Spellbound Dazzle

Spellbound Dazzle

 Ponte nelle Alpi, Veneto, ITA

Modern grooving metal with danceable parts, a lot of tempo-changes and progressive elements combined with folk and polka rhythms. Influences I hear are Extreme, Kiss (The Foolin' of Each Other), Anthrax (So Close) and even tunes of Metallica's "Orion" (Rullo). Poppy groovy music with a metallic edge


Italy – known for its Mediterranean food, its beautiful landscape, tanned Italian men who yell “Ciao Bella!” after every woman (no mater what age), and of course the mafia. Music from Italy for most people has to do with the traditional Italian tear jerker, but there is another side of the Italian music scene that has developed from a fresh breeze into a huge storm coming to cause a buzz of excitement in the European Metal and Rock scene: SPELLBOUND DAZZLE. When in 1993 the Yugoslavian civil war raged the Croatian Stekovic brothers were forced to flee from their home. After a long search their family finally found a new home in the Italian Alps near the ski-region Cortina d’Ampezzo in a picturesque village named Quantin. In their new home the brothers enjoyed their lives for the first time and developed a dream. They wanted their own band to inspire the world with their magical sounds. Together with Stefano Artus and Dante Bridda they combined their creativity in 2003 and founded SPELLBOUND DAZZLE with the goal to enrich the Italian music scene. After having won countless band contests and numerous concerts in north Italy the band decided to record a demo in order to apply for a record deal. When the A&Rs of Limited Access Records listened to the songs they were so overwhelmed that they signed the band immediately. Limited Access Records were able to win legendary producer Siggi Bemm (Tiamat, Kreator, Lacuna Coil, …) who had already been a fan of the band’s demo songs and enthusiastically insisted on producing the new album. At their first concert in Hagen, Germany SPELLBOUND DAZZLE convinced their audience and experts. Nothing could stop them from playing in Hagen not even the long journey with an old Jeep which led them through dangerous Alpin passes. This is called commitment and motivation! In August 2009 the band spend the month at the Woodhouse Studios in Hagen to work on the production of a fantastic album. For Siggi Bemm “Unreal Fairy Tales” is simply “the best album of the past 10 years!”. The album does not fit into any scheme, SPELLBOUND DAZZLE combine modern Metal groove with classic Hard Rock, add progressive elements and garnish the result with Folk and Polka rhythms. The musical mixture promises a thrilling experience at first listening. Especially the outstanding songs “Ruska” (a potential alternative club hit in 2011!!), and the semi-ballad “In My Room” and also “The Foolin’ Of Each Other” with its thundering groove and complex structure represents the amazing result!! With “Unreal Fairytales” SPELLBOUND DAZZLE have recorded a modern and timeless piece of New Rock and Metal history!

PUREGRAINAUDIO.COM (Canada) – 9/10 by Amanda Symynuk
Rockin’, seamless and imaginative, Unreal FairyTales plays out like a movie. There's so much that is good about this album... where to start the praise? Unreal FairyTales is a surreal music experience that demonstrates a high level of originality and talent; word has it that Limited Access Records immediately signed these brothers upon hearing their music. Spellbound Dazzle aimed to make unique music and they sure succeeded! The album starts with "Intro's" fairytale elements mixed with good metal and a folksy twist. It’s kind of like a Spanish/desperado/cowboy movie opening... like when you first see the movie's hero come into view. This little twang is then followed by a medley of different sounds and melodies that flow throughout the rest of the songs and just plain rock. It’s a good preview for the rest of the album to come.

Unreal FairyTales’ eclectic sound and overall sonic exploration has a lot to offer metal music. Every song is rife with various musical elements and instruments that the disc could fit into nearly any genre of music including metal, rock, and a smattering of folk and polka. The song "Rusk" best captures this with folksy beats and guitar riff that will make your ears tingle with joy. Truly an innovative and interesting release.

POWEROFMETAL.DK – 85/100 by Reinier de Vries
These Italians come up with a very promising debut if you ask me. Immediately after the intro the very commercial and singable song "Goodbye My Love" takes your attention and it will not go out of your head for days. There are many familiar influences in their songs; one band that comes to mind very often is System of a Down, like in the track "SBD" and the music breath out Mr Bungle many times as well.

Modern grooving metal with danceable parts, a lot of tempo-changes and progressive elements combined with folk and polka rhythms. Other influences I hear are Extreme, Kiss ("The Foolin' of Each Other), Anthrax (a part of "So Close") and even tunes of Metallica's "Orion" ("Rullo"). Poppy groovy music with a metallic edge. The vocals of Stekovic Kreso sound similar to Serj Tankian at times, sometimes screaming and shouting, then again high kind of hysteric and clean. In "So Close" the accordion (probably keyboard) makes it a very folky song and if you wan


2011 Unreal FairyTales - CD/Download - Limited Access Records