Spencer & Van Luit

Spencer & Van Luit


Amsterdam based Singer Songwriters, Spencer & Van Luit, write, compose, arrange and record radio-friendly and commercially viable alternative country music with upbeat rhythmic melodies and subtle chord structures to bring about an album of catchy hooks & lyrical content.


Singer/songwriter Shaun Spencer composes most of his works on acoustic guitar.
In 1997, he recorded his debut CD in the UK, and received airplay on local radio & TV in Amsterdam.
Frans Van Luit, lead guitarist, has worked in various live bands and contributed to studio sessions in the UK & The Netherlands.

In just over a year, between projects, work and life, Spencer & Van Luit composed, arranged & recorded 12 new titles. Lead guitarist Frans took to playing bass and Shaun, rhythm guitarist, started live drumming.
Together they would form the base rhythmic structure and mood of each new melody. Both learned to play the Harmonica for this genre. Vocals & backing vocals rounded of the complete sound.


Album: Company of Strangers
Artist: Spencer & Van Luit
The music & titles from Spencer & Van Luit are available for licensing & exploitation.

Streaming link: http://x10sions.nl/spencerandvanluit.html