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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Embracing the NEW Rock!"

I once read that the future of Canadian Rock music was in jeopardy due to over saturation. Like Hip-Hop music in the States, music labels have flooded the market with reproductions of what was popular last month in order to turn a quick profit, instead of taking chances on new sounds. We search the charts for a breath of fresh air and choke on the exhaust fumes from the over inflated, self important rockers who revel in their originality by playing on stage in their underwear (which the Chilli Peppers were doing like 10 years ago) to a stadium of 14 year olds. This Rock smog has led many to believe that Rock music is dead, but we should know better than that.

While the music in the U.S. may be floundering in repetition, Canada’s Rock scene is reaching a new renaissance with bands that don’t fear breaking the mould. To prove my point, I checked out the Paragon Effigy contest at the Reverb. The contest, that places unsigned Canadian artist in front of a panel of judges, showcased the good and the bad of rock music. While bands such as Vital Rain came off more like corrosive acid, others such as Tranquil and Speed Of Service eased the pain left behind by a couple of the other performers. What made them stand out so much was the fact that they actually stood out. They didn’t allow their music to succumb to the many gimmicks and twice regurgitated sounds that can be found by many artists today.

Are these bands an anomaly? I think not. I think it’s becoming more common that bands are flipping the script of what mainstream dictates they should sound like and are adding their own special brand to it. Take Hunter Valentine, who I reviewed during the north by north east festival. Their sound, easily compared to The Ramones, has been taken to the next level by adding their own Rocker-girl sound.

So the question remains, is Rock in Canada dead? No, Rock music retired, moved to the suburbs and had 2.5 kids so that the next generation can figure it out for themselves, and they’re coming along quite nicely. - Uncharted Sounds


In FALL 2009 ‘ECHO’ SPEEDofSERVICE first promo EP will hit the air waves.


-Let it out
-Shadows in my eyes

Produced by Nick Blagona
Engineered and Mixed by Nick Blagona
Pro-tools Engineer Kevin Dietz
Recorded at Metalworks Recording Studios and Psychotropic Studios
Mixed at Psychtropic Studios
Masterd by Nick Blagona

The first full length SPEEDofSERVICE album will contain 10 tracks.

- Single Admission
- In my Dreams
- I Will Be ok
- Industry Standard
- Sharp Tongue
-Get Down
-Shadow In My Eyes
-Let it Out

As of now, SPEEDofSERVICE's personal studio is on its final stage of completion in Grand River, Prince Edward Island. The studio is to be named Eutuxos (fortunate) studios and will be run by Paul Gallant.



In an industry full of standards the band SPEEDofSERVICE dares to be different.

Even before a note is struck diversity runs deep within them! The different nationalities in the group spread vast across the world.

The diversity of this group comes through in there intensifying fusion of sound, a sound with endless amounts of originality. If compared one might suggest bands such as Life, Three Doors Down, and the Foo Fighters.

The guys have been working toward the release of their first full length album, a sneak peak EP will break out in early FALL 2009.

Along side of SPEEDofSERVICE is NICK BLAGONA the Producer/Engineer. Some of his credits include The Police, Deep Purple, The Tea Party, Foo Fighters Alexis on Fire and many others.

Future plans are endless for SPEEDofSERVICE they will find themselves wherever their new music takes them. So remember to keep your ear to the ground, because with SPEEDofSERVICE there is always something around the corner.