Speed Limit

Speed Limit


Speed Limit is an adrenaline rush injected straight into the heart. Our music correlates strong guitar rifts, a thumping bass, deadly drum rhythms, & melodic vocals. We play wherever there's a stage, & even where there's not. Music is our passion; our fans have been feeling it for 6 years.


Speed Limit is a three-piece band based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. For 6 years they have arduously worked together to achieve self-sufficiency, providing for their own full-length studio album time, promotion, performance, and merchandising. They utilize a unique blend of alternative, punk, metal, rock and indy. Speed Limit is a band that has taken great strides, a band ready to make the leap into the mainstream. Major influences of the band include: Pennywise, Rush, She Wants Revenge, Refused, Bad Religion, Metallica, The Dillinger Escape Plan, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin


Don't Fall

Written By: Tim Schultz

Verse 1:
Darkness covers their eyes,
all they ever want is more,
they want it all,
they want your heart,
they want your soul.
Intoxify your every thought
with their worthless minds,
filled with nothingness.
You stole my life,
you wrecked a dream,
is what they think; they'll never know.

Don't fall with them
'cause what they say is wrong.
Bleed long bleed cold.
Show me the way that I am.
Show me my everything.

Verse 2:
Break the casing 'cause I know,
that they won't let us be what we wanted.
Take it only from our dead hands.
Can we be? Will we fall?
I lay my head and I stare, into darkness.
There's a hole in my head,
a piece that's gone,
a glass that's smashed,
crush my bones.


The Ides of March LP
Hide The Faces EP
Radio airplay: Down on My Luck, One Look
Streaming Audio: Down on My Luck, Break From Desolation, Don't Fall

Set List

Our sets range from 30-60 minutes. We play many of our own songs, but can play covers.

Our songs include:
My Hand is Shaking
Right Now
Break from Desolation
1000 Memories
Don't Fall
When You're Gone
A Bittersweet Goodbye
Down on my Luck

As of now, covers we like to play include:
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap-AC/DC
Back in Black-AC/DC
Hash Pipe-Weezer