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I may not be the most talented but I have the a lot of heart and a lot of energy and a huge passion to see people on fire for the God of the universe because of who He is, and what he has done.


Stephen James Dixon, also known as Spero, is from Charleston and studying to be a music therapist at
Charleston Southern University. He grew up in the Church, but it wasn’t until his sophomore year in
high school that he realized being a follower of Christ meant sharing the Good news with people any
way that he could and living like Christ in every aspect of life. He started making music through Hip-Hop His junior year and adopted the name
Spero from South Carolina’s motto, Dum Spiro Spero: while I breathe, I hope. Spero’s goal is exactly
that, to let the world know that anything you have your hope in besides Christ will come down
eventually. Hope in Christ however, is the one true hope that will last forever. Spero has performed
at the Wise Up Weekend in Columbia, The Show, and weekly during the summer of 2012 at Charleston Fuge.
Spero has one mixtape, 116 Hope St, has released a single, Let 'em Know and is always working on new music.


116 Hope Street (2012)
Let 'em Know (2013)
Streaming: https://soundcloud.com/clspero