Speed Orange

Speed Orange


Probably Australia's best kept secret.
A band who have been quietly releasing quality albums and kicking out memorable live shows.


The ‘Speed Orange’ story began amidst the heady rush of mid-nineties swinging London. In those days ‘Speed Orange’ was the collective name for a ragged bunch of filmmakers, guerilla musicians and artists tearing up the English capital like they owned the place.

At the turn of the century, the now lead singer Tony Jackson made a bold move, he put aside his well worn film camera and picked up a guitar, kick-starting a journey that would see him jettison the UK and head south for the rock ‘n’ roll capital of Australia... Melbourne.

Touching down in OZ, the dust didn't have time to settle before Jackson was face to face with the three Swash-buckling troubadours that would ultimately become...

The infamous ‘Speed Orange’

Aaron D’Arcy - Keys, Guitar and Vox.

Ben Roberts - Drums and Vox.

Ian Sheward - Bass.

It had all come down to this… a sun burnt country, four men, all outlaws if you will, together on a single mission.

With whiskey bottles, broken hearts and blood on their hands they recorded the debut longplayer “The Virgin of Guadalupe”

(Named after the patron Saint of México City “The Virgin of Guadalupe” is thought to come to the aid of souls in deep trouble. Legend has it that 'Speed Orange' were visited by the Virgin after a disastrous soundcheck for a gig in México City, Nov 2004... The gig itself went really well.)

Beneath the albums deceivingly upbeat melodies the torture of lost love whistles away like a tormented temptress. Introspective, personal, yet at times downright flirty, the stories told in these twelve songs take you on a journey from despair to hope and back again.

Fast-forward to 2010 and Speed Orange drop the not so difficult second album “We All Get Exactly What We’re Asking For” 12 tunes that draw from the ink coloured corners of the mind.

From the opening chords of “I am the Devil they call Love” Speed Orange signal an intent that doesn't let up till the reverb dies on very the last song

Amphetamine country licks, blistering Hammond and trance piano add the backbone to a lyrical landscape that takes on everything from medieval witch-hunts to the black comedy of war.

But where it all makes sense, where it all comes together, is the live arena. Its here that 'Speed Orange' have earned their reputation as wanted men.

With spit and fire they play even the most gentle song like it’s a life or death situation, and that’s because for them... It is.


1st album "The Virgin of Guadalupe"
2nd Album "We All Get Exactly What We're Asking For"