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Spoonwalk - with SONA
acousticnakedladyland - with SONA
Beltana - solo compilation
BellaWyck Sampler - with BellaWyck
BellaWyck B-Sides - with BellaWyck ("bootleg" CD released by the band)
Spellsinger - in production



Beltana Spellsinger is a female singer/songwriter/guitarist/percussionist from the Southern Ozarks region of the US who sings femininely melodic tunes full of dark, soulful beauty. The sounds of Spellsinger may seem reminiscent of a tearful goddess who sighs a breath of passionate release, crashing gently upon the Earthly shores of the world in which she lives. Using minimal instrumentation most times, and on other occasions a full rock band (with an additional guitar, bass and various percussion) with a frequent addition of various ethnic gourd instruments created by her own hands, is the combination that signifies the bare earthiness of Spellsingers’ Otherworldly sound. Words that might well describe Spellsinger and her style of music are Gothic, Gypsy, Folk, Acoustic, Rock, Mystical, and Magickal. Other descriptives might include Evocative... Earthy... Enchanting... Captivating... Enthralling... Wraithlike... Beautiful... Haunting... Bohemian... Unique... A conjuring of images from the mystery of a deep wood... Clear as a bell, and most often, Spellbinding. Bel has been compared to various folk artists such as: Joni Mitchell, Siouxie Soux, Sandy Denny, Steeleye Span, Albion Band, Loreena McKennitt and others with that lofty, yet strongly passionate vibration and touch. Influences are sure to include Love, Pain, Passion, Gypsy and Indian music, the World and the forests and glades around her. Feelings and images evoked can vary from Moody... Deep... Ethereal... Sonorous... Introspective... Pagan... Goddess-Like... Pure and Undiluted... A couple of quotes that are synchronistic with the way one might remember a Spellsinger performance would be:

“Lofty vocals, sweet and mesmerizing, akin to the likes of Joni Mitchell, reminiscent of the sounds of the Albion band and perhaps Sandy Denny of Fairport Convention, Beltana has a unique voice and a passion flair for the dramatic when writing her spell songs.” A fan from MP3.com.AU

“Contributions to bands such as SONA, the RKO Radio Band, The Killer Tomatoes, Doc Rockers, and a jaunt with various blues bands have made Beltana appreciative and influenced by all sorts of music, including classic rock, Indian music, waltz, and classical stylings. Not to be missed. Just go and listen... in a quiet and dark place.” - A fan from Soundclick.com

“Enchanting.” -Scott Helland of the Gypsy Nomads

"Splendidly woven lyrics and haunting music..." - Cernowain Greenman of Cernowain and the Muses

“Bel's melodic feminine contributions feel like ‘psychedelic folk’ to me, haunting and eerie in their dark, soulful power and beauty." Silverdrake Fey

“Hauntingly Gorgeous Vocals” – Hodad