Spencer Ryan

Spencer Ryan

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Spencer Ryan is a singer/songwriter from Jackson, MS. He brings a fresh new sound to country music, which is heavily derived from southern rock, Mississippi delta blues and Louisiana jazz. Real, genuine lyrics combined with a unique, passionate voice create a one of a kind listening experience.

Band Members

  • Spencer Askew Guitarist, Vocalist

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Dirty South

Written By: Spencer Ryan

V: Back in the day, my boys and I
Met down at the Texaco
In that dirty, dusty town
With just a couple of stoplights or so
Down by the BBQ
Where Big Al’ took his time
We hit 90 in the parking lot
Sittin’ pretty with a couple of Dimes

Down on the corner, where old rusty played his tunes
He pulled out that beat-up guitar, and he just took to singin’ the blues
I figured time would tell, so I might as well get mine and jump on in
I opened my mouth and my soul fell out and this is what it said

Pre Chorus 1:
I don’t want your problems
I don’t need that noise
Get me out of them cities
Cause I’m country boy

Whoa, Whoa
We’re southern through and through
Whoa, Whoa:
It’s what we’re born into
This is what Country’s all about:
Being proud to be born in the dirty south

V2: The summer after high school
My buddy stole my girl
Went to the church holding her hand
My fists began to curl

Off Rosewood Drive and Coughlin
10 miles off the beaten path
I went to his door, kicked it down
And the whole county felt my wrath

Pre-Chorus 2:
Summers on the river
Fall in the stand
We got manners ‘round the table
But we fight like men


Oh, sweet river
Won’t you take me away.
Wash this mire off my body
But let that dirty south stay



Dirty South EP (2013)