, and in the band members' contribution to the songwriting.

This record will catch you by the throat and for 50 minutes it won't let go until the somewhat abrupt ending of the 9-minute mini-epic "Vader's Boogie" drops you like a stone and leaves you panting for more. This music is alive and energetic. It is impressive yet unpretentious, melodic yet complex..." - Duncan Glenday

"Speechless are a Georgia-based instrumental quartet who are releasing a debut album that really doesn’t sound all that much like a debut given the pedigree of the musicianship here, which is pretty top notch for a new group. This is a very assured debut" - Mike McLatchey

"Time Out Of Mind consists of 9 mid-length track ranging from just over 4 minutes to one that is almost 9 minutes long. The music takes a modern progressive approach that reminds me at times of the Canadian band Spaced Out, especially when the funky bass lines kick in.

There are also a few moments that bring to mind the more melodic elements of California band Djam Karet. Of course there are some spots where the old 70s prog influence comes shining through from groups like Rush, Yes and Kansas but they’re not going for any direct imitations of these.

Time Out Of Mind is excellently constructed and for an instrumental outing they continuously keep the flow interesting. (If you have) been following the hype that Sean and some others have been generating about this release, I can assure you that it’s not just a bunch of talk. This is a genuinely outstanding CD and I feel honored to be one of the first to hear it. Oh yea, I can’t forget the brilliant artwork of Will Renfro (Inkenstein) that graces the cover of this CD. Fantastic job!" - Floyd Bledsoe

".....the all-important Big Riff that Speechless have harnessed. They occur on all but one cut, taking forms from straight up to jagged. They even indulge in some jazzy hip-hop on the minor-keyed “Something Green”.

As far as their stylized brand of composition is concerned, Speechless play it pretty close to the vest, with classy, stock in trade mainstream rock posturing accreted into sonata-like extensions of that form by way of the above-mentioned heavy riffs.

Time out of Mind is a superb primer, an inoffensive means to allow the nascent progger to toe-test progdom’s heavier shoals, as well as offer the weekend warrior prog fan his escape into art rock sensibilities." - Ed Shadow

"Wow. I can’t recall a disc by any rock orchestra that stands on it's own musical merits without the utterance of a single syllable. Most incredible. The majority of strictly instrumental albums (sorry, I will forever refer to any collection of music presented as a "package" or "group" of tunes an album). These gentlemen are quite versed in their musical prowess; riffs on all fronts being accomplished with expert ability. The majority of instrumental ventures by other ensembles have no cohesive flow to them. They are simply a bunch of tunes thrown together with no relation to one another. "Time out of mind" however flows together seamlessly almost as if the individual compositions were simply part and parcel of a bigger picture. A beautiful, engaging, cohesive piece of a single musical composition. Very impressive indeed. Buy the disk. Pop it in your player (car is best, great driving music; I haven’t taken mine out since I received it). Listen and groove." - Bruce Hansen

You fellas are doing really good tracks. I like the music. If this were 30 years ago you could get an ELP type deal in a week or two. However, these are not them days....

There are (as I assume you know) many outlets for linking your music up with various 'music-needed' sources i.e. pumpaudio.com (not an endorsement).

Your music is, as you've said: 'the music minus the movie' - can you find an agent who deals with Hollywood music supervisors?

But in conclusion - the music you make is excellent! I've enjoyed listening to it a whole lot. Now get somebody to sell it for you! - Direct Email...

I like the diversity of sound they provide - they’re not always painting from the same sound palette. I guess I most often heard some weird marriage of Steely Dan and Rush! They really have a unique sound all their own.

http://www.progarchives.com/Review.asp?id=119792 - Squire Jaco

"Time Out Of Mind" is a melodic, through-and-through American symphonic prog, yet in the sound of the new millenium. Certainly the 70s are not denied as a distant source for ideas, in that some of it is reminiscent of the golden age of prog, but without sounding like a copy. Apart from the more progressive songs of Kansas I also feel - now and again - reminded of Happy The Man, Rush and Yes while listening to "Time Out Of Mind".

A decent splash of jazz is also in this music, not that I would call the result jazz rock. Yet there is still a modern version of Return To Forever to be spotted. Thus Speechless is forming an orginal, new sound world, yet without making a secret of its roots.

This music is very balanced, no instrument is foregrounded. All four instruments form rather a very dense, particularely varied, complex, at times right edgy and hard rocking, at times rather jazzy and relaxed sound structure, which emerges very powerfully from the speakers. That there are no vocals has no disturbing effect. The music is exciting enough on its own.

"Time Out Of Mind" is a strong debute which I actually can recommend to everyone who's interested in modern "classic" prog. Nowhere are there particularly untuneful or heavy sounds, though now and then the music comes with vehemence. Extemes are mostly avoided, everything remains within a decent melodic framework, is accessible without becoming shallow, cheesy or infatuated with the tune. To cut a long story short: All that is a lot of fun, is not getting boring and holds out against repeated listening very well. I hope we get to hear a lot more from this band! - Achim Breiling (of Germany)


Time Out of Mind



SPEECHLESS -- Formed and based in Atlanta, GA Speechless first came together in November of 2004 with the rather casual goal of creating their own blend of melodic groove oriented instrumental rock. Not that they had a plan at first. The sound just sort of presented itself to them when they played together. It was quickly clear this was the band each member had been working towards their whole careers. The music is a blend of many elements- rock, jazz, classical, world, funk, metal.... Pretty much a bit of everything the band members loved, all tossed in a blender and shaken well. In the nearly four years since their inception they have garnered a lot of attention online and off as one of the new instrumental rock acts to keep an eye/ear on.

Upon meeting the members (Derik Rinehart- Drums, Robbie Hamil- Keys, Paul Rusek- Bass) immediately set about writing/recording their debut CD "Time Out Of Mind". It was met with high expectations from the online progressive music community upon its release in Feburary of 2007. The CD was reviewed online and in print media. The band were compared with all manner of instrumental/fusion groups (and some vocal) in said reviews and "Time Out Of Mind" fared quite well for an indie debut. The group started crafting their live shows in 2006 and continued through 2007, playing close to 30 dates in support of "Time Out Of Mind".

The CD was ranked #46 in the Gagliarchive's Global Progressive Top 100 Poll of 2007- a purely listener driven poll sponsored by the net's longest running progressive rock radio show. In 2008 the group was awarded Best Progressive Rock Instrumental Indie Performance for their piece "Stella" by the Progressive Rock Hall Of Fame. Rob LaDuca, co-founder of NEARfest, says "I am glad that Speechless is making their first foray into the international progressive festival scene. It certainly won't be the last for one of the best up-and-coming instrumental bands in the US".

At press time the group is halfway through writing and arranging their yet untitled sophomore CD, slated for a 2009 release.