Speechless is an interactive comedy show where stand up comedians and start up employees battle to see who can give the best PowerPoint presentation with absolutely no preparation. Three expert judges score the presenters on the F.U.T.I.L.E. system to decide who, in fact, left them Speechless.


Speechless was created by San Francisco based comedian, Sammy Wegent, and produced by the brains behind Mortified: SF (Scott Lifton) and The Freeze and Freestyle Love Supreme (Anthony Veneziale). Speechless shows off Silicon Valley's silly side by letting presenters live out their worst nightmare: giving a presentation with absolutely no preparation.

Speechless puts entertainers, entrepreneurs, and audience members on the spot with nothing more than a stage, a microphone and a PowerPoint deck full of images that they've never seen.

A spinning wheel determines at random what kind of talk they have to give — a TED Talk, an app launch, a quarterly report, even a wedding toast — and then our presenters do their best try get through their presentation while attempting to leave the
audience Speechless.

After selling out every show since launching in March of 2013, Speechless is ready to connect with audiences outside of Silicon Valley and bring its brand of tech-centric comedy to SXSW.