Spencer Brewer

Spencer Brewer


Contemporary French Impressionism inspires this Grammy-nominated instrumental artist to create soundscapes with lyrical, visual, and melody driven scores.


For over 30 years, Spencer Brewer has been a composer/pianist/performer on the cutting edge of instrumental music- inspiring audiences and listeners worldwide with his piano skills and hauntingly unique melodies. With 17 solo and duet albums currently to his credit, he received acclaim for his 1 hit record on Billboard, R & R, The Gavin Report and the Mac Report, "The Pipers Rhythm". His 1989 release "Dorians Legacy", went 1 on the charts, lodging in Billboards Top 10 chart for 9 months in the NAC market. His release, "Torches on the Lake" with world famous windman Paul McCandless charted on Billboards Contemporary Jazz chart and won rave reviews nationwide. Spencer's music is being heard and used the world over daily due to his unique gift for weaving memorable, enchanting melodies within beautifully lush arrangements. His music has been featured on The Opray Winfrey Show, The Barbara Walters Show, the 1988, 1992 and 96 Olympic World games, NPR, CNN, virtually every airline in the skies and 100's of other TV programs and movies across the globe on a daily basis. He wrote the National YMCA theme song, the National Big Brothers/Big Sisters Theme Song, the theme song for the Japanese Postal Service and scored Lee Mun Wah's award winning films on racism "The Color of Fear" and "Last Chance for Eden'. He also contributed music for feature films such as "Heartwood" with Hillary Swank & Jason Robards, 'The Gifts of Grief" with Isabel Allende and Reverend Cecil Williams and was honored as the National Musical Ambassador for Big Brothers/Big Sisters for five years performing across America with many celebrities.



Written By: Spencer Brewer

Instrumental Pop


Written By: Spencer Brewer



Stellar Notion (1979); Where Angels Dance (1981); Shadow Dancer (1983); Emerald (1984); Portraits (1985): Dorian's Legacy (1987); Piper's Rhythm (1989); Forward Motion (1990); Romantic Interludes (1991); Reflections on a Pond (1994); Torches on the Lake (1997); Touch (1998); Cinematic (Sept. 2008)

Set List

45-1hr solo piano; all originals ranging from blues, boogie woogie, to dreamy soundscapes