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Think of Hip Hop pushing the boundaries. A kid who grew up listening to the likes of De La Soul and The Beatles and decided to experiment as they did, in his own unique way. Owing as much to the early rap uprising of the 90's as he does to 60's troubadours like Joni Mitchell and Simon and Garfunkel.


Literally schooled on hip hop, Spek started swapping rhymes at the impressionable age of 14 in his hometown of Montreal and never looked back. Tutored through his tenure with world-recognized boombasters the Dream Warriors, he continued his quest for knowledge in London, England. An incubator of sorts for his ideas, Spek found himself touring with multi-million selling British Jazz-Rap crew Us3 across Europe at the height of their popularity. Hooking up with musical partner Brian Rose (Robbie Williams), Spek has already made his mark across the pond having collaborated with members of Jamiroquoi and Mercury nominated Nitin Sawhney (whose album “Beyond Skin” featuring Spek was highly touted in the UK press by Sting and Madonna) . He’s already appeared on name drop worthy shows like BBC’s Later (with Jools Holland), and had his single “Smell The Coffee” used several times on the U.K’s favourite obsession, the BBC’s highly rated mainstay “Eastenders”.

Seemingly taking on a life of it’s own, Smell The Coffee has most recently been taken on by cell phone giant Nokia for use in their North American television ad campaign, premiered in Jan.2003 during the Nokia sponsored “SugarBowl” on ABC. Dreamworks films have recently also jumped on the Spek train, using Smell The Coffee in all worldwide trailers for their upcoming film “Envy” starring Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Christopher Walken (due for release in April 2004).

Using his own hybrid of acoustic guitars, folk and pop sensibilities supported by a hip hop backbone, Spek has spread his word while playing all over the U.K and Canada with the likes of Nelly Furtado, Alicia Keys, Remy Shand, and the Fun Lovin Criminals as well as snapping up a spot at Britain’s legendarily ultra cool Reading and Leeds Festivals. Garnering hard to come by kudos (voted number one on MTV UK’s “Daily Chart Live” for his Look Me Up video/ scoring a Top 30 smash with his single I’m A Hippie in his native Canada). Spek’s trippy Beatles holding court with De La Soul, Mazzy Star and Simon and Garfunkel style of music left quite an impression.


I'm A Hippie/Single (The Echo Label, 2001)
Look Me Up E.P (The Echo Label, 2001) UK Release Only
Don't Sweat The Small Stuff (The Echo Label/UK, Awesome DKD/EMI/ Canada, 2002)

Radio/Video Singles in Canada:
Smell The Coffee (Medium-Heavy Rotation: Muchmusic, Muchmore Music, MTV Canada)

I'm A Hippie (Medium Rotation: Muchmusic, Muchmore Music, MTV Canada, Top 30 CHR Canadian Radio single, Top 30 Hot AC Radio single)

Set List

Typical set: 45 minutes or more

Looking For An Answer
I'm A Hippie
Freaks Me Out
Look Me Up
Life On Mars (David Bowie Cover)
All Yours
Moving To NYC
Smell The Coffee
Don't Wanna Dance