Spencer Frye

Spencer Frye


Spencer Frye has a unique, southern alt-country flavor and sings with a smooth voice that pulls the listener right into the stories he tells.


Inspired to sing at an early age, Spencer Frye has run the gamut of different
musical styles from church choir to stage musicals to pop rock to alt acoustic
country. As a youngster, years of state choir and stage musical rehearsals and
performances tuned his voice to a smooth yet unforgettable quality. Graduating
into full bands as a lead singer and songwriter, Spencer found a modicum of regional
success with the alt country bands, Jesse James's Favorite Band and Deuce. After working the
region for a few years, he left to form the pop rock act, Crystal Missile, who's
greatest achievement was performing a September 11th United Day of Service Memorial Show
on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to an audience of thousands.
Now he has settled into a more mellowed style of songwriting which some have
compared to Tom Petty and early Waylon Jennings. His foray into acoustic alt
country has proved his ability to evoke emotion and capture the attention of any
audience with the qualities of well-crafted songs and a voice pleasing to any ear.

Set List

The typical set list can range from 20 minutes to two hours depending on the moon. Only a few cover songs would be performed like maybe Waylon Jennings or Lyle Lovett or Charlie Robison.