Passion-driven...high energy...anthemic metal with an attention for detail brain...positive self-motivating lyrics...powerful...captivating live show...Speedfinger is about a movement, not just music...believing in yourself, standing strong...spreading the word, one fan at a time.


Speedfinger is an Illinois based band that takes its unique high energy sound from a wide range of
heavy metal, hard-core, funk, hip hop, and classical influences.
Speedfinger was founded in 2001 with the intention of forming a band that allowed each member to
add his own personal style to the music and have successfully done so creating what they call the
Four Corners. Four individuals working as one. With the energy of Rage Against The Machine, the
emotion of Suicidal Tendencies, and the sincerity of Fugazi, Speedfinger has an unmatched sound that
leaves its audiences inspired.
Traveling every corner of the Midwest, Speedfinger has shared the stage with such bands as Powerman
5000, the Esoteric, Jungle Rot, Allele, Rikets, Left 4 Dead, Straight Line Stitch, Know Lyfe, and
Shattermask. Speedfinger was featured in the Don Vito College Tour, and ventured deep into the final
rounds of the nationwide Bodog Battle of The Bands contest.
Passionate self promotion and a growing fan base have become the keys for Speedfinger and they
continue to drive forward. In 2004, Speedfinger released their first E.P. and have been in rotation on
local rock stations such as 97Rock in the Quad Cities and 105.7X Rocks in Peoria.
2007 promises to be a busy year for Speedfinger as they release their first full length album
“Original Fire”. March kicks off the Original Fire Tour with stops in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri and
Tennessee. Ask and you shall receive as Speedfinger’s "put up or shut up" attitude lays the foundation
for a bright future in the music industry.


Original Fire-March 2007 Full Length Release
Underdog E.P.

Set List

Typical set lists range from 30 minutes to 1 hour. 100% original...

Speedfinger Repertoire-
Blurred By The Wave
Changed My Life
My Foundation
Be Song
Drop The Anchor
One Breath
Original Fire
Passed Upon
Pain of Forgiving