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Oshawa, Ontario, Canada | INDIE

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Jan. 2012 “WHERE’S THE TUXEDOS?!""

January 19/12: “WHERE’S THE TUXEDOS?!” an adoring fan yells as Speedo Tuxedo finished its first song of the night at the Bittmore Pub in Courtice, ON. Front man - Koh Shigeo - and guitarist – Troy Williams – battle in an epic guitar solo trading back and forth playing to the crowd. Front lady and bassist – Jen Wolski – took charge on the second tune making it known to all that she’s the one driving this eccentric boat. Jen’s aura and personality are intrinsic to fellow females in the audience driving them to sing along and “bust-a-move” as she commands her bass and the voices in the audience.
The only thing Speedo Tuxedo is missing is a giant, purple bow to wrap them in because this band is truly a gift to today’s music industry. With more energy than a rainbow on cocaine, Speedo Tuxedo is a drastic change in the winds of rock ‘n roll – a change dutifully needed. Speedo Tuxedo is booked straight through until September this year, and has only been on the map since the beginning of this month. Buzz? I think so. Playing a wide variety of music, the Ontario-based band mixes rock ‘n roll, ska, hard rock, and bluesy songwriting with layers of tasteful delay; and blankets of reverb thanks to newest addition, Troy Williams. However, Speedo Tuxedo is less like The Johnstones and more like Big Sugar meets Dave Matthews - fitting as Koh’s Gibson is carved into with Gordie Johnson’s signature. Literally. Carved.
Speedo Tuxedo is creatively brilliant and leaves no room for bland, “run-of-the-mill” performances. Oozing with character and personality Speedo Tuxedo is hitting the scene hard and fast. If these guys are in your city, you’re in for a treat – Don’t miss out. Speedo Tuxedo for the world!
- Braeden Mitchell - Durham College Chronicle

"Feb. 2012 "A Blurb on Speedo Tuxedo""

In the 10 years I've been in radio, I've come across a lot of acts that seem to be doing very similar stuff.The live music scene seems to be lacking originality, and it's always refreshing to see and hear a band trying to step outside the box. This is certainly the case with Speedo Tuxedo. Not only do they provide a fantastic live experience complete with high energy and a large array of original material, but this is a band that doesn't really have just one front man. In fact, the vocal duties are split between all 4 members, including their terrific drummer Bernie, his wife Jennifer who is one of the tastiest bass players I've come across in a long time, and some amazing guitar work by both Kori, and Troy. This is a band who has perfected their craft and will have you humming their songs days after the gig. They're having a blast on stage and want you to join the party time and time again. Do yourself a favor and catch Speedo Tuxedo as soon as possible.

- Matt Diamond - 94.9FM - The Rock's Matt Diamond


July 2009 - Brandon Sun - Community News - Frank McGwire
Jennifer Swistun & Bernhard Wolski (NEONBLUNT)

Talent, dedication, determination and strength, those are the characteristics that must be at the core of any band hoping to do well in the music business. Those traits are the essential ingredients that will serve as your fuel to help you endure the long road to success. In that sense, for Neon Blunt’s Jennifer Swistun, the tank is full and she’s ready to blaze a trail! It may be safe to say she had an edge before
deciding to jump on the road to find success with her craft. All of those aforementioned characteristics are in her lineage. Granddaughter of Micheal Swistun, “The Strongest Man in the World” of the Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey Circus, Jen Swistun possesses the same charismatic attraction, but instead of using magic and illusion, she uses music. Those who have heard any of their songs are familiar with Jennifer’s unique vocals. Her voice, passion and bass chops make her so loved. Jennifer released an independent solo album titled, “The Road,” in 2004. Her drive and determination is shared with two other solid players that complete this superbly talented trio. Seasoned drummer Bernie Wolski, a multi-talented musician, helps give Neon Blunt their impressive sound.
- July 2009 - Brandon Sun - Community News - Frank McGwire

"Local Maniotba Girl On The Go"

July 2005 - Shoal Lake Star – Greg Nesbitt

Talents within the Swistun family from the small prairie settlement run deep - as far back as Mike Swistun. While he was billed as the strongest man in the world, Mike, who passed away in 1980, possessed more talents then simply bending steel bars, as he was a musician of note. Those traits have been passed down to his son Bill, and granddaughter, Jennifer (Jen), who has put her painting and drawing talents on the back burner for the past few years, to peruse the family passion for music. Drawing on inspiration from her father, the 2001 graduate of Rossburn Collegiate Institute picked up a bass guitar at age 12, and since then has seen her musical dream come true, with the release of a CD, aptly entitled "The Road".
After graduating, Jen attended Confederation College in Thunder Bay, Ontario, taking a television and radio broadcasting program. Presently employed at the Shoal Lake Pharmacy, she has also been accepted into the dental hygiene program offered by the University if Manitoba. "Most of the songs written on "The Road" are based on my life and memories growing up in rural Manitoba" stated Jen. "The top three songs on the disc are Dad's Song, Mom's Epic and the Letter", which received an honorable mention in the Canadian Windrift Music Competition."
Described as having a voice that can be smoky,passionate, and voluble, the 22 year old singer/songwriter laid down the tracks of "the Road", at Canada Disc and Tape in Calgary, AB. in 2004. Retailing for $10.00, it is available at Olha General Store, Bigway foods in Shoal Lake, and as of January at CD Plus.com.
As 2006 rolls around, she will follow up her first offering with 2 albums from opposite spectrum's - acoustic "Jen Lee" and "Electric Jen Lee".
While one of her next two projects will be kept simple as a solo acoustic album, the other will feature guitar, lead, bass and drums, all of which she will play herself. According to her bio on the Manitoba Audio Recording Industry Association, (MARIA) website, she incorporates a strange brew of rock, blues, folk, and alternative genres into her music. It also stated that she writes catchy songs that have diverse sounds behind them. Every song is a story and if you listen closely to the lyrics, you will find them funny and inspiring.
MARIA promotes the work of Manitoba artists and provides professional development services to help music industry workers success as cultural entrepreneurs. Through its programs and services, MARIA helps people in the music industry find their community and build sustainable careers. As a member, Jen is getting to attend workshops in marketing, distributing, recording, producing and many other area's of the music business. To learn more of Jen, a girl from a small town with big dreams, or for booking information visit www. jenswistun.com, e-mail her at jenswistun@hotmail.com, or call her at 759-3385. A high point in her young career thus far was performing with Canada's number one party band and one of her personal favorites, Trooper in Thunder Bay. "In 2003, I was honored to have the chance to sing with Troopers front man, Ra Maguire at Warp 9,a bar in the Ontario City", Added Jen. " Memories last, and friendships have been made at every Trooper concert I attend, the boys are always willing to autograph another keep sake".
As a singer, she took to the stage in front of crowds as an 18 year old at the Confederation College Auditorium for a film/documentary festival. Since then, she has played many music and song writing contests including the Northern Ontario Talent search that garnered her 2nd prize. She is not only a solo artist, as she put together the Jen Swistun Band in April 2005, opening up for recording artists, The Corb Lund Band, a mere two months later.
Now that she has moved back home, the band has temporary disbanded, but her drive to succeed as a talented singer/songwriter calls. - Shoal Lake Star - Greg Nesbitt JULY 2005

"Speedo Tuxedo"

Speedo Tuxedo is a collaboration of lead front-men from four different bands. Bass player Jennifer Swistun-Wolski and drummer Bernie Wolski moved to Oshawa Ontario in December 2011 and recently have came together with Koh Shigeo and Troy Williams to create this band. They are quickly making a name for themselves.

Stay tuned because Braeden Mitchell, author of Durham College's The Chronicle will be submitting an add highlighting this band in February 2012. - Braden Mitchell


Bernhard C. Wolski
2008Take With Audio/Disc One: Faders Music Studio
2009 Kori Kameda/Indeed: Grassroots Studio
2010 Eric Bleich/Invisible Vehicles: Grassroots Studio
2011 Take With Audio/Twice Daily: Bedside Studios
2011 Neon Blunt/Bugsy: Garageland Studio
2011 Kori Kameda/Same Ol’ Song: Studio Phoenix
2011 Dustin Richtor/Open with Snow: Grassroots Studio

Koh Shigeo
2009 Kori Kameda/Indeed: Grassroots Studio
2011 Kori Kameda/Same Ol’ Song: Studio Phoenix

Jennifer Swistun-Wolski
2004 Jennifer Swistun/The Road: Canada Disc & Tape
2011 Neon Blunt/Bugsy: Grassroots Studios



Ears across the world! Meet this brand new 'Super' group that combines four lead front men from different bands, each with clear individual specific musical talents. Take with Audio, These Three Cities, Neon Blunt and Six Foot Stupid have created a love child of music that is known as SPEEDO TUXEDO.

As a Canadian rock band based out of the Durham region in Southern Ontario, this group is blazing a trail of new sound. Formed in 2011 in Oshawa Ontario, the band currently consists of front man Koh Shigeo (lead vocals, lead/rhythm guitar), front woman Jennifer Swistun-Wolski (lead vocals/bass guitar), Troy Williams (lead vocals, lead/rhythm guitar), and Bernie Wolski (drums, percussion/backing vocals).

The sound of Speedo Tuxedo is unmistakable: unique, loose-limbed, while simultaneously groovy and bold. Mixing aspects of an improvisational jam band with dizzying arrangements of funk, ska, rock, and jazz. Speedo Tuxedo is quickly earning a reputation as one of the most exciting and high energy music experiences to ever hit the stage. They are perhaps best known for their astounding harmonies and lyrics which feature vivid imagery and inventive wordplay. The philosophy behind the music of Speedo Tuxedo encourages good vibes and a feeling of joy. Stay tuned as these musicians will be surly making music for years to come!