Marvin (aka: SpeedLimit) Gershowitz
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Marvin (aka: SpeedLimit) Gershowitz

Band Blues Acoustic


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The best kept secret in music


""Funny speed folk / rock.""

Ed Crowell… "Funny speed folk / rock." - Austin American Statesman

""The Clear Winner!""

John Conquest…

"The Clear Winner!" - 3rd Coast Music: San Antonio, Texas

""Imaginative, powerful songwriting..."

Jim Serpiello…

"Imaginative, powerful songwriting with more hooks than a tackle box. SpeedLimit is a High-octane joyride!"
- Austin Arena Mag.

"veteran songwriter…"

Aaron Linn…

"…Genuinely nice veteran songwriter… plays forlorn Texas laments" - Rosedrop Media Circus – Portland, Or.


18 Out of Print Albums and Singles.


Feeling a bit camera shy


MY BIO... Easy to READ Version
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Rocky Erickson 13th Floor Elevator … "Wow Marvin, are you still playing that weird music?"

It was 1962 and Marvin Forrest Gershowitz, not yet 10 years old, was being compared to another native to Brownsville in deep South Texas, Kris Kristofferson. Mrs. 'C', the owner of the only music store in Brownsville, said to Marvin one day while picking through her 45 rpm records, "There's only one kid I know who is as weird as you Marvin, his name is Kris Kristofferson." Though not understanding at the time, years later the comparison would become a good thing in Marvin's mind.

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The first music legend Marvin met was the Blues guitarist/songwriter Lightin' Hopkins from Houston, Texas. At 16 Marvin hitch hiked 300 miles from deep South Texas to Austin, Texas. While there he talked his way into a dark blues club on 15th Street and Lavaca. Lucky enough to be in the right spot at the right time, Lightin' Hopkins gave some advice directly to him… "I don't know why all them white boys want to be like me… why don't they be themselves." Of all the advice Marvin has received through the years Lightin' Hopkins' wisdom has shaped his musical career. Taking it to heart Marvin has only wanted to be himself.

Lyric LaCeile … "one HELLUVA songwriter, arranger, player, why its as if

UNSIGNED MAGAZINE R.L. Burnside mixed some genes with Eric Clapton and
(U.K.) Otis Redding, who then mixed more genes with Patti Smith

and Tamra Spivey and you were born! My oh my…

Self taught, Marvin has sought to find something difference to add to the music and poetry of this world. To pay the cost of self-examination, Marvin pays respect to all the artist who have contributed in the arts. Marvin's first musical roots may have sprouted from the 1960's and 1970's, but his limbs reach for the sky.

Marvin's taste in music is as diverse as a copy of 'Billboard Magazine's' list of genres. In conversation Marvin has often said, "that just because I don't understand a kind of music… only means I don't understand. I believe there is a musician doing something great in every musical genre even if I haven't yet figured it out."

Townes Van Zant… "I like them Texas Jewboys."

EmmaJoes 1982
Austin, Texas

Marvin wants to achieve sounding like an orchestra with his guitar 'The Widowmaker' and his vocals… hoping to draw on the inspiration of the creative listeners mind. On Marvin's guitar you might spot small dried droplets of blood, which testify to the unusual way his guitar technique have developed over the years. His vocals or anit-vocals have found warmth out of chaos and remind those listening every possible vocal genre and some not classifiable.

Life without subjectivity is boring and Marvin (aka: SpeedLimit) Gershowitz challenges you to make your own mind up… each and every individual, one at a time!

***20-year veteran of the Austin, Texas Music scene. SpeedLimit (aka: Marvin Gershowitz) has played virtually all of the major venues in Austin, Texas between 1980 - 2003. Marvin (aka: SpeedLimit) has spent 2004 through 2006 in the Northwest Untied States becoming a well known musician from Texas

Ed Crowell… "Funny speed folk / rock."

Austin American Statesman

John Conquest… "The Clear Winner!"

3rd Coast Music

San Antonio, Texas

Jim Serpiello… "Imaginative, powerful songwriting with more hooks than a

Austin Arena Mag. tackle box. SpeedLimit is a High-octane joyride!"

Aaron Linn… "…Genuinely nice veteran songwriter… plays forlorn Texas

Rosedrop Media Circus laments"

Podcast – Portland, Or.

Texas Arista Records… "Too old, too fat, too ugly, and too hard to market, but one

Austin Songwriters of the best songwriter performers I've seen in years!!"

After Hours Play and Pitch

Session 1995

Amy Corbin… "The most persistent musician I have ever known."

Stubbs BBQ

Austin, Texas

Rusty Weir… "was that a hit on the radio.. or did you write that song?"

Veteran Texas