Speed Control

Speed Control


Outstanding musicianship + Intense Song Writing ability = Best New Up and Coming Rock Band on the West Coast.

Already a part of the West Coast Music Awards, Speed Control is heading out East, ready to conquer. The live show is no less than extraordinary. Speed Control is not to be missed.


In the heady atmosphere of the University of Toronto’s Jazz Performance Program, Graeme Peters joined forces with Spencer Cole combining their love of rhythm and energy to create the fundamental chemistry that is Speed Control. With the added solid power of Jody Peters on bass, the group uses their knowledge of music, stemming from their childhood to the present, to rock so hard with such determination that their songs will inevitably make you jump up and dance.


Speed Control- The A.D.D. Sides 2010
Speed Control- F.A.B 2012

Set List

Set of originals for head lining, double billing and opening.
3-45min sets with a mix of covers and original tunes suitable for almost anywhere.
School of Rawk-a rock school for kids ages 8-80. A week long of rocking with the boys.