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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Spektral Motion back in Peoria"

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Back home for the holidays Spektral Motion is in town with a new CD in hand and three area performances.

“We thought we could make it work (in the Peoria area), but there were just really limited outlets where we could play,” MéLisa, said in a phone interview from her home in Nashville. “We did everything to be able to play. We even played at libraries.”

Before moving to Nashville the band went to great measures to book gigs in central Illinois. Part of the problem then was that half the band was too young to play at bars.

“Ryun became a Jaycee just so we could rent out the Jaycee Hall to put on our own show,” MéLisa said. “We organized the first Battle of the Bands at ICC. We did everything we could possibly do, but it was just a constant struggle to find somewhere to play.

After moving to Nashville, the band changed its name to Spektral Motion, which means “spirit of motion,” and added a dance element.

"The whole theme of "Get Up and Go" is about embracing life and not waiting for it," MeLisa said. "Just really embracing what you feel you should do."

The band's web site describes their sound as a "caffeinated cousin to Pink, Garbage, or Boomkat" that "twists modern rock into a blend of driving dance beats, rock guitars and techno keys."

“It’s not like LA or New York here but there’s a smaller underground scene. Rock bands do get signed out of Nashville, “MéLisa said.” It’s a big recording town and a great place to tour from.”

Currently the band is working with publishers in Los Angeles to get their music in film and tv and will be shooting the music video for the album title track in January.

Spektral Motion’s CD, “Get up And Go, “ can be purchased online at www.cdbaby.com. Or at Borders in Peoria and Co-Op in Pekin, East Peoria, and Peoria. For more information about the band visit their web site at www.spektralmotion.com.
- Peoria Journal Star

"Album Review"

Spektral Motion • Get Up And Go • Vibo Records • While rockers at heart, the folks at Spektral Motion dabble in enough electronics to make you wonder. Some of the songs have a hard edge to them, while others are straight up dance tracks. All are fast, catchy and feature sexy female vocals. (AL) - IMPACT Press

"Album Review"

Get Up And Go
Combining 80’s electro and the darker side of 90’s pop, whilst merging the gap between techno and rock ‘n’ roll, Spektral Motion’s blend of dance beats, effects induced rock guitars and techno keyboards, produces an already refined sound, on what is just their debut album. Citing Led Zeppelin and Metallica as key influences, these bands are unable to be heard, but rather a top-40 commercial dance-pop sound that could quite easily see the band cross over into the mainstream. Front woman Melisa Lomelino’s strong and at times Madonna inspired voice, provides a focal point for the band in what overall is an impressive debut release.

- The Buzz Magazine (Australia)


Spektral Motion is the recepient of the 2004-2005 ASCAPLUS Award. This award is given to ASCAP members who excel in the integration of quality songwriting with modern recording techniques. - ASCAP


Get Up And Go


Feeling a bit camera shy


Arising from the aftermath of 80’s electro pop and the darker side of 90’s rock, Spektral Motion has twisted modern rock into a blend of driving dance beats, rock guitars, and techno keys. Labeled as “edgy pop rock” and “techno rock”, SpekMo is the caffeinated cousin to Pink, Garbage, or Boomkat.

“Spektral Motion” refers to a spirit of motion, which carries over from their sound to their live performance. Over the past 7 years the band has performed as a 3 piece with MéLisa Lomelino singing, Travis Krouse on guitar, and Ryun Hovind on bass guitar. Staying true to the dance genre, beats & keys are pumped out electronically and MéLisa uses onstage vocal effects. SpekMo’s aggressive performance is a double shot of espresso, with MéLisa revving up the crowd with dancing and the boys rocking hard with their guitars. A recent performance, reviewed by the Vidette said, “The band aligns catchy melodies with thick guitars and progressive keys.”

The band’s influences are drawn from Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Madonna, and Paul Oakenfold. MéLisa, performing since age 3 in full costumes to audiences, cites a dual identity to her passion for performing. One element is her love for dancing and singing, while the other is her addiction to fashion. Her influences showcase this fact, ranging from Lady Kier of Deee-Lite to Ann Wilson from Heart to Cyndi Lauper. “MéLisa is a dynamic force with attitude”, says T and T magazine.

Ryun formed Spektral Motion to bridge what he saw as a gap after playing for years to rock crowds. “There was all this tension/raw energy in our rock shows that made the audience excited, but didn’t give them a chance to channel that back to us…whereas now, our music is energy with an outlet.”

Travis, weaned on Metallica, Van Halen, and Black Sabbath, sought a more creative approach to rock music when he joined the band. Using a multitude of FX-induced guitars, Travis goes from producing dark Matrix-type landscapes to futuristic laser solos that one might expect to hear in a galaxy far, far away.

With venues having grown to include outdoor concerts and festival appearances, the band recently relocated to Nashville where it has been amassing a large and loyal following in a short amount of time using word of mouth, an interactive web site, and great performances. Spektral Motion is releasing their first CD entitled “Get Up and Go” in November 2003. A regional tour will follow throughout 2003 with plans for music video releases towards the end of the year.

MéLisa comments that despite her passion for dance music, “I’m a rocker at heart, and we think techno rock is just the next evolution for rock and roll.”