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· Spencer Durham is an 18-year-old singer songwriter who also plays six-string acoustic guitar, twelve-string acoustic guitar, electric rhythm guitar, harmonica, bass, keyboards, and numerous percussion pieces.

· His aggressive picking style has been called “Rhythm-Lead” where he makes one acoustic guitar sound like two or three.

· He possesses a voice that has been compared to Gregg Allman, Chris Robinson, Van Morrison, Jackson Browne, Ryan Adams, and Martin Sexton.

· Spencer’s influences: The Allman Brothers, The Black Crowes, Bob Dylan, John Prine, Van Morrison, The Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia, Robert Hunter, Keller Williams, Warren Zevon, Neil Young, Bob Marley, The Band, and The Beatles.

· Spencer resides in Dahlonega, Georgia located just north of Atlanta. Dahlonega is known as being the site of America’s first major gold rush in the early 1800s.

· Indie label Cavender Castle Entertainment will release his new CD Much More Than Words on February 13, 2007.

· This is Spencer’s second CD. His first project entitled I Wonder Why was recorded when Spencer was only 15 years old. That record was focused on lyrics (words) and Spencer’s songwriting. The new CD, Much More Than Words, reflects how Spencer has matured as a singer and performer. The songwriting remains strong, but it is his vocals that jump out at you.

· Much More Than Words was produced by Gerry Hansen. Recognized as one of the finest session drummers around, Hansen has also toured with several national acts including Shawn Mullins and Randall Bramblett (formerly with Traffic, Widespread Panic, and Sea Level). Hansen also produced Bramblett’s most recent CD Rich Someday. Spencer comments, “Gerry played drums on my first album, I Wonder Why, and I always loved watching him play live. We talked about what I wanted to do on the second album and it was scary how Gerry took off with some of my ideas. It was like he was reading my mind. Gerry has really helped take my material on to the next level. The new record is more raw and edgy than my last, and it gives me a chance to show what I can do with my vocals.”

· Hansen brought in the members of Randall Bramblett’s band, including his long-time guitarist, Davis Causey, as well as bassist Michael C. Steele, Mike Hines (guitar, harmony vocals) and Bramblett, himself, to play on the project. Randall plays keyboards and organ on six of the tracks. Spencer continues: “The players on this album are all seasoned pros. I’ve learned a bunch watching them work. They have pushed me hard and I know I’ve become a better musician through this experience.”

· Spencer wrote 11 of the 12 tracks on Much More Than Words himself. Track one, “Without a Doubt” was co-written with Kurt Thomas.

· Quote from Gerry Hansen: “Spencer is a very talented singer/songwriter. He knows what he wants but is still very open to new ideas. I was given a great deal of trust and creative freedom to do what I do. Spencer knows that you get the players that you want and let them be who they are. Spencer would come in with these great songs and, when we started adding all of the colors to them, his eyes would light up and his energy went through the roof. It was quality entertainment. Watch out... he's got it going on.”

· Quote from Randall Bramblett: “There’s an old soul inside that young man. Spencer’s got a great future ahead of him!”

· Quote from Davis Causey (who plays slide guitar, electric guitar, bass, and dobro on Much More Than Words.): “The thing I liked most about Spence was his willingness to let Gerry & I try out different ideas on his songs without freaking out or being closed. I appreciated his confidence in me and think the CD sounds fantastic.”

· Spencer talks about the making of the new CD: “I can’t say enough about working with Gerry Hansen. He has a great ear and a real feel for the groove of a song. I guess that feel comes from him being such a talented drummer. Looking back, Gerry really knew what buttons to push to get the best out of me and the rest of the guys.”

· “I’m especially proud of my vocals on this album. We didn’t use Pro-Tools auto-tune in our sessions. I guess Gerry knew that if he pushed me hard enough we wouldn’t need it. I’m glad we didn’t take the easy way out and cover my mistakes with technical voodoo. It feels pretty good to know that the vocals are all me.”

· “10 of the 12 cuts on the album are full band productions, but I wanted to do a couple of scaled back songs that were just me and my guitar. I’ve made a lot of fans doing the acoustic singer-songwriter thing. ‘Something Amazing’ and ‘She Doesn’t Know’ are for them.”

· “I guess my favorite cut on the album is track #4, Evil Hearted Woman. We tried to create the feel of five old blues players sitting on a front porch jamming to a song that they had all heard different versions of. We were looking for something that was edgy and a little raw. I really enjoyed working with Davis and Gerry on this one. We had a lot of fun giving this one an earthy-nasty feel.”

· In September 2005, Spencer placed as third runner-up in Open Mic Atlanta’s Singer-Songwriter competition sponsored by Southern Comfort.

· In October 2005, he placed as acoustic runner-up in the prestigious Open Mic Madness competition at Smith’s Olde Bar in Atlanta. This put him in the top four of 128 acts that participated.

· In December 2005, Spencer participated as a finalist in the famous Shoot-Out at Eddies Attic in Decatur, Georgia.

· Although still in high school, Spencer is one of the hardest working teenagers in the country. He is on track to have played over 200 shows in 2006. It is not uncommon for him to play a festival in the afternoon and then work a club gig later that same day. He performs both as a solo acoustic act and with his four-piece band, The Spencer Durham Group.

· Part of Spencer’s maturing process in the last few years has been attributed to opening for acts such as The Zac Brown Band. Zac is also a North Georgia native who has a strong fan base throughout the Southeast and is now being noticed on a national basis. It was with Zac that Spencer was introduced to the college circuit whose audiences really connect with Spencer’s music and style.

· Spencer has also opened for Corey Smith and national country recording artists Sara Evans, Craig Collins and Kurt Thomas.

· Spencer’s promotional efforts for Much More Than Words will target College, Americana and AAA radio. He will also tour college towns throughout the Southeast the spring of 2007. A national tour is being scheduled for the summer of 2007.

SPENCER DURHAM – Much More Than Words – Release Date: February 13, 2007
Cavender Castle Entertainment (706) 654-6268 / www.spencerdurham.com
Publicity Contact: Mark Pucci Media (770) 804-9555 / mpmedia@bellsouth.net
- Mark Pucci Media

"Holy Crap!!!"

“Holy Crap!  Spencer Durham's got it going on.  This kid is half my age and he's got all the hottie waitresses at Smith's Olde Bar getting all Mary Kay Laterno on him.  He's not a bad looking kid, but it ain't his looks making them weak in their knees.  The kid has style.  He's not trying to have style, in fact he seems blissfully unaware of it for the most part.  And when I tell you that the kid was rocking, I'm not using a tired olde cliche'.  The kid gets lost within the ditty and just sort of sways left and right with all the carefree
abandon of tripping neohippies at a Widespread Panic 
show - in a way that is best described as rocking.” 

“Quite frankly it pisses me off how good he is.  And he's not good for a teenager - he's just good.  When I was his age I was still writing songs about cheerleaders that broke my heart and what an arrogant ass my football coach was.  Spencer's material is exceptionally honest and good without pandering, never reaching into that ego-stroking cock rock whiney bullshit they play on the radio these days.  It really makes me wonder what he was listening to when he was a wee lad.”

Kahle Davis, Host Singer-Songwriter Series,
Smith’s Olde Bar, Atlanta, Ga.
- Kahle Davis, Host Singer-Songwriter Series, Smith's Olde Bar, Atlanta, Ga.

"Don't Let His Age Scare You Away"

Spencer Durham really emerged onto the scene during Open
Mic Madness 2005. His success hinged on a great combination of raw talent, genuine enthusiasm, and boundless energy. When Spencer took the stage during the finals, the crowd’s response grew to a feverish pitch. I was forced to put in earplugs for the first time during that week,
because it was impossible to even hear myself think.”

“I wouldn't let this kid's age scare you away: He can flat-out play.”
- Josh Rikfind, Host Open Mic Madness, Atlanta

"Spencer Durham Revisited"

"This extraordinary kid has been making an even bigger name for himself since we featured him on our cover this time last year. We caught up with Spencer recently and were not amazed that others have begun to recognize his talent...

Although he hasn't signed yet with a record company, Spencer has been blowing out the competition in a series of Open Mic competitions around Atlanta. He's also busy keeping a busy schedule, playing from Atlanta to Murphy, North Carolina.

His fan base is growing, especially when he plays his original songs like "I Wonder Why". Spencer's hair is longer too, and somewhat of a trademark to his fans. He grew it because he said his Dad finally caved in and quips that he hopes he doesn't look back in 20 years and ask himself "What was I thinkin?".

His energy is inexhaustive and his busy schedule has made quite a showman out of this 17-year-old. He refers to his act as "High Energy Acoustic Music". He has learned how to hold the attention of a crowd during a four hour gig with just his guitar, his voice and that endless energy. And, he's really only getting started.

Old hands in the Atlanta music scene refer to Spencer as "having style" and being, "blissfully unaware of it."

Spencer's future looks even brighter, so look for his up and coming performances in our event listing. See if you agree that Spencer is destined for stardom.

If you'd like to learn more about Spencer, purchase his CD, or book a performance, contact Cavender Castle Entertainment at 706-654-6268 or go to www.spencerdurham.com." - Beth Snider, 400 Edition Magazine

"Open Mic Madness Reviewed"

Open Mic Madness
Smith's Olde Bar
Decatur, Ga.
October 3-8-2005

Open Mic Madness at Smith's Olde Bar in Decatur took off a few months later than usual this year. The annual six night contest featured 128 bands and artists.

Host and brainchild of the event, Josh Rifkind shined every night and day of this week-long affair, winning over the audience with his wit and charm.

The final four bands and remaining four solo artists stormed through the week with scintillating and thrilling performances, advancing to rounds five, six and seven Saturday evening. Dented, a power trio, brought the artillery with them, shredding out an intense performance after humbly taking the stage. At one point, the lead singer exclaimed, “Thanks so much! This has been the best week of our lives.” It certainly was equally memorable for those of us who felt both the magic and the madness this week. Their song was full of wit with poetic lyrics, searing drum rolls and a pulsating base line.

Could Georgia, a southern classic rock quintet, ruin the party? Effortlessly captivating the crowd with their smooth, laid back attitude, generating music owing much to the influences of southern rock heroes the Allman Brothers, Georgia spilled out their lush vocals, charming lead guitars and good old southern rock vibe helped by their sharp trio of backing vocals. In the end, it was Georgia advancing. They brought the house down with their sheer stage presence, their well-defined southern rock roots style and a convincingly crafty song, complete with a pianist-frontman in John Cougar Mellencamp/Axl Rose tradition.

Morning State did their best to dazzle the crowd and judges with their dreamy, serenading to-the Milky Way chorus, with spacey and heavily delayed guitars and steady percussion. Their singer was as cool and relaxed as a secret agent after a few martinis, shaken, not stirred. Morning State was compelling, yet this four piece could not equal or top the magic and hauntingly beautiful artistry of Sovus Radio, who blazed through another round, winning over their rapidly forming fan base with four minutes of experimental rock, tempo changes and enough mind-gripping pschydelia to bring a swirling circus like feel to every amazed set of hears.

In the solo artist category, two females of quiet peace and significant talent stole the show at least for a little while. Kyshona Armstrong gave an endearing performance with a simple, yet convincing song that conveyed a sincere message: “a dream to find oneself and your purpose.” She was charming and full of life, charismatic, soulful and uplifting. She had the audience engaged.

However, Abby Owens did even better, churning out a sad, melancholy tune with a confident and clear vocal delivery. Her bluesy, raspy voice was breathtaking and unforgettable, with her potential star quality high on the scale of future music success. Ota cm be hard for a singer to genuinely deliver the emotions of hurt, pain and loss effectively enough in a song and yet, with complete ease. Owens succeeded.


Georgia won the coin toss to go first, and delivered a purely enjoyable southern rock song, dedicated to their vision of “lazy weather”. Emotionally compelling, touching style and punctuated with passionate guitar solos and dazzling piano work, the song worked magnificently well. Would they have the fire to outlast the youth of experimental rock or would Sovus Radio douse their burning fires within?


Yet it was Abby Owens, who all week showed why she would be considered a finalist. Owens can really write a song and she knows it. Her undeniably rich voice was golden in the clutch. No matter what the song, or what key, her voice, range and delivery was always clear, cutting through the air and captivating listeners from the very first row to the last.

Sovus Radio was the winner and Abby Owns the runner-up. This was truly a week of magic, fun and miracles. While the winners were quite talented, some of the best musicians in the city were on display at this annual event.

-Shawn Haney - Southeastern Performer Magazine, December 2005 Edition

"A Word From A Festival Promoter"

"As a music festival promoter, I am always looking for for talent that has broad appeal. Spencer Durham appeals to a wide range of audiences as his music crosses several genres- from folk to rock to pop.

Booking Spencer Durham was a no-brainer. I first heard him play at a small coffee shop in Murphy, NC and I booked him on the spot as an opening act during our June 10th Bluegrass to Blues Festival. I was so impressed by the response he got from the crowd that I invited him and his band to headline our October Mountain Heritage Fest.

Spencer and his team are as professional as they come. With so many responsibilities as a festival promoter it is great to have an act that truly delivers. From providing quality sound, good communication with management and a high energy stage show, Spencer Durham rocks!

John Hensley
Festival Promoter/Event Coordinator
Bluegrass to Blues
Mountain Heritage Fest
- John Hensley

"Age Ain't Nuthin' But A Number"

Author: Hal Horowitz
Date: 2/21/06

At 18, few high school seniors have released two albums of original material, toured as an opening act for well-known country stars, taken fourth place in the prestigious Open Mic Madness at Smith's Olde Bar, or been a finalist in the Eddie's Attic Singer/Songwriter Shootout, all while keeping up their grades. Clearly Spencer Durham is not your average high school senior.

At a transitional age when many late teens are acting out through introversion or rebelliousness, Durham has rallied his parents and younger sister -- employing them as his street team, management and support.

This already-unique situation is made more so because the Dahlonega-based Lumpkin County High School graduate-to-be -- who plans to take a year off to work on his music career before continuing on to college -- taps into a retro, '70s-styled, Southern singer/songwriter rock vibe uncommon to most of his contemporary indie-, punk-rock- and hip-hop-loving peers.

"I'm the only kid in my school that listens to that stuff," he says. "That comes mainly from my dad."

Durham not only writes music that must seem like musty, ancient history to his schoolmates, but on his new album, Much More Than Words, he works with established veterans who have been playing professionally since before Durham was old enough to stumble around his crib.

Producer/drummer Gerry Hansen assembled members of renowned musician/sideman Randall Bramblett's band (guitarist Davis Causey, bassist Mike Steele and Bramblett himself on organ), to infuse a skilled yet rough-edged polish to the 18-year-old's sophomore release. The result recalls the roots sensibilities of the Allman Brothers Band, the Black Crowes and Widespread Panic, without the extended jams. Perhaps not surprisingly, Durham's fan base skews to those twice his age and he plays clubs he couldn't otherwise get into.

The cultural dichotomy of his youth, the music he loves and the esteemed company he keeps is not lost on Durham, who is humbled by the experience. "I've spoiled myself with the musicians I've worked with. I've gotten to the point where I can't work with anyone my own age because I know what good is."

At this stage, that's a good problem to have.

- Creative Loafing Atlanta



"This kid......this high school kid.....just made a CD with singers who have been in music since he was a gleam in his father's eye. And he measures up.

Randall Bramblett's band, including guitarist Davis Causey, bassist Mike Steele, Bramblett in keyboards, and Mike Hines on guitar, make this CD a shoo-in for at least one category at this year's Grammy Awards. Its early in the season to be going this far on a limb, but I'm willing to bet.

Durham's delivery is accomplished and sincere, with arrangement to match. Bramblett's band bumps it up a notch or three. This CD of 12 originals will certainly push him into the publics attention. As a club owner said recently, "No matter how much money he makes for us now, we will probably not be able to afford his talent for long." - Lou Novacheck, Elmore Magazine

“Spencer Durham is the very definition of an “up-and-coming” artist… Much More Than Words, and its mature, full sound certainly belies Durham’s tender age. The album’s 12 tracks allow Spencer to display his songwriting prowess, but it is his strong, earthy vocals that really grab the listener. His voice warrants comparisons to Gregg Allman, Chris Robinson and Van Morrison, which puts Spencer in heady company, but he is clearly establishing his own sound.” – Hittin’ the Note

“Soulful young Durham's Much More Than Words is full of Chris Robinson vocal influence, Allman guitar tones and Georgia funk. Durham also writes his own material, and some songs, such as "Super Like a Nova," are out there in magic territory… material such as "Without a Doubt" and "She Doesn't Know" is immense and, coupled with Durham's admitted advanced accomplishment for his age, should have major labels circling like vultures… there is every reason to think we'll be hearing from Spencer Durham for a long time.” – Houston Press

“18 year-old Spencer Durham’s songs are wise beyond his years. This musical maturity stems in equal parts from his superior songwriting, competent vocal skills, and tight musical arrangements. Durham’s original compositions combine rootsy old-timey textures with contemporary wit… Much More Than Words delivers music guaranteed to appeal to anyone between the age of 15 and 75 who appreciates a well-crafted song.”
– Vintage Guitar

“… 18-year-old Spencer Durham has quickly placed himself among some tall, seasoned cotton. Hailing from the Atlanta area, Durham is near the epicenter of Southern Rock and the collection of songs - all but one penned by Durham - latches on to that gritty spirit while adding a slightly contemporary Shawn Mullins'-styled edge. Certainly much of the credit goes to vet Randall Bramblett and his band who were enlisted for the project. But in the end, it's the songs - and Durham's surprisingly mature voice - that make it all work … he's clearly headed in the right direction and appears positioned for a long career.” - Charleston (WV) Daily Mail

“Soulful, rocking Georgia boy draws national attention with his multi-instrumental capabilities and shows the rest of the world that he has a bright future ahead of him with his second release… Durham delivers a wise performance that you would expect from an older player with more flying time. Don't stick a fork in rock yet when there's up and comers like this coming from places you don't expect.” – Midwest Record Recap


"Hittin' The Note CD Review"

Hittin’ The Note - #52

Much More Than Words
Spencer Durham
Cavender Castle Entertainment
by John Lynskey

Spencer Durham is the very definition of an “up-and-coming” artist. This 18-year-old singer/songwriter/guitarist from Atlanta recently released his second CD, Much More Than Words, and its mature, full sound certainly belies Durham’s tender age. The album’s 12 tracks allow Spencer to display his songwriting prowess, but it is his strong, earthy vocals that really grab the listener. His voice warrants comparisons to Gregg Allman, Chris Robinson and Van Morrison, which puts Spencer in heady company, but he is clearly establishing his own sound.
One of the strong points of Much More Than Words is the first-rate playing that backs Spencer, courtesy of the Randall Bramblett Band. Randall adds his distinctive keyboard style throughout, while guitarist Davis Causey adds tasteful licks that complement perfectly Spencer’s vocals. Among the many highlights to Much More Than Words are the joyous strum-along of “Scared of the Door,” the wicked and nasty “Evil Hearted Woman,” and “Three O’ Clock In the Morning,” which soars majestically. “Something Amazing” and “She Doesn’t Know” are two solo acoustic numbers that serve as platforms for Spencer’s singer/songwriter skills, but it is the road-aching lament “The Traveler” that stands out as the prime cut on this well-structured album.
Randall Bramblett, a true authority on singer/songwriter talents, had this to say about Spencer Durham: “There’s an old soul in that young man. Spencer’s got a great future ahead of him.” One listen to Much More Than Words will prove just how correct Randall’s statement is.

- Hittin The Note Magazine


I WONDER WHY- Cavender Castle Entertainment (2005)

MUCH MORE THAN WORDS- Cavender Castle Entertainment (Released 3-13-07)

SAND CEREMONY SONGS (Released March 2009)

Auraria Records (Released May 2009)



“Spencer is a musical chameleon whose colors reflect the classic rock icons who helped shape his original music. Spencer’s singing style has a natural leaning towards the blues, with his writing guided by introspection and observation of the world around him.

Spencer’s writing attracts seasoned studio musicians who feel the vibe that made the classic music from the 70’s so special. The upcoming release “Grow” (to be released in the fall of 2009) features legends:
-Chuck Leavell (The Rolling Stones, The Allman Brothers)
-Randall Bramblett (Traffic, Widespread Panic, Sea Level)
-Davis Causey (Sea Level, Randall Bramblett Band, The Jesters)
-Dave LaBruyere (John Mayer, Shawn Mullins)
-Gerry Hansen (Shawn Mullins Band, Randall Bramblett Band)
-Tom Ryan (Widespread Panic, The Jesters)

Davis Causey, Tom Ryan, and Gerry Hansen also played on Spencer’s May 2009 release “Smile, Smile, Smile”. His fourth release, this project is a tribute to the music of Jerry Garcia and The Grateful Dead and how it influenced Spencer’s writing. It contains four covers and three originals that will appeal to lovers of The Grateful Dead.

When appearing with his band you can expect a who’s who line-up of seasoned pros.

Spencer’s solo shows are high energy acoustic affairs tempered with a healthy dose of blues. His vocals are particularly strong making his earthy lyrics easy to understand. Fans of Chris Robinson, Gregg Allman and Van Morrison love seeing Spencer perform live.

Although his music is a bit of a return to days gone by, Spencer is very much in touch with the music business of today. Part musician, part businessman, but always fearless, hard working, and independent. He is the co-founder of Auraria Entertainment LLC; an artist management company, and the independent record label, Auraria Records. All of Spencer’s new projects are being released under the Auraria Records label.

“Grow” is Spencer’s fifth release. His first CD “I Wonder Why” was released when he was just sixteen years old. His follow-up effort, “Much More Than Words” was released at age eighteen. Having just turned twenty-one years old, Spencer has played over one thousand shows over the past six years.”

“Grow” was co-produced by Gerry Hansen and Davis Causey. Much of the material was engineered and mixed by John Keane at John Keane Studios in Athens, Ga. (Engineer/Producer R.E.M. Widespread Panic, Indigo Girls, B-52s). Keane also played a variety of instruments and sang harmony on “Grow”. The balance was engineered and mixed by Hansen and Causey. The project was mastered by Glenn Schick in Atlanta.”